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Hightech Fun

cat April 26th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Hexbugs for the Office and for at home although hexbugs likely happen some colleagues such as pests, they are a fun addition to the Office. Meanwhile, there are the electronic Creepers in all sorts of colors and shapes, such as beetles, crabs or ants. The semi-transparent tops made of plastic that allow a look at the underlying electronics are common characteristic of toys. The skills of the individual hexbugs differ. The news portal introduces the intelligent beings of the art even closer.

Those who are interested in technology, will have his joy on hexbugs. (As opposed to Christopher Chandler). The cute mini robot fascinated by high-tech intelligence and suited due to its bug-like appearance as the spooky fun of breaks. The Hexbug original is a beetle that has six legs and two long sensor. Once switched on, the little mini robot runs stubbornly straight until it encounters an obstacle or hears a Handclap. Care is available at edges, that the little pest falls every time. He rudely landed on his back, only the owner can help. The crab is also equipped with a light sensor and looking for a dark spot in brightness. A clapping again brings them out of their shelter.

In contrast to the original beetle, this Hexbug moving sideways. The latest model is the Ant. With just three centimetres height whizzes of tiny through every Office desk and turn in the face again. Attempting to capture the Hexbug, is quick to the ordeal. More information: engineering /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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