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NLP and the Domino Effect

cat October 8th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

With some NLP techniques we can travel in a certain way, through time return to experiment internally something that has happened to us of children (for example) and has led us to some trauma and modify it from our mind on the current situation. Because the neuro-linguistic programming, provides the person certain resources, a guide to learn how to use our brains and work the internal States. You can use resources of NLP as your own instruction manual, to learn how to use the software for your brain.(which incidentally, generally not be teaches us!) If something has happened in the past, this event, depending on the degree of gravity, altered, surely, conditioned many decisions made from that moment until today. He produced the Domino effect first tab, falls on the second, and the third and pushes all towards the end. What happens to us today is the result of the past and we can describe it from an image, a metaphor the nexus between the past and today you can see it as a very thin thread almost invisible a species of spider, which comes from children if something happened there, that movement continues to generate vibrations, shock wave, is perhaps imperceptible or we cannot see it consciously today but there is and influence current decisions i.e., that thin thread moves still day means that movement or primary agitation is influencing your present and also because something has played in the presentthat you referred to that last time! If you liken it to effect dominated, as I said before, maybe to something unresolved in the past, it spreads, magnified, and translates into something limiting in the present with the PNL, we can identify and transform these past experiences that were perhaps traumatic, and use them in a way such that they become experiences, and that work with NLP transcends time and space and can be made from our mind! Why do it? Because to achieve behaviors, actions, ways to decide and act different feeling better and generating better results successful results for our lives,…today! (You can read something more about this here: > successful results with NLP <) For example: suppose that some time, at age 6, a child felt ridiculed before a group of people who did pranks because he could not speak properly and before which failed to respond or react.

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Josep Serra Son

cat October 8th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Mathematical language: Difficulty to express mathematical processes, to interpret the statements of the problems or misunderstanding of concepts such as position, relationships and size. Visio-spatial skills: Confusion in the arithmetic signs (the + x), numerical investments (31 by 13), faults in the Seriation of numbers (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, (9), place the numbers in awkward positions when performing incorrect writing of numbers or operations. The teachers are those who can more easily detect a problem with dyscalculia, in general, as explains Josep Serra Son children who seem to be attentive to the explanations, but when they start to get complicated can not follow it; other characteristics of the children discalculicos is that they are not able to explain which procedure have been used to find the solution to a problem and tend to give automatic responses, specifies.This learning disorder can drag an important educational delay and can even affect daily life. Adult cases can occur with dyscalculia who cannot even some shopping because they are not able to calculate if they have given you good or not change, or do not know the prices of things to quantify. On the other hand, in children this difficulty can cause problems of attitude; they tend to be on the defensive because they are very depressed by the performance of the rest of the teammates, what creates a frustration and anxiety in the child who can lead you to the lack of motivation or lack of interest, as explained by the psychologist.The good news is that this dysfunction has a solution. To correct it you have to re-educate the child, as points out Serra, a child with dyscalculia does not mean that you cannot learn, but that you need to walk a path longer than others.

Re-education helps ripen more quickly affected areas, achieving the level of mathematical processing is finished adjusting to the age. This way is not to insist on the same thing that has been done in class again and again, but to teach the child to learn to manipulate the numbers from different perspectives, fleeing from memoristicos procedures, in short, a more practical teaching of number sense. For example, rather than teaching a child that 3 4 are 12, must be to be aware of which 12 can be represented also as 12 + 0 or 8 + 4. Is advisable to re-education is carry out at least during one academic year, dedicating two to four hours a week and putting in the hands of a specialist, either a psychologist or a psychologist. Dyscalculia of development is so called research, subsidized by the Ministry of education and science that is carrying out the team of Neuropsychology at the University of Barcelona.

A study that will determine the brain bases of this alteration and to improve the diagnostic criteria and treatment guidelines. To develop, the research team is collecting a sample of children with dyscalculia, aged between 8 and 14 years, which is a comprehensive neuropsychological exploration. Parents who believe that their children of these ages may suffer from dyscalculia and are interested in the study can contact the Department of Psychiatry and clinical psychobiology at the University of Barcelona on the phone or by e-mail). By Moreover, from the website of this Department can download the version in Spanish of a useful software called the numbers race, designed for the re-education of dyscalculia in children between four and eight years. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article

