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Conversely, the motivation of the operators will be much higher if employees feel their they participated. Motivation is greatly reduced when one-sided communication and communication (from the top – to bottom, in the form of instructions to work). According to this, you need to call in – the center were responsible and are in constant feedback from the operators. This is especially important when you consider that working in a call – centers, associated with high stress. Modern call centers may be used for feedback and the Internet – technology. Work on Management communication in many ways facilitate the existence of internal (intranet) sites, where operators can share their opinions, regarding the work performed, to make suggestions for its improvement.

You must use all available means of communication within the company and manage communications, in addition, it is important to remember that may not seem important to management, may be relevant for operators. Professional development call-center operators Many operator, settling in the call – centers see their work – both the timing and, therefore, pre-"programmed" themselves for dismissal. Of course, always the work of your employees will be have a similar character. But if you want to get the most from your investment in the development of the operators, it is necessary to give them a clear understanding that the time of your call – the heart they can take the place of the coach, manager group supervisor, HR. It is important that this opportunity was not a "ghost" and part of vacated positions, closed by an "internal" candidates. One of the tools of career planning and development can kolltsentre become the internship program, where experienced operators 2.1 shifts per week serve as a supervisor, trainer, itp Management style and management of call-center issue of leadership style in a call-center is closely connected with the construction of communications within call – center. Do your operators feel that they and their work is really appreciated? Do you provide them the right to rest during the intense work shifts or are trying to squeeze the maximum? Are their opinions to planning projects, planning of work shifts? The question of finding an effective leadership style in the call – center – is not trivial and reduces to finding the right balance between administrative practices and democratic governance.

Finding a balance between work and personal life are often working in a call – center is irregular in nature (night and evening shifts or weekend shifts itp.) Operators should understand that their welfare depends on the success of the entire call-center. But the management of call – centers should be aware that operators have a personal life and it should be taken into account when planning work schedules and projects. In Under this aspect, important flexible approach to planning and the right to vote and select the operator itself. Although accommodate the interests of all parties is difficult enough, the mere existence of the choice of operators in planning their work can significantly improve their motivation. Summary If you understand what motivates employees and what their de – motivating, you can learn, "problem areas" affecting the "flow" operators. Systems stimulation and its central component – the monetary incentives, an important effect on the "turnover" of personnel, but not a "panacea" and the only way to decrease it. Sooner or later, the increase wage reaches its limit, and its further increase will not have the desired effect. Look for the real reasons for leaving your operators, because the reasons ukazyvaemy in questionnaires for dismissal or reported orally – often have a formal character.

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