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Off With The Peddle 1934

cat September 24th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

1852 in numerous lower Austrian communities in the 22.03.1922 the National Council adopted the constraint of the peddle patent a federal law supplementing and amending certain provisions of the peddle patent and the regulations of other migrant. This special federal law, this economic and industry was significantly restricted and banned completely in various regions and communities. In addition you entered ABS 4 trade regulations for the limitation of the sale on the street and from House to house the section 60 in 1928. Here adopted foundations right historically, also almost hundred years later have a certain significance. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. Redistribution and extension of the peddle permits new peddle grants were awarded on the basis of the Federal Act by the 22.03.1922 only to people if they were permanently unfit to another profession. Doug imbruce podz: the source for more info. In addition a ceremony could only take place but also to this category of persons, if the economic situation of this candidate’s required it. War and war widows were to favor on the basis of disability compensation act 1919 this.

Also extensions already granted peddle permits were allowed to be carried only under the conditions mentioned above. For those who did not meet these conditions and had more inventories, the peddle permit was extended by another at the latest 1.11.1922. Excluded were those recent peddle permits already continuously had been extended the 01.08.1914. The approval of Hausierens could be granted only after consultation with the Chamber of trade and industry and the Chamber of labour. The respective Governor could prohibit the peddling in this community area on specific or indefinite time for all or for certain periods upon application of a Municipal Council. Commercial tasks related with the peddling of the Federal Minister for Commerce, trade, industry and buildings was also authorised the peddling to regulate related commercial transactions through regulation. However public performances and attractions were excluded.

For all the goods indefinitely districts Amstetten (Ernsthofen, Hague-land and Schonbichl), Baden(Nostach), Floridsdorf-Umgebung(Fuhsenbigl und Markgraf-Neusiedl), Gmund (, Leopoldsdorf and Haugschlag), Hietzing Umgebung(Vosendorf, Liesing), Krems(Gneixendorf), Modling(Hennersdorf), Scheibbs(Wang) and Wiener Neustadt(Zillingdorf). For certain goods for an indefinite period, Gmund (Harmannschlag for all goods with the exception of pitchforks, hay rakes, scythes, wings, potato baskets, back simperln, broom, Dreschflegen, riders, wooden spoons, Sprudlern, wooden Waschrumpeln, rolling walkers, seven and wood blades), Hollabrunn(Gettsdorf fur alle Waren mit Ausnahme von Lebensmitteln, Bursten, Besen und Sieben, Hart fur alle Waren mit Ausnahme von) districts of Floridsdorf Umgebung(Straudorf fur Textilwaren) Sweeping) and Krems (Upper Green River for active ingredients, knitting, writing, textiles, haberdashery). For all goods on certain time districts of Baden (Traiskirchen on two years), Tulln (Zwentendorf on one year) and Zwettl (note be right and Jahrings to 5 years). For certain goods at certain time districts Amstetten (Meiler village for textiles, soaps and Perfumery to five years), Horn(Konfektions-.) Lingerie and knitwear for five years) and Tulln (for all goods with the exception of food for the next ten years) author: Dr. Fritz Simhandl, author Fleedstreet

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