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Virtual Stores

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Democratization of the internet with open source. Virtual stores is very advisable to assemble a virtual store using an own accommodation because this will give you more flexibility to make modifications. The necessary software can be open source so it is free. Virtual stores software is free because it is open source. You can install you shop, but it to your measurement will require knowledge. It is interesting to pay a store design already made and upload it to the accommodation thinking that it is vary little design in the future. Design can leave from around 60 euros up to about 150 euros. There are many software to create your virtual store.

Some are:. OsCommerce: Is the most widely used software so far. Also because it is about which further developments have been made. So there is lots of information support. In addition, it has many contributions of program modules that allow you to add more functionality to your blog. Software it had become obsolete, but it now seems that it again with designs and more modern features. Magento: Offers the possibility of enjoying our online store with the latest developments and the possibility of managing our store with professional management, with statistics from sales, support and all kinds of payment and shipping methods. PrestShop: Has a clean, flexible, and optimized user interface for search engines.

Very good designs. VirtueMart: Is a plugin for the platform of Joomla, which is a content management system. It makes your website in Joomla, an online store. It has numerous plugins and everything that a store could need. It is said that some module fails and needs to be improved even. E-commerce plugin: is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to create a shop from the wordpress platform. It is fairly complete and flexible. All have their pros and cons. If I had to choose one, I would with the oscommerce software because it is that most worked because they have spoken many developers in its creation over a few years. The design can always be improved with a good template. The author takes time to compiling virtual stores for their clients. Provides its extensive experience to others so they can create virtual store with little effort. Before this information was reserved for a few, now that it is sold with virtual stores is much clearer.

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AVI Converter Program

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You don’t even know if you’ll edit your own movies. To me I love it but can you find it monotonous and You may not use the program anymore. Removes programs video converters which are not with you and leaves only a few (or at least one). Choose the best balance of features and ease of use that you can you can handle. This program is for you. A word of caution: some video converters do a poor job when it comes to synchronize video and audio.

Your movie can start looking good and also have good sound, but when you’ve linked to a significant number of elements, there will be a delay between the picture and sound. You must also make sure that the DVD that you generate works in a DVD player, not only on your computer. I have to mention a great freeware AVI Converter: download and use VirtualDubMod. It is a free editor that can cut films, clean sound, improve the image and convert to different formats. Is not the easiest to handle and you may have to look for some CODECs (encoder/decoder) to be able to edit the particular format that you’re driving, but it is very powerful.

And it’s free! You can even that you some features that doesn’t belong to your movie editing program. You warn for the last time so do not be timar. To me, me timaron since then while he thought he was being very cautious.

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Virtual Shops

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Marketers sell physical products does not have any difference with selling digital products. What if it differs, is that if we are going to have a virtual store, let’s try to be more possible niche. It is saying not a shop in which we let Walmart, where we can make market, cut hair or finally lunch at Mc Donalds. If we are to make a tent, we must do it in a specific category. This does not mean that we will not operate a shop style Amazon where you can buy various categories. But to achieve dominate a store of this magnitude, we have lots of money to put it to use. Otherwise it will end up offering in a few categories one hundred products, while in another, one or two. If we do not specialize, we will end up selling him everyone of everything and won’t finish doing absolutely nothing.

When it comes to a virtual store, there are some design elements that must be present and that they have been tested and generate much confidence and credibility. The first is to put a phone number, on the other hand found that placing the logos of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, generates trust. If in addition, we place a security certificate, you generate much more confidence and credibility. And if we actually answer the phone or we have a call center that clarify all doubts, we will succeed in having all the elements that help the success. If it is a store that sells many things is necessary to generate a multitude of gifts, but if it’s a store with a niche we can create only a digital report where talk about the ten top tips for using your bait during the summer in Florida. Or something like. Then, must take into account what our target audience wants, and the incentive that we are going to offer. The rest is like playing the riddles.

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Virtual Assistants

cat March 23rd, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

The demand for virtual assistants as we all know, the attendees and the work of the Secretariat is essential to carry the day all the operational aspects of our business. This intrinsic feature and the proliferation of new technologies are making that demand for virtual assistants is increasing. These non-Presential wizards are currently in use to carry out a large number of Office, administration, Secretariat and even personnel management functions. For example we are seeing that even some companies are turning to these wizards for billing and accounts management issues which gives an idea of development and confidence that is currently on virtual Secretary services in addition, of the hand of self-employment and small business development, we are observing the use of virtual receptionists as instruments capable of releasing these organizations of mechanical and operational business processes, leaving free time devoted to other crucial areas such as the innovation and commercial dimension. In fact this relocation of temporary resources makes that many professionals and small business owners are devoting the time needed to the recruitment and retention of customers, a very necessary activity in the current crisis environment.