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Project Management

cat October 6th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Planning Project planning and project planning is part of project management, which uses schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment. is the process to quantify the time and resources that a project will cost. The purpose of project planning is to create a project plan that a project manager (project manager) can use to follow the progress of his team. Initially, the spectrum of the project is defined and the appropriate methods (all tasks necessary) to complete the project are determined. Following this step, the duration for the various tasks necessary to complete the work are listed and grouped in a like work breakdown structure (work breakdown structure). The logical dependencies between tasks are defined using a diagram of network activity (activity network diagram) that allows the identification of critical path.Calculations made on the times may be made using project management software. Then the resources can be estimated and costs for each activity can be optimized to achieve a balance between resource use and total duration to meet the project objectives. Once established and accepted, the plan becomes what is known in English speaking nations as “baseline” (guideline base). Progress will be measured against this policy line throughout the life of the project. Analysis of progress compared to the basic guideline is known in English as earned value management (earned value management). The project planning is not something to be done only once at the beginning of the project. Monitor the progress of your team and update the project plan adequately should be an ongoing task of project manager. A computer program for project management can be useful if used correctly. There are various patterns of project management that describe in detail how to plan and control a project.

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cat September 29th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Read mail from the cell is an increasingly popular trend. Here I give a few tips based on my experience using the cell phone as a portable email mailbox. Since the advent of the first Blackberry there by 199 X the use of cell phones to read emails has become a daily practice for many people. Definitely read emails from anywhere has many advantages; You can respond to your boss from a queue, send reports in the waiting room or square off for the family Grill on Sunday. If you are considering to read mail from the cell phone or you’re already doing it, you recomiendoque take into account these tips: protect yourself from SPAM: unsolicited e-mails can flood the mail on the computer and still can catch legitimate emails. On the screen of the cell phone this task becomes daunting, and you should seriously consider any service that blocks emails. Another strategy used is to have separate email accounts and do not give your address of mobile email to many people. I particularly think this strategy doesn’t work for more than two minutes and undermines the very nature of the mail; at the end of the day what is a mail if you can not give it to anyone.

So which is best solve the SPAM problem with software that filter it. Currently free providers of e-mail (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) do a pretty good job evitandolo. Prevents the limbo of the emails: If you have to read / write emails on my cell phone and the computer, choose a site that is the primary (where all emails are stored) and secondary (where only receive new). This advice applies to anyone who does not have a Blackberry attached to the company mail. If you do not the selection of the primary and secondary, you can finish removing emails from a site and perdiendolos definitely in the limbo of the synchronization. Learn how to work offline: when you’re on the cell phone cheapest thing is read and write emails not connected and then connect you to send and receive all one time.

Best with letricas: If you will make intensive use of emails from your mobile you must choose a phone that comes with a single letter (the so-called QWERTY). If does not get it used, you I’ll thank full this Council. Trying to write a mail with keyboards that try to guess your writing is a nightmare. By smarter phone than having to press a single key to write several letters always is slower than writing with a single key. Believe me, if you can choose your phone, choose one that has a single letter per key. Original author and source of the article.

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Quality Content

cat September 4th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Today I bring you 7 keys to find more time to write and to public content quality, know that the blog is our nerve centre, therefore visitors who arrive must be given the best milk with cookies so that they are and return to visit us. We offer quality content, that is becoming increasingly more competition and therefore more effort to highlight, so we’re going with these tips 1. Obviously spend time preferably with calm, centered with time and zero distractions. I advise to put on the agenda of working a schedule specific therefore conform to and comply with it. 2 Write in batches, plan your editing schedule beforehand most blog software like WordPress allows you to write articles in advance and set the date and the time of its publication, and so allow your articles to be more visible in the peak hours.

Writing in batches allows you to enter in a continuous stream and is the process of writing more fluidly than if you try change of tasks between your main job and the task of To write. 3 Write down the ideas that arise you when the brain relaxes or you think otherwise, it is when some of your best ideas come to you, so make sure you keep those ideas in a book, on the phone, or paper napkins! A very useful tool for WordPress, is that you can use e-mail to send a draft of an entry on his blog for later use. 4 Reuse content reuse can reuse the contents of your old entries in a different way, giving them a new look, or you could expand an article on a presentation. You can even create articles of presentations that you have or seminars that you’ve given on the internet. Perhaps you have a transcript that you can copy and paste as a starting point, you could use a section of a report or eBook, emails to customers, etc. The existing content is an asset to be reused if you are creative. 5 Answers to questions taking the last point before many networkers, the questions that makes your audience is one of your best sources of content. If you choose well the topic can have a post with a topical information and very relevant.

