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Lumber Forests

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The great wooden demand contributed for the search of new species of Pinus, that come being planted and commercialized since the decade of 60. The beginning of the large-scale activity of reforestation in Brazil after gave the event of the tax incentives in 1966. In the South Region of the Country the option was for the Pinus sort, with two main species: Pinus elliottii to var. elliottii and Pinus taeda. The initial objective was to create a forest base in substitution to the traditional Pine of the Paran (angustiflia Araucria), then intensely explored and with its engaged natural reserves, to give it has supported to the program of development of the sector of cellulose and paper in the long, basic staple fibre pulp production for papers of high resistance. Although the reforestations to have for purpose the production of cellulose and paper, the transformation industry mechanics of the south of the Country, for the scarcity of the Pine and minor cost of the wood of Pinus spp., initiated the process of use of the wood of reforestations in the production of sawed and blades, already from the decade of 70, exactly with the great expansion of the papeleiro long staple fibre sector in the period. The planted forests in a generalized manner and specifically of Pinus spp., had had excellent development in Brazil for the following reasons: favorable ground and climate, land availability, availability of man power, scientific and technological knowledge, high productivity, organizacional capacity of the private initiative, low cost of production, aggregation of value in end items chances in the domestic market and external.

Currently the wood of Pinus possesss great variety of applications, such as, sawed wood, compensated, panels, etc. Therefore, are a wood of great economic importance. 1,1 GENERAL OBJECTIVE the general objective of this work was to select through bibliographical research, the economic importance of the use of the wood of species of the Pinus sort planted in the Country.

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