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The SMB Systems Consulting

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Information Systems (IS) are the lifeblood of today's organizations, SI provides a good management decision-making and interacting with the departments of the company and the external environment when so designed, the way business computerization looking for consulting services and systems for the trained personnel to analyze the internal situation of the information as it flows in order to automate. This professional fund manager must know the situation of the company must understand the particular situation of the organization, financial resources, human, material and technology it offers, must consider both the cultural characteristics of the organization under study and the context operant in which it occurs, in this case the person conducting this study is known as System Consultant who understands the language is technical and nontechnical acting as a bridge between the organization and the software house so as to get information necessary to design team or finding the right solution for the computerization of the small or medium business that has not had contact with information systems. These professionals know programming languages, inter-connectivity protocols, operating systems and other fields of information technologies, but its primary objective is the relationship between the employer and the software house, is where is your occupational role, the systems consulting is responsible to the employer for good software design and its proper implementation, with this we can conclude that good will who Consulting Systems handholding SMEs to implement information systems that improve internal management This, strengthened so that it becomes a big business in the future, able to successfully face new knowledge and adapt to using new technologies.. Click Art Gallery to learn more..

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