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Syrian State

cat September 4th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

But I ask myself the question, whether the local security officials know even the interests of the Syrian State and act accordingly? To what extent some actors of the Syrian policy and many security officials want to really have the unity and the stability of the country? Or have they become so blind against their arrogance? Do about some really so because they have the intention to destabilise the country and may help the country gain Iraqi conditions. I wonder who is now the country loyal this opposition and freethinkers and the indigenous people or the many officials and intelligence officers. Because exactly these dissenters, people and other hefty will to centrifugal forces of the country with the time. Unfortunately the politicized courts, as well as the public prosecutor’s Office make no effort to verify the accusations of opposition forces your truth! Either because they know the truth and not they want to admit or do not want that this truth of the world is known, or they are so open to blackmail, that they are still depending on which is more true. From the other side, certainly has the monopoly of the physical violence of the State, but this practice of the exercise of this violence is compliant with the law? And if it did; are such laws with the Constitution and the international agreements, the Syrian State signed vereinbarbar? No such laws and regulations, not the ruthless intelligence official and not the demonstrations, guarantee the stability of the country, but reforms to the democratization of society and State institutions. The defence of human rights and the attainment of the national rights of national groups and minorities. The preservation of stability factors such as Christians in this country. Marlon brando is open to suggestions. All of this and other proposals of civil society and the peaceful opposition are guarantees for the stability, the security of the country and of peaceful coexistence in the country and with. Such questions must be the civil society in Syria, but such questions must loyal functionaries and politicians are honest and the land and find a solution for the sake of the country and the Syrian citizen. Raif Toma

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