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Advantages of electronic literature is obvious. Takes up little space that allows you to have a pda or laptop computer a lot of books. Compatible with various devices such as computer, pda, cell phone, as well as specialized PocketBook, Sony Reader, lBook eReader. Search for text, hyperlinks, display time and discharge notes. E-book allows you to display animated pictures, multimedia clips or play audiobooks Firmware-speech synthesizers allow reads text Search e-books has significantly smaller costs than paper-based counterparts is now on the Internet you can find almost any literature from the artistic to the highly specialized. Some in the public domain others are sold on many sites, including belonging to different publishers. In addition, the price of electronic books is much lower than paper-based counterparts, and can buy almost any book from the comfort of home and immediately start reading.

Today there are many e-book formats. Plain Text (. TXT) The advantage of this format in the cross-platform, text can be in every possible way to edit and convert to any formats. Minus the lack of hyperlinks. Rich Text Format (.

RTF) format developed by by Microsoft d in 1987 specifically for the transport of text layout from one program to another. This format is used now and understand it practically all text editors. Just as easily transported as plain text, easily change and does not have hyperlinks. Document Microsoft Word (. DOC) Special format for a line of software Microsoft Word. Designed for storing text information prepared in this program.

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