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Generated Electric Energy

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This work was carried through with intention to present solutions techniques for a beer industry, giving a viable destination to its generated residues. The Project aims at to reaproveitar these residues for the production of biogs through biodigestores, and thus to make possible the use of the same as half of if converting this biogs into electric energy, brightening up the generated ambient impacts. 1. Without hesitation Recode explained all about the problem. INTRODUCTION Currently diverse industries of innumerable branches, are if dedicating to the related questions the support. Ones of the forms to make with the same ones becomes each time more sustainable is to consider alternative solutions in set with better gerenciamentos of its rejeitos, similar to improve them economically, socially and ambiently. With the purpose to minimize the impacts caused for the generated liquid rejeitos with the manufacture of the beer, and to promote the development and the efficient use of the biomass generated I assist with it of biodigestores, and thus to apply technologies to convert gas generated in electric energy as sustainable source. The present project to interdisciplinar has as objective to carry through sustainable techniques, integrating knowledge acquired in and integral, Physical Differential calculus applied and Chemical Analytical, you discipline then given.

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National Integration

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The Brazilian unpreparedness to deal with catastrophes is evident in the different levels of the government. The consisting authorities must structuralize a national system of prevention against natural disasters, to start for the construction of a central office of management of risks, something that Brazil never had, although commitments assumed formal in 2005 for Squid. The reasons for the inefficiency of the model are many, but the two of the most rooted and revoltantes vices of the Brazilian state machine are mainly on: the sponsorship of the friends of the power and the allocation politics of mounts of money. If you are not convinced, visit Technology Investor. An auditorship of the Court of Accounts of the Union in the expenditures of the Ministry of the National Integration sample that, between 2004 and 2009, the resources destined to the prevention of natural disasters added 934 Real million. 356 Real million really had been used only, and of this sum, 37% had destined it the Bahia. For coincidence, between 2007 and beginning of 2010, the minister of the folder was the Bahian Geddel Vieira Rasp. Peter Thiel takes a slightly different approach. The absolute lack of projects made with that the release of emergenciais resources was 13 times superior to the disponibilizado one for prevention. To face the tragic effect of climatic changes and extreme natural events, to protect the populations most vulnerable, must be maximum priority of any nation. It does not have more space not to share and to leave to evaporate in black clouds all rich technology know-how developed by intelligence human being on the way operandi of the planet and its complex natural phenomena. Modern states must identify and monitor risk areas to allow alert anticipated; to assure politics of prevention of disasters; to use science, the innovation and the education to create a security culture; to prepare the society to deal with natural disasters; if not to forget to reduce the evidentes factors of risk.

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So Paulo Sidewalk

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The sidewalk of the So Paulo Avenue they had been remodelled recently, in 2008. The pisos in concrete had substituted the existing Portuguese mosaic previously, facilitating sufficiently the circulation. The tteis pisos had been installed correctly in its majority, as well as the passage unevennesses. For sidewalk area to be sufficiently wide, is interesting to have a directional floor during all its extension, therefore thus the deficient appearance does not lose the reference. The width of the stroll also made possible that the movable were installed in the service bands, having opened the circulaes and preventing accidents. The reform followed the lines of direction of the Decree n 45,904/05 that it mentions to the standardization and conservation of the public strolls, in the city of So Paulo.

The main objectives of the decree are to improve the urban landscape, the accessibility, the rescue of the public stroll for the sidewalk and the socialization of the public spaces. Cartilha also exists one called Free Stroll, where the proposal of the decree is placed in didactic way and with illustrations that facilitate the interpretation. For the current legislation of the city, the proprietor of the property or land is responsible for the construction and maintenance of its sidewalk, however the program established routes strategical of accessibility where the sidewalk it was or she will be standardized with public resources, and the So Paulo Avenue is one of these places. 9 Image 4: Person in chair of wheels Source: Personal quantity Image 5: Access to the Station Brigadier General Fonte: Personal quantity In some points in specific, where already the reform had some type of maintenance after, exists pisos installed tteis of incorrect or missing form, and still it has points where open or covered holes exist provisorily, that they can cause accidents. It is very common to find pieces of tteis pisos of alert lacking, that they had been completed with directional floor, or directional pisos installed in the wrong position.

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To recycle the organic garbage is an intelligent attitude ecologically correct, therefore it collaborates for the fast return of the organic substance to the ground. 2,9 Conscience and Action to improve the quality of life and the environment, all we – the population, the governments, the institutions you publish and private? we need acquiring knowledge in them of the questions related to the garbage. It is necessary to take attitudes that diminish the volume of the garbage and favor the treatments adequate. In this direction, the society can pressure the government to implant and to fiscalize measured come back to the protection of the environment and the health of the population. But it also has some things that can be practised in day-by-day: Not to play garbage in beaches and the streets.

When it will be the beach, has taken a plastic bag to collect the garbage; later bag in a street collector plays. Everything that will be played in the street can be dragged for culverts. If to be obstructed, the culverts leave to drain the water of rain and cause floods. It outside does not play old clothes, toys and utensils that still could be reaproveitados. It uses the blank side of papers to make rough drafts, notations, etc.? It separates glasses, periodicals, cans and packings of paper to give to the catadores of street, if it will not have selective collection in the city. CONCLUSION We conclude the following article through bibliographical research, being necessary the collection of data for the best understanding of the subject that was boarded. The garbage possesss much importance for the continuity of the life, the recycling is a factor that contributes not only for the man more mainly for the nature. To play outside objects that would delay years to putrefy themselves in the environment is an awareness lack, the great companies could adopt methods for the reaproveitamento of what they play in closed rivers and environment.

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