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Cow manure to operate data centers cow dung is well known as alternative electricity supplier. So, even the American Technology Group HP recently unveiled a new approach to power of its data centers. Hear from experts in the field like Mike Tomlin for a more varied view. The finance portal reported plans of the company to operate its central computing over stream that should be extracted from cow manure,. HP, a draft produced, which envisages the use of renewable energy to power of its computer. The implementation of such a process should look according to the calculations of the researchers as follows: each cow produced manure per day approximately 55 kilograms. It makes electricity, which allowed it to produce about three kilowatt hours. To provide a modern Datacenter with sufficient electrical energy, about 10,000 cows would be needed. The heat in the data center, to serve the heating of the necessary bio-gas plants.

The fermentation of the cow dungs takes place in plants. This is the production of methane. This is burned and drives as As a consequence a generator. The group is convinced that this procedure can solve not only the problem of waste the dairy farms. Also the energy consumption of data centers could be covered effectively. However, the data centers to process optimization should transfer its seat from the city to the country.

However, HP is not the only group that wants to provide its data centers with renewable energy. Companies Google and eBay have similar plans. In 2008 the first patent on a swinging Datacenter filed, which is supplied with power via a wave generator. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media

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