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The Truth

cat April 30th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Many people seek the truth, the raison d ‘ etre. Many believe in God (believers), many do not believe in God (atheists) and many neither believe nor disbelieve (doubtful), latter will try to do good, just in case. Neither believe nor disbelieve, or doubt, means having experienced what may be called the truth. He is needed to experience the truth, what many call God, Allah, Tao, Zen, Inri, etc., etc., etc., that can change us and transform us in total and radical way. A believer has his mind bottled in the belief, an atheist has his mind bottled in unbelief and a doubtful has his mind bottled in skepticism, and neither belief, disbelief or skepticism is that truth is looking for. That truth (God, Allah, Tao, as everyone wants to call it), it has no name or can be defined, and while the mind is engaged in believe, not believe or doubt, you can never experience the truth, you can never be sure that it is really God, Allah, Tao, remember the silence kept by Jesus Christ when Pilate asked him about What is the truth, or as Buddha to receive the same question, he turned and retreated. Truth is not definable with words, since the rational mind is not capable of understanding or assimilate, the truth should feel, should experiment from the heart, from consciousness.

The truth is not something static and quiet, the truth is unknown at the moment in time. The experience of truth is made possible with the wise concentration of thought, with a full and total concentration, and to do so must come into a State of deep meditation, soothing and aquietando mind. A hug. Original author and source of the article

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