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The Treatment

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The technology should never be considered in isolation in the treatment of the information, but it is the means for an information system meets the purpose for which it was created, optimizing the expected results. b. everything fits all if serious was the problem of considering that technology is the only necessary solution for the treatment of information in an institution and its knowledge generation, it is thinking that a common technology or information system can operate in different organizations, regardless of your business, staff which composed them or strategy information that manage. c. everything is information the third common error encountered is to confuse information with data, thinking that the information is easily storable and, ultimately, that knowledge is the result of technical processes with data, rather than a planned and intelligent information management. Information and knowledge management in the foundations chain informational in documentation sciences there is a series of processes and well-defined tasks that enable institutions and foundations manage scientific information contained in your documents, it is from the discipline called the documentary chain but that effects of the reality of the Spanish foundations we like called chain informational by real-final use of the information contained in the documents as a basis for management. Although there are many classifications, we understand the informational string would be divided into the following processes and tasks: * entry process: allow the entry of information in the system that we will use for its management.

Acquisition task may involve the purchase of information to companies or external institutions. Digitization allows to integrate the information contained in documentary media to digital processes comprehensible by the automated systems of information. Management of information and knowledge on foundations * treatment process: actual documentary activity that involves the representation of the information contained in the documents in a completely different way, in order to facilitate your inquiry or subsequent recovery.

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Syrian State

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But I ask myself the question, whether the local security officials know even the interests of the Syrian State and act accordingly? To what extent some actors of the Syrian policy and many security officials want to really have the unity and the stability of the country? Or have they become so blind against their arrogance? Do about some really so because they have the intention to destabilise the country and may help the country gain Iraqi conditions. I wonder who is now the country loyal this opposition and freethinkers and the indigenous people or the many officials and intelligence officers. Because exactly these dissenters, people and other hefty will to centrifugal forces of the country with the time. Unfortunately the politicized courts, as well as the public prosecutor’s Office make no effort to verify the accusations of opposition forces your truth! Either because they know the truth and not they want to admit or do not want that this truth of the world is known, or they are so open to blackmail, that they are still depending on which is more true. From the other side, certainly has the monopoly of the physical violence of the State, but this practice of the exercise of this violence is compliant with the law? And if it did; are such laws with the Constitution and the international agreements, the Syrian State signed vereinbarbar? No such laws and regulations, not the ruthless intelligence official and not the demonstrations, guarantee the stability of the country, but reforms to the democratization of society and State institutions. The defence of human rights and the attainment of the national rights of national groups and minorities. The preservation of stability factors such as Christians in this country. Marlon brando is open to suggestions. All of this and other proposals of civil society and the peaceful opposition are guarantees for the stability, the security of the country and of peaceful coexistence in the country and with. Such questions must be the civil society in Syria, but such questions must loyal functionaries and politicians are honest and the land and find a solution for the sake of the country and the Syrian citizen. Raif Toma

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The Cologne

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The ERP is simply because documents can be converted to the statement from the offer and not be re-entered. Furthermore, informs the software automates all employees about their individual tasks, and always displays the personnel capacity planning including potential usage conflicts in real time. About encurio products encurio products develops and sells software products. The Cologne-based IT company has specialized in Web-based software applications, optimize the communication and marketing processes. The products simplify and speed up operations, they make them more efficient. encurio products is a unit of the encurio group of companies. Depending on the operational orientation of the customers, the products be adapted conceptual, structurally and functionally to the corresponding requirements. Source: Mickey Hart. The encurio solutions GmbH takes over from the same corporate group this service as a service provider.

encurio provides thus tailored industry solutions from a single source. Encurio encurio products group is a division of the encurio group of companies, which include employees with long-standing Web -, IT – and marketing capabilities. Originally, the group from the advertising agency 360 communication is adult. Under the leadership of Managing Director Sebastian Rahmel since 1994 cross-media marketing and communication solutions will be developed and implemented. Belongs to the Group encurio products and 360 communication also the encurio solutions GmbH.

