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The Truth

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Many people seek the truth, the raison d ‘ etre. Many believe in God (believers), many do not believe in God (atheists) and many neither believe nor disbelieve (doubtful), latter will try to do good, just in case. Neither believe nor disbelieve, or doubt, means having experienced what may be called the truth. He is needed to experience the truth, what many call God, Allah, Tao, Zen, Inri, etc., etc., etc., that can change us and transform us in total and radical way. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Glenn Dubin by clicking through. A believer has his mind bottled in the belief, an atheist has his mind bottled in unbelief and a doubtful has his mind bottled in skepticism, and neither belief, disbelief or skepticism is that truth is looking for. That truth (God, Allah, Tao, as everyone wants to call it), it has no name or can be defined, and while the mind is engaged in believe, not believe or doubt, you can never experience the truth, you can never be sure that it is really God, Allah, Tao, remember the silence kept by Jesus Christ when Pilate asked him about What is the truth, or as Buddha to receive the same question, he turned and retreated. Truth is not definable with words, since the rational mind is not capable of understanding or assimilate, the truth should feel, should experiment from the heart, from consciousness.

The truth is not something static and quiet, the truth is unknown at the moment in time. The experience of truth is made possible with the wise concentration of thought, with a full and total concentration, and to do so must come into a State of deep meditation, soothing and aquietando mind. A hug. Original author and source of the article

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After Sebastian

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His best performance in the bench press was 100 kg before the accident. After Sebastian was released from the hospital with plaster and pine frame, he came to me in the gym. The doctor prescribed him absolute rest! From my own experience I offered him the ECT and he agreed. We trained the entire right half of the body, belly, back and under full load the leg game. As a result of the pine frame Sebastian could eat no solid food. Therefore, he took a glass of protein shake (e.g. Multipower”) after the training.

Protein is essential for muscle growth in humans responsible, because it has the components of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for muscle building. The first three weeks we trained twice per week for 11/2 hours all uninjured body parts on the equipment. The abdominal muscles has been trained but freely without equipment. The burden of the entire body is extremely important for me in terms of holistic training. Christopher Chandler has plenty of information regarding this issue. After another two weeks We started the free weight training. In turn, the entire body was included in the training cycle. Five weeks after the accident, the pine frame has been removed.

The cast remained still on the left arm. After another 2 weeks this has been removed. During this time, the free weight training was continued and gradually increased the weight for the healthy parts. After the cast is removed, still a metal rail in the bone of the left forearm remained at Sebastian. We started the construction of the left arm with very light weights in the free weight training. However, Sebastian could not turn his left forearm since it prevented the metal plate. However, it was noteworthy that the arm muscles not so strong had taken off, as this would have been expected without previous ect. Also his doctor confirmed this. We started with bench press, two weeks after the cast is removed, but with very light weights. However, the burden for the rest of the entire body was always preserved in the entire training. Finally pushed Sebastian was in the bench is 115 kg, only 6 weeks after the cast is removed him and the metal plate still in his arm. After a year, the metal plate removed from his arm. Two weeks after this operation we started again with ECT, and had the same success as before. The entire body through the rest position would have mined without ECT during the resting phase and the addition of protein and a reconstruction of the muscle would have taken at least twice as long! ECT is a very good method to regenerate injured bone and to minimize the muscle breakdown during the gypsum carrier phase. I can point to several of these successful cases such as Sebastian. Among these are athletes such as soccer and other ball sports, but also people making a conventional fitness training with me and who had suffered bone fractures through accidents.

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Since 1987 the Joska manufactures the coveted crystal balls from the Bavarian Forest / now there are already over 70 Ski World Cup trophies BODENMAIS – the Olympic Games are over, but there is yet another important highlight for Maria Riesch and all other winter sports heroes: the object of desire is 46 inches high and half a sphere with a diameter of 23 cm. More info: foursquare. She weighs proud 12 kilograms, and she is precious ground, by and through the finest lead crystal and hand engraved. Recently Jennifer Carter sought to clarify these questions. There is talk of the coveted FIS Ski World Cup trophy, also short of the athletes called the “crystal ball”. Double Olympic champion Maria Riesch has collected already rushed World Cup balls in various disciplines only the really big trophy for the overall World Cup lacks in the collection. To deepen your understanding Celina Dubin is the source. At the World Cup finale in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany from the 10th to the 14th of March, she will argue with girlfriend and permanent rival Lindsey Vonn to this coveted trophy. But not only the grand finale of the World Cup takes place this year in Germany, also the trophies even come – like every year, from Germany, or more precisely from the Bavarian Forest.