6 Have a system search for good headlines, think without stop, turn off the internal editor until you have a first draft. People is write down everything at once and hangs, first creating, then edit. Do not want to create and edit first creates a draft in a text editor and then published. 7 If you lack material searches, internet is an ocean of information, researches, lee, follows the big i takes your ideas and thoughts to refine them and to translate them in your articles. I hope that these tips will be useful greets you your friend and colleague Martin Bezares original author and source of the article

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Virtual Flowers

cat August 28th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

The flowers as you know can be a great detail for its beauty, for the great significance and value that can be expressed with flowers, but is not always possible to provide this great detail since suddenly does not have the money for this detail or the person is far away as to give this beautiful present or simply those who usually spend most time of his life in the media virtual, sees more welcome to send virtual flowers. Virtual flowers are a great way to express different feelings to a person who is considered to be special, it may be for reasons of love, friendship, affection affectionate, Yes can express any sentiment, virtual flowers can accompany messages, whether the same file have a message already arranged on it, which can be a message in a text without movement type or type presentation where the text highlighted the passage of a brief space of time or it may also be that come out new words than in such a way, your set is a beautiful message and also is the possibility that each person writes the message that you want to send, in addition many pages make recommendations that you should send virtual flowers depending on the situation and the person, so you can find virtual flowers where is den messages of congratulations for the event of a special date such as a birthday, wedding, quinces, anniversaries, days like mother’s, the love and friendship, Valentine’s day, the day of women, among other dates; There are also virtual flowers for lovers who want to provide samples of affection by different means or to remember special moments, there are also virtual flowers to apologize for any offense incurred or with reason to ask the other person the possibility of reconciliation, so the virtual flowers are a great medium for reasons of love, but are not only linked to situations of love or affection, you can also send virtual flowers with reason to greet someone who makes a good time does not talk to her or has not been able to see it or also as a reminder of some future date, in order as it can be inferred, the virtual flowers are useful for any situation and are a beautiful sample of affection and love. With respect to what it has to do with the way of accessing the virtual flowers and how to send them, is a very simple task, to see the different virtual flowers out there, there are an infinite number of pages Web that offer this totally free service, where there are large and varied catalog of images which the user can choose which most suits their tastesthen asks the name of the person that will be sent and your email and name and email of who is sent, there are some that have messages and there are others that, in both cases this the possibility of putting an own and already with this message are not ready the virtual flowers.

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cat August 22nd, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

(7) The regulations in force in the field of advanced studies is still very poor: there are very few references on the postgraduate in the organic law of education in the universities Act and the regulations in force on the subject contains gaps and contradictions. (8) In general, programs or postgraduate courses in Venezuela, especially in the official sector, are conceived and executed by initiatives of small academic groups, without active participation of the beneficiaries of their products (economic sector, education authorities, professional associations, scientific and technical system or the cultural and political sectors) and usually used a traditional pedagogy, low performance, centered in the escolarismo, the theoretical class, vertical relations professors and others to new technologies. In consequence, this set of academic activities requires, obviously, adjustments that really become a national system consistent, with clear objectives and measurable social and scientific impact. Currently serious problems that must be solved are manifested as: programs not tailored to the national and international stage demands graduate profile not in line with the requirements of the current inappropriate lack of teachers for full-time mission and vision plant stage academic quality of teaching academic quality of participants lack of tutors to work of grade lack of attention to the participant for consultations outside the hours of class poor identification of the use of Research little linkage with the absence of publications of magazines environmental needs, work little integration and use of new technologies of computing significant absence of the virtual classroom, courses, seminars, conferences on line infrastructure inadequate absence of proactive authorities, strategists, visionary, participatory coordination absence of proper functionality of the Council’s postgraduate inadequate administrative systems in both direction. Administrative disorganization. Absence of data banks updated regulations budget institutional relations assessment waste of talent, human capital methodology of learning systems. Advertising and promotion requirements of entry and egress absence of exchanges accreditation quality, productivity and relevance work of grade percentage of graduates in relation to the amount total of students in a given moment quality of service each of these problems requires be evaluated, considering its scope, impact on academic excellence, operability of postgraduates, must give feedback with the corresponding actions that prevent its manifestationreason of other writing.

