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American Medical Center

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To solve this problem, they used a double standard, knowing full well there is a wonderful past experience healing as iodine. They have underestimated the dose of iodine to the extent that it stopped working. Came up with the bike (under the name "Yodoboyazen") that the iodine in large doses is harmful and even fatal, and to fill iodine, they began to promote saturation of food with iodine (salt bread). As it happened, medicine ruined, the disease began to rise in a progression, with it, and an annual turnover of pharmaceutical companies producing "clean chemistry" risen to U.S. $ 3 trillion. It is clear that the WHO is lobbying the interests of big pharmaceutical companies, who will buy their drugs, if people would be healthy. Click Florida International University for additional related pages.

I remember an anecdote: I came to my father's son, and said, "Dad! I cured your patient, whom you lechish for 30 years, at which his father replies: "sonny! What are you going to live, if you will so soon be treated? ". Today, all the official medical institutions recognized that the CIS is the brightest area of iodine deficiency and is that he is the main cause of most diseases. Adopted, the State Law of RK "On prevention of iodine deficiency diseases", and measures to yodonasyscheniyu. Kaiser Family Foundation has similar goals. But the problem is not only not diminished but rather increased with alarming rate. Now nobody will be surprised child suffering hormonal disorders, goitre and diabetes. What is the reason for this paradox is explained by scientists from the American Medical Center "Shahter", where from 1997 year project is "Yoda." Project manager is an internationally recognized scholar Guy Abraham, a professor, an obstetrician-gynecologist, an endocrinologist at UCLA Medicine, USA, member of the Association of Clinical Chemists, the winner of Medaille d'Honneur Liege, Belgium Expert Pharmacia, Sweden. Studies have clearly shown that the recommended dose of 150-300 mg almost no work because the need is taken into account only the thyroid gland, rather than the whole organism.

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