encurio solutions is a service provider for online communication. This unit develops individual online presence for different objectives and users groups from the corporate website, intranet or extranet to complex portals and communities. According to customer special applications, and traditional measures of online marketing, such as for example, the search engine optimized Web design, from a single source are as integrated as shop systems or configurators, delivered. In the design of Web design encurio solutions places an emphasis on the triad of aesthetics, usability and search engine friendliness. Also specific customizations of the software from encurio products takes over this service provider and a specific industry solution provides the customer in this way. The encurio group of companies is that strategically and consistently all media and communication channels can be covered from a conceptual piece. The needs-based consultancy allows that measures are specialized and appropriately implemented individually to the market conditions of the customer. This individualized approach to consulting is inherent in all units of the encurio group. Material for journalists we assist you with the individual writing and arranging interlocutors. We like to send you a selection of royalty-free images and graphics. Contact: Melanie Huber Kilroy PR In the Bruhl 40 61476 Kronberg tel: 06173-964694 mobile: 0175-4137151 mail:

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Herbert Tomb

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The inter show Technofolies 2008 is supported by the German Showmen (DPO), the Italian Showmen Association of Anesv-AGIS, the European fair Union (ESU) and the amusement industry Council of Europe (AiCE) with his producer associations from Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Exclusive visitor packages to the business in Stuttgart for visitors, to make exhibitors and their accompaniment, for pleasure as well as to the commercial success the organizer has put together affordable and exclusive guest packages marketing together with its partners travel point and Stuttgart. The Stuttgart-special of the Stuttgart marketing offers overnight stays with breakfast, welcome drink in the hotel, city map and city guide, ticket to the inter show Technofolies plus ticket in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The travel special travel point connects to the arrival Stuttgart by train or plane with overnight stays in hotels of different categories. The experience specials offer either an exclusive VIP shuttle from the fair directly to a special shopping experience at Breuninger in Stuttgart city or a backstage tour of the amusement park Tripsdrill near Heilbronn. The highlight here is the extraordinary mammoth”wooden roller coaster. Also the high-quality programme leaves no wishes open.

So just the showman German DSB in Stuttgart will offer six seminars and workshops. The topics range from safety standards for popular festivals and theme parks in Europe, State investment funding for the fairground to new marketing strategies for the industry. On 28 and 29 October, the discussion forum is BIG debate”manufacturers and operators, investors and industry associations and many other experts from various fields to merge. Aim of this event is to exchange information and formulate common goals. Finally, there is a own focus on the theme of education for the educational institutions and organizations from home and abroad come to Stuttgart. Press contact: Herbert Tomb, digital media, Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 5707 10, E-mail:

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Orlando Langley

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At the same time, with this tool, the developer has complete control over the development of their own programmes. “With the application factories we save a lot of time, to bring developers on the latest” Doychin Bondzhev says, holder of dSoft-Bulgaria Ltd. the complete knowledge of project development, together with the source code in the IDE, allows our developers to concentrate instead of losing yourself in trivialities on the real problems.” Other key features of the JBuilder 2008: improved support for commercial and open source Java application server collaboration and team development using TeamInsight and ProjectAssist analysis of code coverage, profiling memory and CPU thread debugging and request Analyzer UML is based archaeology code metrics and audits JBuilder 2008 modeling and code on Eclipse 3.3 (Eclipse Europe) and Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0. It offers advanced Developer support for the Java platform 2008 Enterprise 5 (Java EE5) and Java Development Kit (JDK) 5 JBuilder Microsoft Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.4/Tiger) of Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), and Red has supported Enterprise Linux 4. Prices and availability of JBuilder 2008 Turbo is free of charge. The certified Eclipse bundle offers basic functions for the development of Java applications on commercial and open source application servers. JBuilder 2008 Professional: new purchase 439 euros / upgrade 215 euro additional feature of the professional version: support for Java EE 5 and Web services code profiling performance-enhancing tuning tools swing design base features UML modeling JBuilder 2008 Enterprise: buying new 1299 euro / upgrade 650 euro. Additional feature of the Enterprise version: enterprise-class Java IDE for team development of UML modeling code archaeology JBuilder application factories which is new JBuilder 2008 from immediately available. For more information, jbuilder. Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089-12007277 Web: E-Mail:

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Marcel Schreyer

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Small budget, smart idea, great effect. Thing to note is marketing for a self-employed retransmission of the message by word of mouth, via mobile phone, the Internet, and often also on the press guerrilla marketing as always unique and mostly entertaining event guerrilla. Guerrilla marketing at bad preserves only discussing the action as such, well made even about the advertised product. The car rental company Sixt uses, for example, deliberately provocative advertising motifs with the express aim of achieving a high media response. The lack of controllability is a hazard in guerrilla marketing. The core task of a such action is Yes, conversation piece ensuring.