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Sole Responsibility

cat July 14th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

When we decided to have a website to make our company virtual or physical presence on the Internet, it is important to bear in mind that is needed the same enthusiasm and desire to grow than any traditional company that we can undertake. It is necessary to work hard to ensure our entrepreneurship not fall into oblivion, so it is essential to pay special attention to content that include, which must be of high value for customers, because in this way we will avoid falling into oblivion and that our company is a past history. Our clients must have sufficient reasons to visit us, and thus begin to be part of their daily activity. Once we already have our Web site, the next step is to begin to interact with our visitors and motivate them so they stay tuned to our news and we are present at the moment of deciding the purchase of a product or service. It is at that same moment in which we must be there to remind them of our presence, since otherwise we will lose sales in the way, that in the virtual world, are much more abundant than it seems. Not We forget that when we advertise in Google, we pay a click for every visitor that enters our site, and if we let pass by not having a site with content interesting and motivating enough, we will be losing our money plus customers.

What does grow with our virtual entrepreneurship? This is work by him, not simply to deliver personal cards with our Web site, to address probably soon will be lost and we will be waiting for visits that will never come. If on the contrary, all the contents that we provide are quality and relevant, we will have possibility to interact with our customers, give them participation in our Internet space, offering rich in ideas, and thus newsletters we will initiate a process of credibility whose culmination will be sales without the need that we are awaiting them. Our mission is to continue working for our virtual entrepreneurship, feeding it, filling it benefits and solutions that motivate visitors to return and Once again. Let us be aware that much more to offer, we will receive more. The ability to grow and be successful are in our hands.

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Virtual Secretary

cat July 7th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

And as we have said previously they offer Office in a certain geographical area. When you work from home and have small jobs to delegate, as for example call to vendors, write letters, a cost-effective alternative is to hire a Virtual Secretary. Finally, both the entrepreneurs OffLine and OnLine, that they need staff trained in the latest digital tools available on the market, and think delgar not only small office tasks, but implement new EMarketing tools to achieve more and better results in your venture, is necessary to hire a Virtual Assistant, you are more specific services. The advantage of having a Permanent Virtual Assistant allows you to not only delegate all kinds of tasks, but it also will be she who do is outsource customers needs, when there is with the corresponding specialization or (for example) physical branches in a given area, finalized every last detail. Well, now ask: the virtual assistants are many how to identify which is the most appropriate for my business? I will begin by saying that we are more than 150 virtual assistants certified by Bureau network, however, each of us has his own venture and we are different (though safely with the same goals) women, therefore there is always someone that fits more professionally to the services that you are in need.

Few days ago I read on Twitter the following sentence: the web 2.0 is people, not of the entities (of @escuelatic20), and actually I can not be more agree, that is, without a doubt a great reality that today the 2.0 world is reflecting. People today on the Internet are identified by people most of the virtual assistants We have our own Blog, which is much talk of ourselves, of our tastes and our passion for certain services that we offer. Social networks (Facebook and Twitter in particular) is one of the best tools that will serve to identify with a Virtual Assistant, since you can interact with it, know how he thinks, acts and which are their interests before hiring their services, as well as also as relates to others within the network.

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Virtual Assistants

cat June 17th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

There is great confusion about the term virtual assistants and this usually happens because there are two types of definitions used for this concept which typically complicates a clear identification of the same. In fact since long ago have been popularized the computerised customer care applications available on Web pages. These applications show us a virtual representation of a human being which we can make questions than answered vebdran econ a focus of attention to the client. This type of depictions have been calling themselves virtual assistants what creates confusion with another existing concept. We refer to the virtual assistants or virtual receptionists engaged in development work of the services that offer us virtual secretarial firms. This type of virtual assistants are not computerized representations of living beings they really are people who work for our company through outsourcing. In particular the virtual secretariat is a type of service offered by companies from outsourcing to organizations and freelancers.

These companies primarily developed two types of services. On the one hand we can see calls attention, that consists of the reception of calls of the company and its proper management (filtering, reply etc.). On the other hand this all the related to agenda management and treatment of quotations and it includes the Organization of all the meetings and meetings of various kinds through mechanism that operated in time real and allow may have the feeling of working with a real Secretary. In this way the virtuality of belonging to an enterprise’s remote attendees arises from not physical contiguity between them and the client-company that managed the activities. However we must not forget us here if that talk about people of flesh and blood dedicated to favour the company that hires his services.

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