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Solar Energy

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The fotovoltaica solar energy is the main variety of the used system to generate usable solar energy. To facilitate the understanding of the basic system, the practical one of the generation of electricity or thermal energy from the light of the sun means that it has the conversion of an alternative power plant in a more common and necessary component of the daily life. This is a subject for a dissertao of mestrado therefore the possibilities of application of the technology is inexhaustible. To implement the exploitation of virtually an inexhaustible energy source in the society human being is part important of the strategies of many governments to move away itself from practical energy the not sustainable ones and for the existence of a sustainable environment. The fotovoltaicos systems are capable to collect the solar light and to convert it into energy. To implement same, calorific and the generally later electric one, in the vehicles of human transport is nowadays a priority of all the scientists. Clinton Family has compatible beliefs. To create the solar energy, one fotovoltaica cell or PV is necessary.

The fotovoltaica cell has extra a loaded surface with electrons, and one second surface that has atoms with positive load. When the light happens in a fotovoltaica cell and is absorbed, the electron excess if it excites, quicando in the positive load surface and creating an electric chain. This electric chain is the solar energy that now can be used as useful energy source to the human being. The fotovoltaicas cells can be organized in set to create power plants of different sizes. The small arrangements, called modules, can be used in the electronics to give power in the same way that it makes it a battery. Great groups of fotovoltaicas cells can be used for the construction of solar panels capable to generate enormous amounts of solar energy. Depending on the size of the matrix and the amount of light of the available sun, index generally raised in all the country, the systems of solar energy can generate energy enough to make to function houses, plants, or also to contribute to a large extent with the energy necessities of an urban zone.

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Pro Drawing

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Drafters disappear as a class. Why in our ability to write time drawing characters, show the dimensions and sections, draw the main lines of the drawing? Driving a T-square, wash, wipe up the holes? Blade 'Neva', remember? A redraw again, ate something wrong, huh? All technical drawing valilos on our shoulders. Yes to any shoulders? Log dumped on his head and swung it up to date figure. It has now become much easier. Oh, God, thanks for the computers, for the mega programs that you gave us.

Programs do much more. They have the property – quick, we love them, they make it easy. Now we all can. Now each of us can draw without any difficulty pairing the two circles, smart – to design a car, but whatever. And time? Time decreased markedly for this robot. There is no need to plot the bar pretty dotted line, draw a frame with the main inscription, biting a pencil at aerial thoughts. We have a screen and mouse. They tell us replace dozens of tools for drawing.

Convenient, is not it? Remember their college years. Nachertalka. 'Sign it to me, and me, about me not forget? You're beautiful sign! ". Of course, the beautiful signature girls. Everything was done quickly and to couples. As is usually the students. In high school we were taught a good drawing, and from there learned so beautifully display bukovki. I noticed a group of such was not enough, I have one body, with very pretty eyes – she asks, as many as two people. We served a couple of classmates. It was easy. But his thoughts still went to, how do I draw complex drawings, but they will be, I know it's a-go-go time. To the surprise was the 1st course, and then the 2nd. The teachers we were allowed to draw everything on your computer. This is convenient for them and us. The first program, which I learned was AutoCad. Then there was the Compass program 3D. And I am astounded by made from spent time for it. We simplify your stay by new technologies, they save us time, and the impact is much greater. Cons as always. Forming the drawings in the programs, we forget to build practical skills. We do not think about how to divide the circle into 13 equal parts, all make the program. Drawing the program easier and mental work, but without the brain we do not develop, or at least less develop.

