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Contained Silence

cat July 13th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

I decide my poem Under the neutral silence Of the lost words In the landscape of the signs. According to Bosi, one exists ' ' malleability infinita' ' with that the man can work the phonetic substance, thus establishing a constant relation and congruente between the sound and the direction. even of the silence, that seems pure emptiness, absence of sound, the poet pulls out there of a sea of meanings. , If thus complete the main objective of our language that is to give a direction, to supply the absence of people, things and action and to thus obtain to extract or to make with if states feelings and points of view, related with the lived experience. The first men, as they were themselves children of the human sort, not being capable to form intelligible sorts of the things, ' ' they had had natural necessities to imagine the characters poetical, that are universal sorts or fantsticos' '.

Thus the poetry was established ' ' in the simbolizao requirements, of the first men, and it, the poetry, survives for a species of law eterna' ' , because, in the human being, it seems to exist a necessity of symbolic creation, and this can even though be found in silence, in the sound absence. In second estrofe, of the first part, it, the poet has a physical other world search, starts to consider the effect that the time had on its agreement of the life and consequentemente in its form to make poetry. Thus, poet starts to remember a lived reality already, that for being a memory, this reality already is in the heart and, therefore, nor is plus a reality and yes an invention. Therefore they know all that My world has roots Beyond the reality. Not of this reality Contained in a crystal, Glad and transparent and without tranquillity.

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