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Buenos Aires Good Feelings For The Pilot Amv Marc Coma

cat August 4th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

The tense calm in the days prior to the big event of 2011 prelude to the General hustle and bustle, has allowed the pilot AMV Marc Coma to make a personal assessment of the offseason and how she faces the 33rd edition of the rally harder on the planet. New rules, new challenges. Do you think that it will affect you the new rules regarding navigation mean? I do not think that the new rules especially affect us since the experience will be, again, very important. If it is true that all pilots, at crucial moments and with the same navigation tools, will have to be very skillful and fast decisions but the new rules will affect us all equally. The path, much more technician who in previous editions, will be more demanding, which requires us to combine agility with navigation. Anyway, the Dakar rally is basically characterised, for being one of the rallies the planet harder and not to make any mistake in navigation will continue to be one of the key factors. We face the test with much confidence and much energy so I hope things go as we hope. How will they affect the heights to 450 new engines? It is an open question.

We have a competitive bike, we have seen during the offseason. We cannot really predict what the mount in the extreme conditions that await us will react. We have 50,000 km made with the new KTM but still, it is difficult to know how the engines will react and what level will be other factories. What is certain is that it will be a very difficult rally. It will be a more open Dakar? The new regulation of 450cc engines has allowed many brands arise the possibility of participating in the test generating more competition and interest around the world. So much for brands, how pilots and amateurs.

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