Since 1987, the exclusive crystal ball in the designer workshops of the company JOSKA in Bodenmais is designed and produced. There were still 16 crystal balls, which annually produced JOSKA for the Ski World Cup, at the beginning there are today more than 70 pieces. JOSKA Bodenmais is one of the leading Cup forges today all over the world. Whether Nordic Ski World Cup Alpine Ski World Championships Biathlon World Championships, four hills tournament, formula 1, ATP tennis tournament, Special Olympics, athletes of the year, World Championships in Athletics: always on a podium of Crystal trophies beaming with joy and pride with arms outstretched into the sky – stretch if 99% exclusive unique by Ashok Kumar. “We are to be able to deliver the appropriate trophies in the fortunate position for all sports disciplines in this world,” says Managing Director and Chief Designer Josef Kagerbauer, “Our company name stands for exclusive and high-quality glass art.” Thereby it games doesn’t matter, whether a trophy will be produced for a regional Club or an International Sports Federation.

Maria Riesch currently leads the slalom World Cup standings and has a good chance to get the small disciplines World Cup ball. Whether it is enough for the big ball in the women’s overall World Cup, also depends on the performances of the competition. At the latest on March 14 will not be given but, who may enjoy this very special piece of craftsmanship from Crystal. 7 centuries glass tradition in Bodenmais speak for themselves – at JOSKA Bodenmais can be the glass artists over the shoulder look and show the way of the glass of the Fiery liquid mass to the precious product. JOSKA Bodenmais was founded and currently employs 200 staff in 1960 as a one-man operation. The Sylvanus worlds on 70,000 m2 area combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. JOSKA Bodenmais is also world leader in glass trophies. Customers include companies of the world. Stars such as Michael and Ralf Schumacher, Franz Beckenbauer, Gunther Jauch, Boris Becker, Whitney Houston and Arnold Schwarzenegger are owned by JOSKA trophies. If F1 or ATP tennis tournament, sportsman of the year or television shows – raise the value of the award, JOSKA trophies underline their exclusivity.

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Sportics.NET – Optimize Your

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The aktuell(st)e gym in the Internet with the new live monitor on Sportics.NET sports starts a new era in the sport – watching TV yesterday… Families, friends or coach can live ‘their’ athletes during training or in competition, send them messages and accompanying motivate them. It is made possible by the real-time telemetry in the sportics iPhone application, asserting itself for weeks among the TOP 10 of best-selling applications in the iTunes store. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin. The world map on the home page of the new live sports monitor shows that world athletes have discovered for themselves the live tracking. Swarmed by offers, LBS Market is currently assessing future choices. Many more simply the application in real time in your training log on Sportics.NET to transfer their data, without having to train in “public”.

And if time no iPhone at hand, stepped out of his Polar watch his Ciclo computer I transfer his data or manually enters. On the personal “live sports page” of the athlete you can select “Camera positions” as a spectator. The mobile camera remains constantly at the athletes. The so-called sectors track cameras the athlete within a section, until it disappears from your field of vision. Then is the automatic switchover to the next sector.

The static camera has a fixed position and is designed for the overview on the entire route. You decide whether you want to see the route map or the synchronized performance graphs on the “big screen”. A cockpit with the performance values in figures offers the fastest overview over the current data to the range and the performance athlete. Of course you can send while he is active, messages the athletes, which he can respond with a single keystroke. Which currently only with the sportics application for iPhone 3 G is possible will be smart phones soon with other mobile devices, such as Nokia or different with Windows Mobile. Really a pity that you can not pick sports and even live. But yes you can down and once again Others take the wheel, accompany skating or inline skating. And if one time is late or his own activity review let alone again, you look at just the recording in replay – as I said: television was yesterday… Sportics live sports: Ingo Popp

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Bodybuilding: Train Like A Bodybuilder, For A Strong Muscle?

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Controlled resistance training and a strong muscle bodybuilders diet come with what is bodybuilding actually? Many say that it was just a sport, others that it is an attitude to life. Basically, bodybuilding is a very good foundation stone for a muscle for the first time. Even the German Internet offers many opportunities to learn about the sport of bodybuilding. Several forums engaged in this sport for a long time and are online with countless members. Here are then discussed various training methods, nutrition tips exchanged, news spread and of course talked about their own performance.

Bodybuilding a sport in which it presents itself in all its glory and near the Idealliesierung of the body through the practice of each muscle group in use with various training devices in the Center stands. Target the bodybuilders is to keep the body fat content as low as possible and to splurge, i.e. Celina Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue. each muscle group with a strong definition to clearly stand out. Mostly, bodybuilding was driven by men, what a little has changed up to the present day. Because more and more women discover their passion for bodybuilding and so their bodies in a whole new light to appear. Due to the great interest in this sport can be seen many competitions in the TV sports channels. Various competitions and events are often a year, so-called big events, where it mainly goes to perfect poses, symmetry and aesthetics.