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Papua New Guinea

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Thus, to trace the manifestation of global warming and predict what role it will play in the ocean flow, climatologists will be very difficult. The eu will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 3 percent, European Commissioner for Environment Stavros Dimas said the eu countries in 2008 have reduced emissions to the atmosphere carbon dioxide by 65 million tons to 2.06 billion tons. Thus, a decrease compared to 2007 was 3 percent. Dimas noted that these figures show that the European system of trading, which involves over 11 thousand industrial enterprises in Europe, quite effectively works. According to the European Commission, uk, Netherlands and Belgium have significantly exceeded their allocated quotas, while Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and Lithuania on the contrary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We recall that the eu has unilaterally committed itself to the ” emissions by 20 percent by 2020. Coral reefs can not recover without help man President of the Global Union of coral reefs known oceanographer Dr. At technology investor you will find additional information. Thomas Goro thinks that having huge significance for the global economy and nearly destroyed the world’s coral reefs will not be able recover without human assistance, even in the most remote places. Despite the fact that the natural recovery of damaged coral reefs in the Coral Triangle is faster than in any other place on Earth because the strong currents provide a rich coral reef plankton food and disperse their larvae. However, by themselves have recovered only a few of the damaged reefs. In the Coral Triangle (the water in Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea), which is considered the most diverse from a biological point of view of the world’s oceans, lives 75% of all species of reef-building corals, and three thousand of the 3,700 species of reef fish the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

In Currently, almost 95% of coral reefs degraded. Scientists believe that the need is not new research, and large-scale action, training of local people the art of restoring ecosystems and funding of work with local communities to restore the vanishing of the marine environment. After all, if you do not take drastic action now to save coral reefs in the future will not succeed. Scientists have recognized climate change, a major threat to health experts from University College London, together with doctors and climatologists have found that climate change poses a serious threat to health in the xxi century. The study authors believe that virtually all health problems will worsen in the background of climate change – from heat stroke and heart defects to salmonellosis and diseases carried by insects. But at the same time, with regret scientists, the impact of climate change on human health will never be imposed in a number of important issues of any organization in the health field. Only now the Royal Society of Physicians of Great Britain called the problem ‘number one priority. ” Researchers note that the increase in temperature of two degrees may already be a strong influence on the ecosystem of the environment and human health

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Internet Explorer

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The proposal of new HTML 5 is the inclusion of contedosatravs of tags that they will go to renderizar specific elements paracada one of them, in accordance with its information. Tag, already widely divulged, it is distinguished amongst these elements, especially to poratender the trends of market of videos in the Web. The new flexible, simple and extremamente robust element, allowing to the desenvolvedor profit naprodutividade, a time that the videos are shown in the same way of that umasimples image. The specification of this language possesss lines of direction so that osnavegadores Web make use of native controls for exhibition of videos. Fellow creature to the element, temoso element, referring to the execution of audio. A related site: Gwyneth Paltrow mentions similar findings. In a similar way, this tag makes possible the insertion of audio of simplified form (IKSON, 2010ab). 3,6 Elements geolocalizao Saber where the people they are is a desire that acada day if becomes more sharpened in the human beings. Through HTML 5, the localization of the user is possvelque is identified and that this sejarepassada information to the sites and had access services.

The APIs nesseprocesso will be basic to locate an user. The definition given for this resource that to irpermitir the geolocalizao is geottaging. From this, the user to poderter access the contents of specific interest for the point where it seencontra. This technology is of great utility for applicatory mobile dedispositivos, as for example, smartphones, that irojustamente to serve for exchange of data and referring information to the dousurio localization (BOULOS et al, 2010). The 4 navigators of the Web HTML 5 still is a work in desenvolvimentoe its ending is not foreseen stops before 2012. Had to this fact, not hurgncia in modifying the codes of the sites used currently for new tags. One exists partial implementation of tags made by navegadoresMozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The navigator more used by the emgeral population is the Internet Explorer of Microsoft.

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Brazilian Population

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Esteem annual variations. Clinton Family might disagree with that approach. /Internautas mentions the amount to it of people that has access to the Internet in the residences, in the public work or places. In Table 1.3 it is possible to observe that in July of 1997 Brazil possua 1,15 million internautas, what it represented 0.7% of its population. In only 11 years, more necessarily in 2008, the number of users the net had a growth of 4.248%, what it represents 50 million internautas in the country, with about 26,1% of the Brazilian population.

