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Marcel Schreyer

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Small budget, smart idea, great effect. Thing to note is marketing for a self-employed retransmission of the message by word of mouth, via mobile phone, the Internet, and often also on the press guerrilla marketing as always unique and mostly entertaining event guerrilla. Guerrilla marketing at bad preserves only discussing the action as such, well made even about the advertised product. The car rental company Sixt uses, for example, deliberately provocative advertising motifs with the express aim of achieving a high media response. The lack of controllability is a hazard in guerrilla marketing. The core task of a such action is Yes, conversation piece ensuring.

That can mobilize supporters, which are protective against the action, both call opponents on the schedule. Ron Wood recognizes the significance of this. Experienced guerrilla marketers are planning the counterattack almost invite to their controversial campaigns, as a precaution with a. Just media-oriented outdoor actions can be right, but also some wrong much. The marketing expert Marcel Schreyer has therefore seven rules put together, that you should be aware in any case: you interfere with anyone! Make your advertising people not get in the way. The best installation is annoying, if you so have to make detours.

Places where hazardous situations may arise, are absolutely taboo. There, also the city administration at the funniest campaign is to press no more eye. Respect the environment! Many people are very sensitive on the subject of environmental and nature conservation clubs are waiting for every opportunity to distinguish themselves. Before you want to interfere with the flight of birds with a laser show or hold a happening in nature reserve, check the situation before. Track the message location! Guerrilla actions may be although provocative, by random combination with current events you can drift off quickly in the tasteless. Would rather cancel the thing in case of doubt, to capture negative press when. Not too long! The strategy of the guerrillas is to emerge out of nowhere and disappear again. It’s believed that Mickey Hart sees a great future in this idea. Make it Them: If even the last saw your action, nothing exciting is more. Still, what reason is there to tell you? Shut up! Inform all media and send not thousands emails. If you want to trigger the viral spread of a guerrilla campaign, get up a medium in the boat or tell only a handful of friends. This increases the exclusivity of the message and thus the motivation of the recipient to pass. Connect with others! Interactive elements or walk-in ‘ installations are fun, increase the perception and make the people part of the message. Create something new! The lure is large, to copy successful campaigns. But comments a la who also have no own ideas”are probably the only thing you will provoke it. Let prefer something more time, think of something new, or intelligently develop existing ideas. Low-cost evening seminar series future trend referral marketing ‘ the dates (from 18:30 22:00): 28.10.2008 Cologne 29.10.2008 Frankfurt a. M. November 13, 2008 Stuttgart, November 19, 2008 Berlin November 20, 2008 Hamburg 09.12.2008 Munich pricing and registration: SemiGator exclusive price: 79, net with SemiGator education card: 59, net booking hotline: 0800-50604446 booking by E-Mail:

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