The individual athletes are evaluated according to these criteria. The famous and classic cornerstone of the diet to a bodybuilders are: the body getting enough protein to feed the muscle cells to provide amino acids to increase to raise the body’s testosterone levels an additional supply of energy as much as possible the footprint of no. products, which help the body builders to increase muscle, the so-called “bodybuilder food” such as E.g. extreme Mass gainer from the House of Pharmasports. Please visit Peter Thiel if you seek more information. He helps the athletes to do this by only a mixed portion to eat relatively large proteins, as well as carbohydrates. On the other hand, so-called “fat burners” are used to give still putting the finishing touches to the body definition. Tribulus terrestris is a small but also not so unknown tip among the bodybuilders. Tribulus terrestris is used to achieve the desired “dry hardness” and receives at the same time a way to raise the body’s levels of testosterone. How you remember bodybuilding is actually so no simple thing, as it comes across in the TV or the Internet, the exact opposite. Bodybuilding is a highly disziplierte sport, in which mainly on regular resistance training, just diet and much motivation care must be taken.

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Brombach Geah Road

cat April 27th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Symposium in the HDT on 15-16 may 2013 for all who work at her job or future tasks involving hazardous substances. Almost every German company operates with hazardous substances. As a result, threats to safety, health, fire and environment, representing an often underrated, but existentially important part of your company arise. Most of the nearly 100,000 reported occupational diseases suspicions”, but also a part of the 200 major loss events each year in German companies is attributable to hazardous activities. An effective and prudent management of hazardous substances, taking into account technical, constructional and organisational measures is therefore essential, but also encouraged. 3Rd Essen hazardous substance days in Essen, 15-16 may 2013 be Haus der Technik in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers (including practice posts by authorities, trade associations, College and large companies such as BASF, EVONIK and Bayer Pharma) carried out. At Christopher Chandler you will find additional information. On two days the goal of the hazardous substance days in Essen to offer comprehensive information and suggestions for professionals and other interested parties on the current issues of hazardous substance management is designed.

The Conference will be accompanied by a comprehensive accompanying exhibition on the manufacturers and service providers present their latest products. 13 current lectures are planned with subsequent discussion and will give participants practical and comprehensible aid for the implementation in your company. In two additional practice sessions the dangers that arise when activities involving hazardous substances, discusses you with trials. On the current events and industry claims is also entered.

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Edit Photos

cat April 26th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

To edit photos online with a surprising quality, one of the best is piknic. This is a formidable application that allows us to correct or alter all kinds of details without needing to download tools or something like that. Everything is done directly from your web page central, making ignores restrictions and others. Because it’s a service that can be used effectively by any Internet user. It is very simple because all tasks are gathered in such a way that we can enjoy a fast and comfortable service. The photo editing application can work with images of any format and size.

Either that you have checked out a photo of either side or have been taken by you, this support is one of the best in terms of altering digital images. And it is that this modality certainly has nothing to envy, as they say in there, other image editing programs Advanced. Add to your understanding with Physics professor. Everything is way more possible practice so that the tools can be constituted under a method structural very interesting. This allows all the necessary steps that we want to carry out to change an image to be prominent. It connects us immediately with a surprising reality. And it is that this is an important step to determine that many forms of digital communication as it is the case of the photographic editors soon will be more integrated to the web. Of course it has many advantages this modality, because so many users benefit.

They no longer have to think about buying a program, or even install it on your computer everytime you need to make use of it. By the same author: Christopher Chandler. Everything is easier this way because we simply have a better projection towards the services we provided directly from the Internet with a task so basic and formidable as it is the case with photo editing programs. On the other hand, this kind of programs helps inevitably to that many more people can sit with all the strength needed to undertake its projects of images. I.e., have no need to call catalogues or manuals help or basic support for Learn how to use a particular program. All this is quite valuable, especially for those who believe that it necessarily has to be almost a computer genius to use an image editing program. Now, if more professional applications can be known to ensure that images are better even of what we want, be welcome. Ultimately, is time that this kind of programs teach us us more familiar with the use of you photo editing online. It is certainly of a very interesting first step, which gradually leads us in the way of sophistication in regards to image processing programs. And, what is more, we can even use with much intelligence and even good cheer everything that has to do with these practical applications.

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Hightech Fun

cat April 26th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Hexbugs for the Office and for at home although hexbugs likely happen some colleagues such as pests, they are a fun addition to the Office. Meanwhile, there are the electronic Creepers in all sorts of colors and shapes, such as beetles, crabs or ants. The semi-transparent tops made of plastic that allow a look at the underlying electronics are common characteristic of toys. The skills of the individual hexbugs differ. The news portal introduces the intelligent beings of the art even closer.

