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Virtual Shops

cat March 24th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Marketers sell physical products does not have any difference with selling digital products. What if it differs, is that if we are going to have a virtual store, let’s try to be more possible niche. It is saying not a shop in which we let Walmart, where we can make market, cut hair or finally lunch at Mc Donalds. If we are to make a tent, we must do it in a specific category. This does not mean that we will not operate a shop style Amazon where you can buy various categories. But to achieve dominate a store of this magnitude, we have lots of money to put it to use. Otherwise it will end up offering in a few categories one hundred products, while in another, one or two. If we do not specialize, we will end up selling him everyone of everything and won’t finish doing absolutely nothing.

When it comes to a virtual store, there are some design elements that must be present and that they have been tested and generate much confidence and credibility. The first is to put a phone number, on the other hand found that placing the logos of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, generates trust. If in addition, we place a security certificate, you generate much more confidence and credibility. And if we actually answer the phone or we have a call center that clarify all doubts, we will succeed in having all the elements that help the success. If it is a store that sells many things is necessary to generate a multitude of gifts, but if it’s a store with a niche we can create only a digital report where talk about the ten top tips for using your bait during the summer in Florida. Or something like. Then, must take into account what our target audience wants, and the incentive that we are going to offer. The rest is like playing the riddles.

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