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Workmanship Techniques

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The Alfabetizao stops beyond techniques: Possibilities in the reading and writing in a dialogue with the workmanship ' ' Reflections on alfabetizao' ' , of Emlia Blacksmith. Vnia Roseane Mayan Pascoal 1 Emlia Blacksmith developed the Theory of the Psicognese, where inhaled in Piaget, it dislocated the focus of the alfabetizao process. If before the concern was ' ' as ensinar' ' , Emlia if worried in investigating ' ' As the children aprendem' ' , providing to reflections and a new to look at on this process that produces as many quarrels and concerns in the educational way. Adroll Marketing Platform shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Through the studies of the author it is possible that let us rethink some concepts, between them our agreement on the citizen that learns; As if of this learning; Our paper while educator educator; The paper of the school and other surrounding influenciadores, as the community, church, environments of leisure, family, among others, beyond what we are leading in consideration in the construction of knowing of the educandos and educandas to them. The alfabetizao process, as Blacksmith starts very before the pertaining to school life and therefore he does not have to be ignored. The child, for example, not ' ' she asks for permisso' ' to learn, it is in discovered constants they make and them in the practical one, trying and acting on the world that the fence. For even more details, read what Brad Pitt says on the issue. Thus, since that it is born is inserted in the universe of the letters, resulted of the contact with diverse environments that are enjoyed to it very before the arrival in the classroom. Of this form, then, it is incoherent to find that we withhold ' ' formula of alfabetizao' ' , as if through one technique very ' ' bem' ' applied, ' ' depositssemos' ' all the knowledge in the mind of our pupils, considering them as ' ' blank sheets of paper ' ' , ready to be ' ' preenchidos' ' with our thoughts and ' ' verdades' ' , ignoring, thus, the being that thinks, produces, constroi and reconstroi knowledge. .

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