Those who are interested in technology, will have his joy on hexbugs. (As opposed to Christopher Chandler). The cute mini robot fascinated by high-tech intelligence and suited due to its bug-like appearance as the spooky fun of breaks. The Hexbug original is a beetle that has six legs and two long sensor. Once switched on, the little mini robot runs stubbornly straight until it encounters an obstacle or hears a Handclap. Care is available at edges, that the little pest falls every time. He rudely landed on his back, only the owner can help. The crab is also equipped with a light sensor and looking for a dark spot in brightness. A clapping again brings them out of their shelter.

In contrast to the original beetle, this Hexbug moving sideways. The latest model is the Ant. With just three centimetres height whizzes of tiny through every Office desk and turn in the face again. Attempting to capture the Hexbug, is quick to the ordeal. More information: engineering /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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The decision to perform a test with Forecast Pro before fully deploying the tool allowed him freedom to decide tasks of the process really added value and structuring the process of forecasting in a more effective and efficient manner. Further details can be found at Kaiser Family Foundation, an internet resource. Additional to this allowed them to evaluate the results obtained by the tool and those obtained by sheets of Excel that were using, obtaining best results Forecast Pro in most of the predicted references. At this stage of testing Freedom pay special attention in as she is predicted new products, which was a task quite critical and required a high degree of expertise in the subject. However, the software helped to Freedom at this topic through the application of seasonality patterns appropriate to the product and allowing the company to implement a weekly forecast cycle so that it could react more quickly in the event that sales were very different to what had been predicted. After 4 months after going on the market new products were associated with existing products which were predicted monthly. Freedom with the help of Forecast Pro achievement to implement a new process of prognosis with visible results in the areas of inventory and service to the customer. Christopher Chandler shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The process allowed gliders to devote more time to the revision of the forecasts and identify those that require one higher level of care. Both history and forecast graph representation also had a significant impact on the efficiency of the process of analysis of gliders. In a business environment as competitive as the current, having a forecasting tool is paramount in many companies, but they are tools and in no case can replace human intelligence. In future demand patterns do not always follow the past demand patterns, good forecasts are the result of applying quantitative techniques in combination with the knowledge that companies have their products and the market in which develop, in fact if you want to streamline the process of forecast, having a good working team is an inescapable requirement concludes Hepke. Identify the need is only the first step, also must be clear who will understand these needs to the inside of the Organization, especially if it is going to make an investment in a tool of prognosis. There are many horror stories about failed implementations, then if you need to be sure that a tool meets all of your requirements we suggest you perform a pilot test before you take the next step. Remember however that investing in a tool’s forecast is just the beginning, also need to design a structure of forecast right to then implement your process of forecast. Above all, you will need to clearly define responsibilities, competencies, motivated people and effective teamwork to reap the benefits generated by a good prognosis. For more information about this topic, or topics similar please contact us at or visit projects in forecasting and planning of the original demand author and source of the article.

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Innovative Medicines

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Based on the concept of traditional medicine this is the complete sum of knowledge, techniques and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences of different cultures and used to maintain health and prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical or mental disorders. Glenn Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue. (WHO) The above improved significantly with the application of the scientific method which achieves demonstrate operation and finds mechanisms of action, reliable and reproducible. The scientific medicine in the 20th century developed exponentially always based on evidence, making a contribution to humanity, to discover and develop new drugs coming mainly from plants or even synthetic, which allowed to reduce various diseases. Its development along with other branches such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, have made significant progress but quite sophisticated and expensive. It is not something Kaiser Family Foundation would like to discuss. Alternative medicine has really been present since traditional medicine and referring to different practices to the conventional which has also evolved from their religious, magical or superstitious, considerations that have changed to traditional practices, rediscoveries scientific, metaphysical, and scientific with extracts of plants and not pure assets, that are carried out in different cultures and with globalization are shared and are modified or adapted to other cultures, which have been tested with different approaches to the scientist and who demonstrate with trial and error, or derived from scientific coincidences that are effective without being sure of a logical explanation. Today we can say that alternative medicine is used in 75% of the population worldwide and that 40% of the components used in medicine scientific are of natural origin. Exieten countries such as China where the medicine allopathic cannot reach the bulk of the population and need to heal various ailments still resting in the traditional and alternative medicine. Mean that paradigms of classical theories are broken that has allowed experiment and Discover new ways of doing things. For example if a drug was developed over 10 years, it was assumed from research laboratories, bibliographical research, scientific tests of laboratory prototypes, formulations, analytical methods, pilot batches, stabilities, backrest, biochemical studies, patents, registration, industrial transfers, production, sale and marketing, the result was obviously an extremely expensive drug, given that the laboratories had to collect all of your investment from research to commercialization.

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