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The Cologne

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The ERP is simply because documents can be converted to the statement from the offer and not be re-entered. Furthermore, informs the software automates all employees about their individual tasks, and always displays the personnel capacity planning including potential usage conflicts in real time. About encurio products encurio products develops and sells software products. The Cologne-based IT company has specialized in Web-based software applications, optimize the communication and marketing processes. The products simplify and speed up operations, they make them more efficient. encurio products is a unit of the encurio group of companies. Depending on the operational orientation of the customers, the products be adapted conceptual, structurally and functionally to the corresponding requirements. Source: Mickey Hart. The encurio solutions GmbH takes over from the same corporate group this service as a service provider.

encurio provides thus tailored industry solutions from a single source. Encurio encurio products group is a division of the encurio group of companies, which include employees with long-standing Web -, IT – and marketing capabilities. Originally, the group from the advertising agency 360 communication is adult. Under the leadership of Managing Director Sebastian Rahmel since 1994 cross-media marketing and communication solutions will be developed and implemented. Belongs to the Group encurio products and 360 communication also the encurio solutions GmbH.

encurio solutions is a service provider for online communication. This unit develops individual online presence for different objectives and users groups from the corporate website, intranet or extranet to complex portals and communities. According to customer special applications, and traditional measures of online marketing, such as for example, the search engine optimized Web design, from a single source are as integrated as shop systems or configurators, delivered. In the design of Web design encurio solutions places an emphasis on the triad of aesthetics, usability and search engine friendliness. Also specific customizations of the software from encurio products takes over this service provider and a specific industry solution provides the customer in this way. The encurio group of companies is that strategically and consistently all media and communication channels can be covered from a conceptual piece. The needs-based consultancy allows that measures are specialized and appropriately implemented individually to the market conditions of the customer. This individualized approach to consulting is inherent in all units of the encurio group. Material for journalists we assist you with the individual writing and arranging interlocutors. We like to send you a selection of royalty-free images and graphics. Contact: Melanie Huber Kilroy PR In the Bruhl 40 61476 Kronberg tel: 06173-964694 mobile: 0175-4137151 mail:

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