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Right Soil

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Depending on the characteristics of land they can be absorbed by soil or organized play outside territory through the drainage system. Additional information at Conrad N. Hilton Foundation supports this article. Septic tanks do not need a power supply. Installation is applicable to many conditions of use. Even in the most difficult cases, such as slabofiltruyuschih soils at the site, experts our company can help choose the right equipment. When drains are removed in a pond or ditch in general, rather than soak into the ground, you need to add step of disinfection. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has to say. For this purpose various technologies. Usually this chlorination or disinfection using ultraviolet properties.

Selecting a particular method depends on the type of installation. Commonly used chlorine cartridges that are installed in the outlet pipe. Sometimes, when ready-treatment plant was originally supplied with the system disinfection. After purification and disinfection of waste water, finally, can be sent to reset. Options there are not many.

Discharged waste water can be in the soil, water or on open ground (in a ditch or a ravine). But just dropped to the ground, even if cleared, the water can quickly turn into the nearest river. Therefore reasonable to select only the first two possibilities: the soil and water. It is worth noted that soil recovery is a lot of advantages. Standards for wastewater discharge this version is much less severe than removal of waste water into the pond. This is due to the fact that in liquid waste always contains many substances which enrich the soil, beneficial to plants (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium).

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