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World Tourism Organization

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He has a really positive effect on these in both insofar as it contributes to meet their own ends to its maintenance and protection. This form of tourism indeed justifies efforts requiring such maintenance and protection of the human community, because of the socio-cultural and economic benefits that implies for everyone involved. However, anyone that is your motivation and benefits involved, cultural tourism is not detached from the negative, harmful and destructive effects which carry the massive and uncontrolled use of monuments and sites.

Respect for these, although in the case of the elemental desire to keep them in a State of appearance that allows them to play their role as a tourist attraction and cultural education, elements brings with it the definition and development of rules that maintain acceptable levels. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mickey Hart on most websites. In any case, with a perspective for the future, respect for the world cultural and natural heritage, is the that it should take precedence over any other consideration, by very justified that this is from the social, political or economic point of view. Such respect can only be assured through a policy aimed at the provision of the necessary equipment and the orientation of tourist movement, taking into account the limitations of use and density that can not be ignored with impunity. Moreover, need to condemn entire endowment of tourist equipment or services that come into contradiction with the primary concern which must be the respect due to the existing cultural heritage. (II) basis of action based on the above: on the one hand the representative entities of the tourism sector and, secondly, of the protection of the natural and cultural heritage, deeply convinced that the preservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of the majority can only be enforced within an order by which to integrate cultural values in the social and economic objectives that are part of the planning of the resources of States, regions, and municipalities; Taking note, with the greatest interest of the measures contained in the appendices to this Declaration, each of them is willing to adopt in their sphere of influence;

They make an appeal to States so they assure a rapid and vigorous application of the International Convention for the protection of the world heritage, Cultural and Natural adopted on 16 November 1972, as well as the recommendation of Nairobi; They trust that the World Tourism Organization, in fulfilment of its purposes, and the UNESCO, within the framework of the above-mentioned Convention, make greater effort, in collaboration with the signatory agencies, and all those who in the future adhere, to ensure the implementation of the policy that such entities have been defined as the only one able to protect mankind from the effects of the increase in an anarchic tourism whose result is the negation of its own objectives; They express their desire that the States, through their administrative structures, operators of tourism organizations and associations of consumers and users adopt all appropriate measures to facilitate the information and training of people that project travel tourist purposes both inside and outside their country; Aware of the extreme necessity of changing the current attitude of the public in general about the greatest phenomena triggered by the massive development of tourism, they want that, from school age, children and adolescents be educated in knowledge and respect for monuments, sites and cultural heritage, and that all written, spoken or visual media exposed to the public components of this problem, which would contribute effectively to the formation of a universal conscience; Unanimously ready to the protection of the cultural heritage which is the very basis of international tourism, commit themselves to help in the fight started on all fronts against the destruction of this heritage by all kinds of pollution; and, for that purpose, it appeals to architects and scientists worldwide experts so that the most advanced modern technology resources are placed at the service of the protection of monuments..

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