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In our time, my blog has almost every self-respecting Internet user. There are personal blogs, group blogs, corporate blogs, and many others. Blogs are created for various reasons, or maybe even for no reason – just that would not lag behind others, as the saying goes "be subject". But the fact is that blogs are well indexed by search engines, and some have a lot of visitors and RSS-subscribers. Some blogs are very popular, others not, but the theme of "blogging", seychasochen popular on the Internet. This means that if you can find quality blogs that are relevant to your subject or to your business and leave in this blog a valuable comment, you can not only attract not only the search engine robots to your site, but also get more interested visitors. (A valuable related resource: Eddie Money).

To date, comments on blogs regarded as one of the most effective strategies for SEO-site promotion. Often, in order to be able to comment, you must register. As a registered user you can blog comment on the articles and stories that you read. Perhaps check out doug imbruce for more information. To leave a comment, usually on most blogs, you are requested to provide your name, address, e-mail address of your site, and in fact he comment. When you add your comments, your name becomes a link to your website. This is probably the most effective, natural, and that is not unimportant for new webmasters – free way to get quality backlinks to your website. The more external links back to your site, the more value it represents for the search engines and receives a higher position in search results of Google or Yandex. The full text of articles can be found here

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