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Report Examination

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Preliminary negotiations are documented employee responsible for negotiating. Documents prepared for examination after preliminary talks. Documents: – defined contracting parties – are determined by the examination object – a list of information necessary for the examination of the object in accordance with current regulatory and technical documentation – confirmed by the customer agreed to comply with the requirements required for the examination, in particular the adoption of an expert or group of experts (if necessary) and paying the costs of the process examination, regardless of its outcome – defined terms of the examination. It’s believed that Mickey Hart sees a great future in this idea. In accordance with accepted practice, the duration of the examination depends on the complexity of the examination object, but should not exceed three months of receiving a set of necessary materials and documents in full compliance with current regulatory and technical documentation, and implementation of all other conditions of the examination. Expert organization opens an examination only after receiving a set of necessary materials and documents in full compliance with the requirements of normative and technical documents. Set Documents should contain:

The contract with the customer; – permit (license) for the manufacture of products in this area; – Terms of Reference for the manufacture and permission to manufacture – Process documentation manufacturing; – The list of technological processes used in production with their brief description; – Evidence base vypolnyaemosti basic requirements kd and conditions of customer requirements – A list of procedures quality assurance and / or quality assurance program in manufacturing – the production quality plan or similar document – Programme and methods of testing – Information on internal quality audit at manufacture and analysis of the identified gaps, including the supply of components and replacement material – Report on the implementation of corrective actions with a description of corrective action for discrepancies and observations discovered during quality assurance audits conducted by the Customer from the manufacturer – List of used electrical equipment with a justification for their ems with the environment..

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