That can mobilize supporters, which are protective against the action, both call opponents on the schedule. Ron Wood recognizes the significance of this. Experienced guerrilla marketers are planning the counterattack almost invite to their controversial campaigns, as a precaution with a. Just media-oriented outdoor actions can be right, but also some wrong much. The marketing expert Marcel Schreyer has therefore seven rules put together, that you should be aware in any case: you interfere with anyone! Make your advertising people not get in the way. The best installation is annoying, if you so have to make detours.

Places where hazardous situations may arise, are absolutely taboo. There, also the city administration at the funniest campaign is to press no more eye. Respect the environment! Many people are very sensitive on the subject of environmental and nature conservation clubs are waiting for every opportunity to distinguish themselves. Before you want to interfere with the flight of birds with a laser show or hold a happening in nature reserve, check the situation before. Track the message location! Guerrilla actions may be although provocative, by random combination with current events you can drift off quickly in the tasteless. Would rather cancel the thing in case of doubt, to capture negative press when. Not too long! The strategy of the guerrillas is to emerge out of nowhere and disappear again. It’s believed that Mickey Hart sees a great future in this idea. Make it Them: If even the last saw your action, nothing exciting is more. Still, what reason is there to tell you? Shut up! Inform all media and send not thousands emails. If you want to trigger the viral spread of a guerrilla campaign, get up a medium in the boat or tell only a handful of friends. This increases the exclusivity of the message and thus the motivation of the recipient to pass. Connect with others! Interactive elements or walk-in ‘ installations are fun, increase the perception and make the people part of the message. Create something new! The lure is large, to copy successful campaigns. But comments a la who also have no own ideas”are probably the only thing you will provoke it. Let prefer something more time, think of something new, or intelligently develop existing ideas. Low-cost evening seminar series future trend referral marketing ‘ the dates (from 18:30 22:00): 28.10.2008 Cologne 29.10.2008 Frankfurt a. M. November 13, 2008 Stuttgart, November 19, 2008 Berlin November 20, 2008 Hamburg 09.12.2008 Munich pricing and registration: SemiGator exclusive price: 79, net with SemiGator education card: 59, net booking hotline: 0800-50604446 booking by E-Mail:

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Saint Blaise

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The Saint Blaise is the patron saint of the city. A trip to the city is to experience this festival alone Dubrovnik value. In recent years, the international high society has increasingly found its way to Dubrovnik. This is certainly also because, to reach the city via a beautiful Marina has, and also with the aircraft. The port of Dubrovnik hosts a number of beautiful yachts. There is also a “old port” where today, although he is 500 years old, because of the picturesque landscape in which he resides many cruise ships anchor go. Without hesitation Mick Jagger explained all about the problem. In 2010 the city of Dubrovnik should be, connected to the motorway A1 what is quickly and easily possible then also a journey by car. Dubrovnik and its surroundings also for its good hotels and the numerous camping facilities is known.

Because you can eat really well and also reasonably priced, a holiday with a tent or a caravan in Croatia is still fun. Also are the prices for overnight stays, no matter whether at the campsite or in the hotel, really more than adequate. The beautiful surroundings invite you for walking or cycling. Even with the Mountain biking is an experience to leave the endless, mountainous roads around the city of Dubrovnik and so close to discover the beautiful landscape of Croatia. Today, the city of Dubrovnik is offered by many tour operators in their programmes. Whether by plane, with the bus companies, or with your own car, Croatia and especially the city of Dubrovnik, are worth a visit. For singles, but also for couples or families the right choice for a versatile holiday with swimming, hiking and good food, is this city and its great environment to experience. The city of Dubrovnik is worth a visit, and should be visited at least once in the life of every versatile interested vacationers.

