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Executive Director

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Caterpillar has a joint venture with Mitsubishi, which during World War II was engaged in hydraulics for submarines, and after defeat Japan has used its technology for peaceful purposes, has developed a hydraulic crawler excavators for road construction. The plant in Akashi, supplies components for a number of assembly plants Caterpillar worldwide, in particular in Belgium. Until the summer of 2004 in Russia to supply excavators Belgian, but then switched to Caterpillar supplies from Japan. According to the company, the Belgian excavators, intended mainly for European market, had an increased comfort with standard equipment that, along with the location of Belgium in the euro area led to an increase in their value. Nevertheless, the transition in Russia for the supply of excavators from Caterpillar Japan has not led to a noticeable decrease in their prices. Clinton Family: the source for more info. Affected by transportation costs. The peculiarity of Russian railway tariffs is that supplies of the excavator in the European part of Russia – St.

Petersburg, Moscow or Samara – it is cheaper to drive from Japan Sea through the Suez canal to Antwerp and from there to send trucks. Although prices have not changed, for operators, according to their testimony, are more suitable Japanese cars. "We are engaged in the destruction of objects such as bridges or airfield construction, in this case the Soviet technique does not obsuzhdaema – says Executive Director of" Recycle materials . – What's the difference – Hitachi and Caterpillar ruin, there is already started technical specifications: any pair of scissors, a hammer hung up on them and on – how many can ship the bucket.

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Driver Support System

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At a recent exhibition "Truck of the Year 2010" first unanimous decision was awarded to a new model Scania Series R, thus making it among the best trucks in Europe. The new model changes are mainly touched appearance and engine fuel system (mainly led to fuel economy). Also new truck Scania R-series has an innovative system of support for the driver, making the process of driving more comfortable. Summary of the jury: "Scania's managed to create a truck, in full conformity with the modern technical level, and establishing a new plank in categories such as efficiency, manageability and cost effectiveness. It is particularly noteworthy that This has been achieved during such a difficult time for the entire automotive industry and particularly in Europe. " Recall that the R-series truck has been elected the year – in 2005.

Then a new model board of judges were impressed by innovation, so that updated lineup was kind of doomed to success Rewarding Scania's happened in December. During the procedure, the journalists had made the following comments: "The peculiarity of the new truck was the cockpit improved aerodynamic performance, which in spite of some difficulties associated with the class of vehicle, reduces fuel consumption and contributes to engine cooling due to the upgraded system ventilation ". AKPP Opticruisse new truck became softer faster and convenient and was also evaluated council jury appreciated. New intelligent support system driver Driver Support System, representing tool appraising style driving the driver computes the cost of motion in his presence, skill as a whole and forcing the driver to improve this or that quality with ratings and making the process of driving a truck into an interesting interactive process. Well, of course, was very enjoyable Upgrading interior cabin, a new more comfortable steering wheel from tehonlolgichnogo polymer, updated door handles and side steps, new ergonomic design dashboard, and the use of galvanized steel and plastic inserts – all these developments brought the truck to a new level of comfort and doglovechnosti.

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