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Profession Expert Network

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HDT meeting law, organization, operation and management are in the electrical field from 22-23 May 2012 in the Signal Iduna Park Dortmund (Westfalenstadion) many executives your responsibility towards the employees in practice in the electric field not or only inadequate aware. The reasons are varied. Often transmitted new tasks. Much was done ever so”. (Similarly see: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation). Responsible dealing with the risks arising from the treatment of current and voltage is mandatory and regulated by law. But those who know already the relevant laws, rules, regulations, and norms (VDE 1000-10 VDE 0105-100, BGV A1, BGV A3 and BetrSichV (TRBS)). Is the staff what specialist and managerial tasks are assigned to them often not clear? After the required initial and repeat tests, the question is always new.

How can you be sure as responsible that employees comply with specific requirements to the execution of work (subject-related operating instructions to BGV A1, ArbSchG, BGI 578)? What can be observed when dealing with foreign companies? For particularly hazardous work, the creation of working – and operating instructions is urgently required. Conclusion: The electrical Department must be legally compliant. The meeting of expert network for executives in the electric field “on 22-23 May 2012 at the Signal Iduna Park Dortmund (Westfalenstadion) aims to bring the current legal and organisational framework in the area of responsibility of electrical engineering the superiors as well as the occupational practitioner. Also, delegates specific practical advice and proposals for action for practical implementation in your company. The event is complemented by an intensive exchange of experience among the participants, as well as with the expert speakers. The event is managed by Mr Rolf Ensmann, who has many years of practical experience and excellent references in this area.

Practice presentations of Deutsche Post AG, Messe Frankfurt GmbH, of BP Europe and Zentis GmbH & Co.

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General Adviser Company

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To determine a business succession is often very complicated. To determine a business succession is often very complicated. Mostly it comes to the forced sale of the company, because the current owner due to the pending retirement from the operation must go. Then must be discussed already early an exact solution, so that the acquisition error-free runs. Primarily, it must be clarified what actually has the company for a financial value. It is mostly not advisable only internal measures to the Unternehmensbesitzbestimmumg to put on, because these are often distorted. It makes sense to order an independent financial professional, so that the potential interest in the sale of companies do not have the table is pulled.

In addition, the company must produce profitably so that actually is to imagine a sell trade. The company is not financially lucrative, must better be talking about a simple closure. The company is generally profitable, meanwhile only very low, can additional Investment be useful, to make the company economically viable. Corporate sales must be clarified also previously thoroughly, what skills the new owner should have. The old owner should write a description of the site previously, where he thoroughly’s holding, what properties the new owner needs to. Jennifer Carter may also support this cause. So you can troubleshoot excellently in advance and there finally no dispute over the Organization of the company. The old owner must also clarify what legal consequences a sale with pulls and whether it would be OK.

even good, to suggest an exchange of legal form the new owner. When the company sale in the final stages, it makes sense to hire an independent auditor in almost all cases. Can monitoring intervene in the process and clarify issues which occur in the processes. An Advisory Board of a company is very useful, if the previous owner a certain even after the legal transfer part and would like to participate in the decisions in the company or not directly all available powers to the new owner should be transferred. The auditor is generally freely determinable, it Meanwhile touted itself to determine persons belonging to the loved ones of the operation. This could be, for example, the General Adviser of taxes, an employee of a bank or as a professional consultant. This consultant is meanwhile mainly a financial decision, these investigators are not inexpensive most unfortunately.

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Christian Jager

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What are the benefits of franchise systems? Franchising is a long existing form of entrepreneurship, intruded in Germany but only at the beginning of the 1970s. Today, this form of self-employment is still relatively unknown to the most start-ups and they awarded themselves the chance to take advantage of or to weigh the opportunities and risks of both forms of existence establishment. The following, you get an overview of the advantages and what can offer you as the founder of franchise systems. The most important aspect to consider a franchise founded in consideration, is the safety aspect. Take already proven business ideas that have prevailed in the market. Thus reducing the risk with your idea already in the initial phase will fail. Also give some franchise systems to test the opportunity in a secure environment-new strategies and concepts. Furthermore you are already from the outset as market power.