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Report Examination

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Preliminary negotiations are documented employee responsible for negotiating. Documents prepared for examination after preliminary talks. Documents: – defined contracting parties – are determined by the examination object – a list of information necessary for the examination of the object in accordance with current regulatory and technical documentation – confirmed by the customer agreed to comply with the requirements required for the examination, in particular the adoption of an expert or group of experts (if necessary) and paying the costs of the process examination, regardless of its outcome – defined terms of the examination. It’s believed that Mickey Hart sees a great future in this idea. In accordance with accepted practice, the duration of the examination depends on the complexity of the examination object, but should not exceed three months of receiving a set of necessary materials and documents in full compliance with current regulatory and technical documentation, and implementation of all other conditions of the examination. Expert organization opens an examination only after receiving a set of necessary materials and documents in full compliance with the requirements of normative and technical documents. Set Documents should contain:

The contract with the customer; – permit (license) for the manufacture of products in this area; – Terms of Reference for the manufacture and permission to manufacture – Process documentation manufacturing; – The list of technological processes used in production with their brief description; – Evidence base vypolnyaemosti basic requirements kd and conditions of customer requirements – A list of procedures quality assurance and / or quality assurance program in manufacturing – the production quality plan or similar document – Programme and methods of testing – Information on internal quality audit at manufacture and analysis of the identified gaps, including the supply of components and replacement material – Report on the implementation of corrective actions with a description of corrective action for discrepancies and observations discovered during quality assurance audits conducted by the Customer from the manufacturer – List of used electrical equipment with a justification for their ems with the environment..

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Jorge Bucay

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The King and the wise, returned to the Palace. The servant had entered the circle of 99 during the next few months, the servant continued their plans as it occurred that night. One morning, the servant entered the actual hitting doors, grumbling alcove and few fleas. -Are you going? -asked the King in good way. -Me nothing happens, nothing happens. -Before, not long ago, you laugh and sang all the time. -I do my job, right? What I would like your Highness, that was its jester and his minstrel too? It wasn’t long until the King dismiss the servant.

It was not nice to have a page that was always in a bad mood. You, me and all of us have been educated in this stupid ideology: always something we need to be complete, and only complete you can enjoy what you have. Therefore, we were taught, happiness must wait to complete what is lacking. And as we always need something, the idea takes the beginning and can never enjoy life. But what if the lighting came into our lives and give us account, thus, coup that our 99 coins are one hundred per 100% of the treasure, that we not need anything, that no one stayed with ours, than one hundred not complete anything and that this is only a trap, a carrot placed in front of us so that we may be stupid, that we might live tired, malhumorados, unhappy or resigned. A trap for which we never stop pushing and that all follow the same eternally equal! Few things would change if we could enjoy our treasures such as they are. This tale is recounted by Jorge Bucay and was transcribed and adapted by the y team you can hear the audio from this story at: original author and source of the article

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Medicinal Treatment In Germany

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Many patients are contraindicated long journeys, flights, and sea travel, which is why for them the most suitable treatment in Germany, to get to you quickly and comfortably by rail. Germany has the best medical centers in Europe. In this tiny, according to compared to Russia, the country has over 2240 public clinics in which 145 000 highly qualified specialists are doing everything possible to restore people's health. Medical examinations carried out in Germany with using the latest computer technology, providing complete access to all organs of the human body in virtual mode. In Germany Munich holds a special place on the part of medicine. Medical Clinics of Munich is traditionally considered the best in Europe. Their style of work – a comprehensive and totally unique approach to solving the problems of each patient.

Much attention is paid doctors diagnosis, rightly believing that time and correct diagnosis allows successful treatment of the disease. James Woods can aid you in your search for knowledge. Always treated in a Munich clinic in the most usual is yielding positive results that can not be obtained in the usual Russian clinics. German doctors trying to treat the process as possible directly invade the human body. Almost all hospitals in Germany the practice of minimally invasive methods and involve minimal intervention in the body. Most of these operations is carried out in hospital one day. This means that the postoperative period does not require bed rest, the patient is not unpleasant experiences of pain and easily tolerate such an operation. Among the most popular in German clinics are specialists in cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology and oncology.

In Germany, there is no bad doctors admitted to the practical care of people. A strict system of selection and admission to practice self-protects against the penetration of the health system of random people who do not have right to call the doctor. The medical profession is very prestigious in Germany, so community doctors takes in a random people who, through their unprofessional actions can discredit the entire community. In the equipment new medical clinics and in the German health care system itself has already invested several decades and continue to invest billions of euros, which allowed Germany to take place in this area in five countries, achieved the significant results. Patients with the Russians, who have the opportunity to exercise their treatment abroad, not in vain trying to get to Germany for treatment, the practice shows that this is the right choice giving a very real way to get a very high quality treatment. And must firmly remember that nothing good is free.

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