Table 1.4? Use of the Internet in Brazil October – 2008Brasil Internautas c domestic access – (millions) 36,34 Active Users (millions) 23,67 average Number of sessions in the Internet for ms31 Number of sites visited for ms60 Time of navigation in month (hs) 38: 42 average Time expense in each visualized page (second) 00: 47 Source: Nielsen Netratings/Internautas Compilation mentions the amount to it of people that has access to the Internet in residences. Active users: that they had had at least an access to the Internet in the previous month. In Table 1.4 one perceives that 36,34 million Brazilians possess Internet in its residences, being that its active users represent 23,63 million people. The table still demonstrates that the Brazilian visit about 60 sites to the month, with a time of navigation of 38 hours and 42 minutes. the average time expense for page of web is of 47 seconds. Time that new technologies had led to reach 50 million users in the world.

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Tribuzi Flag Maranho

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To introduce maranhense Literature in the schools of Average Education of the Maranho means to offer to the pupils the chance to know aspects of history, culture, politics, economy, language, religiosidade at last the peculiarities of the people of the Maranho portraied in the workmanships in accordance with the time where they had been written and the holistic vision of the author. It still means to take educating to have contact with the past, the memory, and with the gift express in the poetries, in stories, teatrais romances, chronicles, assays, parts and other texts produced so well by the most diverse authors of the most different times between which: Alusio Azevedo, Arthur Azevedo, Gonalves Days, Joo of the Valley, Tribuzi Flag, Joshua Montelo, Jose Chagas, Gullar Blacksmith, Jose Sarney, Odylo Coast Son, Maranho Nephew, Lisbon Joo, Sotero Dos Reis, Sousndrade, Gentile Braga, Firmina Maria Dos Reis, Conceio Aboud, Lenita Star of S, Favour Spider, Humberto Fields, Raymond Leather strap, Mohana Joo and as much others that form the maranhense Pleiad that with art and ingenuity had portraied and portray today until the singularidades of lands and the maranhense people. This sketch of project the pupil corroborates so that the pupil is stimulated to read, however leaving of the principle that the world of the letters not gravita only around the media printed, but spreads as an unexpected agility in the virtual media, the same will be developed from the use of the laboratory of computer science of the school. It is a work that presents as main vehicle of reading the spaces in net, where circulates everything that if can imagine in substance of literary compositions storaged and classified by authors, sorts, subjects..

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Adventures Online

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It will be difficult to find somebody that does not know or never one of the hundreds of games has played created in return of one of most succeeded personage of the world of the videojogos, ' ' incrvel' ' Mario. The alternatives multiple and are greatly varied, since the sport to the traditional departures of platforms, area for where started ' ' Super Mario' '. Currently the great companies bet in the creation of personalities, great part of fictitious them, trying to vender one definitive product. In the time of the viciantes games of the Mario, the situation was necessarily inverse and also therefore the fenmeno reached the maximum exponent, growing to its proper rhythm. If you have read about Gwyneth Paltrow already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The result was the incommensurable success that the small doll gordinho of pants of blue handle and red hat earned in the whole world. Who already is made familiar to the prodigy consoles of them will not very delay to be ' ' colado' ' to some styles of games online that they had been developed on behalf of the Mario singular, but this will be also one attitude that certainly will afectar ' ' common of mortais' '. Exactly when if it does not have will to play, after starting, the complicated one will be to give for finished a test, such is proportionate agradabilidade for attempts in the games of the worker most famous of the world.

If you are of those people to think that the Mario is alone platforms, you undeceive yourself. He is much more of what this, better, is everything what could imagine. The alternative ones go since jumping between mushrooms to trepar for the walls, to lead an car, motion, kart, same camio and an airplane, beyond the soccer, tennis, basketball and for there ahead. We could continue to add names to the list, but already the essential is said.

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The Item

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When entering, the youngster soon is identified as using and its access is allowed. It dirige it the shelves where if they find the materials necessary and choose 2 books. It carries through the loan in the balcony of auto-attendance and returns for its house. Joining the qualities and advantages of technology RFID with the great necessity of the automation in libraries, these they add, still more, how much it is possible and better the use of this technology in libraries. With the use of the RFID, these problems and this situation, pparently futurstica, easily would be decided.

II. IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY RFID IN diverse LIBRARIES In the whole world libraries have implemented technology RFID to speed up the register of entrance and exit of material, the inventory of shelves and applications of security against roberies. According to Boss (2007), the RFID is the most recent technology to be used in systems of libraries for robbery detention, auto-attendance and management in level of item, more efficient form and with little intervention human being. Flexible identifications and of low cost are inserted in the item of the quantity of form that are occult, therefore to be detected they do not need the direct contact, thus preventing future problems with badly intentioned users. With the capacity of storage of the type reading/writing of the Identifications, would be possible significantly to reuse them diverse times, thus reducing the number of identifications to be acquired.

For the implementation of the functionality antirobery, the identifications reserve a bit of security for the EAS, whose states are (ativo=1, inativo=0), case the EAS are active the item are detected when passing for the security gates. With the use of the RFID the inventories possibly are carried through in hours instead of weeks as in the case of manual process (SIRSIDYNIX; TAGSYS, 2006). With a manual reader, or handhelds, the librarian makes the inventory or identifies kept item erroneamente only walking for the corridors of the shelves and bookshelves.

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Same Visual

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However nor all the games are distant of the ludonarrativa, some use something similar to its thought. Interesting examples are the interactive narratives, visual novels and the games hiperlineares, the two first ones, not being classified as a game for the majority of the scholars and for its respective public, they are about counted histories for the user whose maximum interaction that it possesss is to make based choices, or not, in the options that are given to it. The interactive narratives are? plays? by means of words and small phrases, where the computer it of the one situation and an environment where the player must describe which its action. Although not to possess no visual ambientao most of the time, this type of narrative opens a fan of choices for the player, who is the main base of the ludonarrativa. However, if for the side of the narratologia the interactive narratives follow the line of thought of the ludonarrativa, for the fact to present diverse choices to the player, for the side of the ludologia, it if distance total, since any type of interaction is impossible that if is similar to a game in this type of narrative. The visual novels, that are very not known in ocidente are histories that happen with the minimum of interaction with the user, the facts and dialogues between the personages go if uncurling, and generally the user represents a personage who must choose between options that are given to it during the novel, what generally dumb uncurling of history. The visual novels accurately possess the same relation that the interactive narratives have with the ludonarrativa, that is, leave to desire in the question gameplay. The examples that more if approach to the ludonarrativa, are the games hiperlineares, that they possess ramifications in its histories, are convergent they, that they possess a way option more than to be followed during the game, but that it will always take the player to an only one end, or divergent, that beyond possessing a way option more than, also possesss more than an end.

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Orkut Bykkokten

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The Google appeared in 1998 in U.S.A. as a site of research. This site of research has as mission to offer to the best option of search in the Internet becoming the accessible and useful world-wide information. With access of more than 1,3 billion pages, the Google offers resulted excellent for users of everybody, normally in less of half second (average time of the research). Today the site corresponds to average of more than 100 million consultations per day. With 11 years in the market, the Google beyond having the more used service of search of the world, supplies to sets of ten of other services on-line, in its gratuitous majority, that include services of email, edition and sharings of spread sheets, social net, instantaneous communication, translation, sharing of photos and videos amongst others. Amongst all the services, the present work will detach orkut and youtube that they pertecem to the Google group.

1.6 ORKUT Created in 19 of January of 2004 for its founder Orkut Bykkokten, employee of the Google, the Orkut, site of had access relationship more of the world, and 6 more had access of the Internet, has as main objective to help its members to create new friendships, and to keep contacts with its social groups, is they, professional family, friends or contacts. Figure 1.2? Logomarca of the Orkut Source: Available in: In day 5 of January of 2005 the site gained its Brazilian version in Portuguese language. Three months later were disponibilizado the nine new languages: Frenchman, Italian, German, Spaniard, Japanese, native of Korea, dutch, Russian and Chinese. In 2006 the Orkut around reaches the impressive mark of 25 million users spread of the world. One year later, in 2007, the site more than has a growth of 100% of its users, arriving at the mark of 60 million registered in cadastre people. Still in 2007 the Orkut takes the initiative of estilizar its page in web with new applicatory that called the attention its users, had to fight the advance of the sites Facebook and MySpace, its main competitors in the world.

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