On the other hand, it is interesting to observe the mechanisms of integration of services of virtual secretariat within the organizations that employ them. Companies generally specify how they should be carried out these services by following corporate policy but there is also an effect of reinforcement of this integration. In this sense the virtual assistants, even without having a face-to-face relationship with the company for which they work, develop systems which will strengthen over time. So many times there are details in the form of managing the agenda or respond to calls that they are adapting to the specifications of the Organization for which they work. This phenomenon makes that many organizations prefer by the virtual secretariat since it allows them to improve effectiveness without losing customization. In general is becoming a very interesting trend that can offer great advantages to companies and professionals employing such services over your competitors.

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Virtual Assistant

cat March 22nd, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

And as we have said previously they offer Office in a certain geographical area. When you work from home and have small jobs to delegate, as for example call to vendors, write letters, a cost-effective alternative is to hire a Virtual Secretary. Finally, both the entrepreneurs OffLine and OnLine, that they need staff trained in the latest digital tools available on the market, and think delgar not only small office tasks, but implement new EMarketing tools to achieve more and better results in your venture, is necessary to hire a Virtual Assistant, you are more specific services. The advantage of having a Permanent Virtual Assistant will allow you not only delegate all kinds of tasks, but it will also be her who is in charge of outsource the needs of customers, when it is not counted with the corresponding specialization or (for example) physical branches in a given area, finalized every last detail. Well, now ask: the virtual assistants are many how to identify which is the most appropriate for my business? I will begin by saying that we are more than 150 virtual assistants certified by Bureau network, however, each of us has his own venture and we are different (though safely with the same goals) women, therefore there is always someone that fits more professionally to the services that you are in need. Few days ago I read on Twitter the following sentence: the web 2.0 is people, not of the entities (of @escuelatic20), and actually I can not be more agree, that is, without a doubt a great reality that today the 2.0 world is reflecting. People today on the Internet are identified by people most of the virtual assistants have our own Blog, which talks about much of ourselves, our tastes and our passion for certain services that we offer. Social networks (Facebook and Twitter in particular) is one of the best tools that will serve to identify with a Virtual Assistant, since you can interact with it, know how he thinks, acts and which are their interests before hiring their services, as well as also as relates to others within the network.

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Harley Davidson

cat February 23rd, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

From the business point of view Harley Davidson is a special brand, is a brand that has served as an example in many books and classes of the world of marketing. Why? Why Harley Davidson is the ultimate expression of a strategy very special marketiana, not to sell the product but sell a lifestyle. A little history in the 1901 William S. Harley designed an engine that attaches to a bicycle, but not until 1903 that the first motorcycle isn’t Harley Davidson for sale. So do William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson who work in a small factory of wood 3 by 5 meters. The brand name is born and is the surname of its two founders. In 1904 the first concessionaire appears Harley Davidson hand of Charles H.

Lang. On July 4, 1905 a Harley win a race in Chicago. Walk 15 miles in 19: 02. This was the first race, but there have been many more. In 1906 a new Harley Davidson factory opens and new employees are hired. It is time to create the first catalogue of Harley motorcycles. This is a short summary the home of the American brand that has managed to overcome the difficulties and endure for more than 100 years.

Harley Davidson has lived and has even formed part of some important historical facts. A clear example is the two world wars. Harley Davison motorcycles lived the first world war in first line, and it is that the company sold more than 20,000 motorcycles to the United States military during the war. Other companies sold the entire production of the army, but Harley continued to sell to individuals, which was a success since this allowed him to maintain its market share after the war. During the second world war it produced at least 90,000 models for military use. Harley Davison: the world around the 1920 United States Harley Davidson becomes the largest manufacturer of motorcycles worldwide and there are more than 2,000 dealerships in 67 cities around the world.

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The Cancun Water Falls

cat February 14th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Cancun: the water falls Teodulo Lopez Melendez I is contaminated water, air and Earth in an act of unspeakable arrogance. Science and technology seem to be overwhelmed in its harmful effects, but beyond required a high degree of awareness in the whole population. Consumerism without brake without re-use of packaging of what we consume, businesses rapacious devouring forests or poor desforestando to obtain the fuel with which Cook and developed countries sending polluting emissions into the atmosphere are just points of an extensive list. Deteriorates the geosphere with hazardous chemicals and pesticides. Deteriorates the hidroesfera, warning us that the water may result in serious future conflicts. It pollutes the atmosphere with toxic originating from burning unclean energy.