Take advantage of the brand (brand), which already is known to a broader customer base. To the McDonald’s, Burger King and subway are undoubtedly bekanntetsten brands and representatives. But even some of the lesser-known brands bring potential customers. In addition, a franchise system i.d.. R. has a uniform market presence. The appearance looks outward coherent and reliable – has a positive effect on new customers. Continue to take shopping advantage.

Franchise systems offer reduced costs for goods because of mass effects or exclusivity. In other words, your purchase of the range / range is more cost effective than in a classic Foundation. Therefore you can offer the products generally cheaper than the competition. But like any form of business risks and dangers despite numerous benefits lurking here too.

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C Perceive More More And Live Your Core – And Live The Own Core.

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A trip to the essential core figures with heart. These days are valuable in the truest sense of the word. Together, we discover our most valuable source of strength and the Navigator for a successful and fulfilling life! “, Yvonne van Dyck summarizes the core idea of this workshop. To get to your destination, you need the appropriate means of transport, the right drive and you must know where you want to! These days, the participants will receive the drive and Navigator for their ideas. For assistance, try visiting Evan Birnholz. Enjoy Yvonne van Dyck BBs most valuable development: episode feelings. Many call it the key to the core. In addition, BBs episode are colors, a part of the means of transportation developed for ideas in these 2 days Yvonne van Dyck (the id LOOP ), presented and experienced. Show the dynamics of the development of core business, people and ideas and are a valuable translation tool that creates understanding and reconciliation and this appreciative communication with yourself, with others and in core business makes it easy.

“id n (ideas) are the cores of our reality. All potential exists in a core. The id is the Rainbow, the ideas and wishes with the Earth LOOP combines. “, says Yvonne van Dyck. To unfold the full potential of the own core and a fulfilling and successful life to live, the trip can after 2 days, in which circles the core be used with the workshop LOOP your core id go further. Here it comes broadcast circles from the Centre to let, to implement ideas successful and fulfilled in practice.

With the NLP diploma program + cmore practitioner is the fine tuning goals successfully, met, elegant, simple and effective reach. The 2tagige workshop cmore and live your core can be booked separately and is prerequisite to further seminars such as E.g. NLP diploma course + to be able to participate cmore practitioner. When you visit a further module fully count the cost. A workshop which is valuable and connects again with essence. Therefore this can be repeated free of charge, if space is free. (Only the expenses for food, beverages, documents will be charged). Id institute is also winner of the adult seal of approval. This allows including the Salzburg school vouchers many participants country promotions. For more information: products/c-more-and-live-your-core / PresseKontakt: id institute consulting gmbh 4 NLP 2 cmore Furth 60 A-5231 Schalchen Austria contact person: Yvonne van Dyck email: info(at) Tel. + 43 7742 61116

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Central Trade

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For professional international business ‘Engineer (FH)’ growth potential of the German economy are further vocational training for years in the trade. The current unbalanced economy is past the worst, the trade will be again the expansion box according to the situation before the economic crisis. A statistics of the UNCTAD international trade shows Germany at 49 of 260 export categories in the first place. Growth and employment in Germany depend first and foremost global trade. So, in this country every third job is dependent on the worldwide sales of German products. Just the medium-sized companies have growth potential in this international business.

Also in the previous growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, again great opportunities will be in the next few years. Just the EU enlargement facilitates access for German companies to the respective countries. However, with internationally competitive products alone is not done. To further increase the export quota of German companies, it takes sophisticated marketing concepts. The continuing study engineer (FH) “University of applied sciences Schmalkalden (fhS) offers a qualification for the professional foreign trade.” Foreign trade clerks (FH) “and foreign merchants (FH)” are able to develop successful and internationally-oriented marketing concepts to implement and to deal with the additional risks professionally. This is part-time absolvierbare studies with high practical relevance, especially to executives, people with special skills or special experiences on foreign markets. During the two semesters with several periods of personal attendance on the University campus following contents are taught: Business Administration/economics, international finance, national and international economic law, business English economic language, foreign trade, international marketing and international shopping, international International taxation, corporate governance, international negotiation. Learn more about the admission conditions to the application to the study process, the audit services, as well as tuition fees are available from the Center for continuing education at the fhS: University of applied sciences Schmalkalden Center for continuing education Asbacher Road 17 c 98574 Schmalkalden phone: 03683 688-1762 fax: 03683 688-1927 E-Mail: Web: foreign trade

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