Climate change and environmental temperature is seen though with extreme gravity effects. Nuclear waste circulate in search of a deposit, the ozone layer becomes thin allowing the passage of harmful ultraviolet rays. Are they extinguished species animals and vegetables with the consequent rupture of the food chain and many species disappear. Between man and nature are the processes of production, distribution, consumption and accumulation, so that the relationship between man and nature is invariably marked by the economy. The huge volume of natural resources who devour this economy companies and that are processed, the concentration of production in small urban spaces and the unrestrained pursuit of profit, can be mentioned briefly at the beginning. But the poor also pollute as direct its poverty impact, because they are forced to get rid of waste in any way due to the lack of appropriate services or they must burn materials of high ecological value to meet their basic needs. Rampant consumerism encouraged by a planned obsolescence and publicity that manufactures needs, more a hungry process of wealth accumulation, leading to framing the ecological problem in the field of the economy world and, of course, in the cultural field.

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At some point in their careers, all head found in the difficult (for some) position of having to influence the attitude of the members of his team, to promote the performance of the whole team and the better performance of the tasks. There are many variables that affect the changes of attitude, but making an effort of simplification can be described according to three General factors: the situation, confidence in the emitter, in the message itself. Any employee who does not trust their leader (whether this light or not) it will accept willingly your message nor shall do anything to change their attitudes. The same can be said of the message. A message that is not convincing, not provide some kind of benefit to those affected, it will be hardly accepted the prestige of the Communicator is important to influence others. Every leader must earn prestige to his collaborators.

A good prestige facilitates the change of attitudes. Without that prestige encambio goes from difficult to impossible. People tend and try to identify themselves with a well-regarded Communicator and tend to adopt the attitudes and behaviors of the person admired and respected. The commitment of an employee with their attitude is very important. The attitudes that have been expressed publicly are more difficult to change because the person has committed itself and change of attitude would be to recognize (if not act wisely) an error. Distraction is one of many situational factors that increase persuasion.

Another factor that makes people more susceptible to change in their attitudes is a pleasant environment. But the most decisive factor for the acceptance of a message is without doubt the power with which it is transmitted. A leader skilled with people, will be more accepted than someone who is right but that is stale. Anyone who wishes to be accepted as a leader and respected, you must make changes in its own personality. To improve the influence on people people they should become charismatic, seductive should return. A person with ability to seduce must not have the reason (not opposing it), not that must be he knows, should not be Chief. Get that charisma, that magnetism is easy with the use of modern technology. For example the powerful seduction subliminal Videos, they are designed so that the person who sees them, becomes a person highly magnetic, attractive, successful, respected, loved and rica. The changes that a person makes on itself affect their relationships, their jobs, and everything they do. These powerful subliminal Videos converted to persons in the life of the party. Others just answered Yes to what these people request them. If these videos are accompanied by readings of motivational books as the power to transform our lives, the effect will be greater, faster and permanent.

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To recycle the organic garbage is an intelligent attitude ecologically correct, therefore it collaborates for the fast return of the organic substance to the ground. 2,9 Conscience and Action to improve the quality of life and the environment, all we – the population, the governments, the institutions you publish and private? we need acquiring knowledge in them of the questions related to the garbage. It is necessary to take attitudes that diminish the volume of the garbage and favor the treatments adequate. In this direction, the society can pressure the government to implant and to fiscalize measured come back to the protection of the environment and the health of the population. But it also has some things that can be practised in day-by-day: Not to play garbage in beaches and the streets.

When it will be the beach, has taken a plastic bag to collect the garbage; later bag in a street collector plays. Everything that will be played in the street can be dragged for culverts. If to be obstructed, the culverts leave to drain the water of rain and cause floods. It outside does not play old clothes, toys and utensils that still could be reaproveitados. It uses the blank side of papers to make rough drafts, notations, etc.? It separates glasses, periodicals, cans and packings of paper to give to the catadores of street, if it will not have selective collection in the city. CONCLUSION We conclude the following article through bibliographical research, being necessary the collection of data for the best understanding of the subject that was boarded. The garbage possesss much importance for the continuity of the life, the recycling is a factor that contributes not only for the man more mainly for the nature. To play outside objects that would delay years to putrefy themselves in the environment is an awareness lack, the great companies could adopt methods for the reaproveitamento of what they play in closed rivers and environment.

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The first content

cat September 30th, 2012 by Virtual Keeper

The first content management systems were developed by organizations that published a lot of Internet content, and needed continuous updates, as online journals, newspapers and corporate publications. In 1995, the technology news site CNET got their document management system and publishing and created a company called Vignette, pioneer of content management systems business. The evolution of the Internet to sites with more content and high user involvement directly, through blogs and social networks, has become the managers of content on the Internet an essential tool for both businesses and institutions as to individuals. Wikis and groupware systems are also considered CMS. Today there are versions developed in open source and proprietary versions. In both cases it is necessary to adapt the deployment manager and graphic content to outline desired functionality.For some managers, there are many templates available that enables easy deployment by a user without programming skills. The paradigm here is WordPress, manager of which there is a large community of developers of extensions and templates.

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