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Wood splitter, as its name implies, is designed for splitting wood. In the above article woodpile machine is called a machine that performs operations trimming and splitting wood. The principle of operation of typical next machine. The log is set on the input conveyor belt moves it to the side facing machine. Facing machine cut churbak, who falls into the chute.

Cylinder push churbak to splitting knife. Churbak falls on the knife and break into pieces. Available in the woodpile specific machines that use a different principle. Suppose, Palax 55, which first churbak saws off of logs, then manually installed opposite the facing of the wedge. But the performance of their much lower. There are machines using the guillotine cut a device.

However, ergonomics, performance and cause serious resource doubt. In a typical machine woodpile trimming is performed using a disk or a chainsaw. Machines that use the circular saw, have a great performance, do not need a daily podtochke saw. But their value above. In contrast to the Woodchopper (Cleaver), woodpile machines have more opportunities to install auxiliary equipment. Racks can be installed for the supply of logs. The design of machines allows the woodpile set the input conveyor. Palax machines originally equipped with them. Also very convenient to work with vygruzhnym conveyor. Classification woodpile machines. By type of blade: – Machine with a band saw – Machines with circular saw, for maximum diameter of the split wood: – up to 25 sentimentality – sentimentality and 35 – to 40 sentimentality – over 40 sentiment, by Type of drive: – Drive a tractor – from the electric motor drive – Combo (Tractor / electric motor) – Diesel; Control devices: – Mechanical – Hydraulic. Manage. Apply two basic principles of control devices: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical represent a system of levers lifting / lowering of saw blade, adjust the length of churbaka, dumping logs into the chute for the split, etc. In machines with hydraulic control levers are used instead of joysticks. Working with joysticks easier. But this appropriately reflected in the price. Performance. Productivity tools woodpile higher than that cleaver. And, actually, it's more predictable. The feed rate is constant at the bench. This reduces the human factor. Assistive devices. For energy efficiency possible use of assistive devices. First of all, feeding and storage racks. Also worth noting is the system for cleaning and packaging wood. For machines with diesel engines running in cold weather, reasonable fuel heaters installation.

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The Air

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Polyurethane insulation spread of fire in the Ostankino TV tower in a top-down was caused by discharged molten plastic envelope feeders. In laboratory conditions, the flame propagation velocity was 0.25-0.50 m / min in a fire at the TV tower, because of the high bulk temperature, propagation velocity increased by 2-4 times, while falling down a drop of burning polyethylene created secondary fire. Because of the high temperature in the hearth fire and high heat conductivity of copper veins antenna feeders, fire protection was not effective. As a fire-protection paint used for plastic shell feeders and surface insulation fiberglass cloth. Fire protection design sag and fell under intense burning polythene inside.

In addition to the active burning feeders that had flammable outer polyethylene shell, the contribution made as the combustion of other cables that were exposed flame retardants. Modern cables are manufactured with XLPE insulation and are used in networks of different voltage class (500 kV). The use of cross-linked polyethylene provides high dielectric properties of insulation, high mechanical properties, higher than with paper-oil insulated thermal modes, reliability and durability of the cables. Isolation of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Rubber insulated oil-filled cables oil-filled cables – a cable with an excess pressure created by oil, which is part of the paper soaked insulation, and provided for compensation of temperature changes in the volume of oil. Oil-filled cable in the pipeline – this oil-filled cable with separately shielded wires, enclosed in line that wraps. The development of cable fires in areas with oil-filled cables in tunnels under equal conditions of gas exchange is more intense than in the air laying cables.

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Laser Marking

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Ink jet technology such as the circulation based on the use of liquid ink, which due to its chemical composition can be applied to a wide range of materials. The disadvantage is the added pollution air and the need for cleaning the printer. Some consumers are afraid of chemical analysis used in this technology supplies. 2. Ink jet technology using hot melt ink Dry Touch is used everywhere where cleanliness and environmental security are a prerequisite. Inks are safe and contain no solvents and other hazardous substances.

At room temperature, hot melt ink remain solid, dry and non-marking to use. However, the scope of their application is limited. For example, they are not suitable for non-porous surfaces such as glass. Thermal transfer printers provide high-quality printing. They are good and reliable when applied to different kinds of flexible packaging materials, ensuring the highest accuracy in labeling. By an instantaneous point heat ribbon (thermal transfer ribbon) and the transfer of ink contained in the front side of the ribbon, these printers can print various kinds of information: the date, serial number, manufacturer information, bar codes and real-time printing on individual product packaging. For more information see Peter Thiel.

The main disadvantage, high Printing costs can be overcome thanks to the new function. This ribbon saving function, which makes printers more economically attractive and affordable. A wide variety of mounting hardware allows establish character ink jet markers in different types of conveyors. Equipment adapted to the conditions of high humidity, resistant to shock and vibration and is ideal for any production. Printers differ high reliability, versatility and efficiency in the use of consumables, as well as easily adaptable to the changing speed of the conveyor, can label products at two independent production lines, apply more than 4 lines of text, graphics and a wide range of bar codes, while maintaining clear visibility of characters. Products marked directly on the conveyor or any other technology area. The printer allows you to put on the packaging at least three degrees of protection that is almost beyond the power of the most ingenious forgers. Laser Marking In recent years, due to lower the cost of lasers and increase their share of work, laser marking has become increasingly used in consumer products. The main advantages of laser printers: marked by a wide range of materials (Glass, paper, plastics, metals, ceramics, etc.), the absence of mechanical stress on the product, high resolution, a clear contrast markings; excellent resistance mark during transport, lack of supplies, high accuracy at high speeds. Digital Laser Markers provide a process of labeling under the influence of the laser beam on the surface of the package. This means that there are no costs for consumables. Principle laser treatment is either to remove the paint layer from the surface or in the evaporation or melting of the upper layer of packing material (such as PET, polystyrene, polypropylene). In both cases we obtain indelible instant print quality. Laser printers are a versatile method of labeling the primary packaging due to environmental safety and lack of supplies, as well as through high resolution of the applied code. Until now, the main disadvantages of lasers were high cost and large size. However, modern low-cost compact models are becoming more competitive among the marking equipment.

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Ball Valves

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The modern market of valves for any purpose and scope, both wholesale and retail, presented a huge number of manufacturers and brands. Buy Ball Valves wholesale or retail in Chelyabinsk – no problem. However, manufacturers of valves too much, how to choose quality and reliable equipment, and most importantly – domestic or imported? To date, there are several Italian, Finnish and other foreign companies have long proven in the Russian market of valves. For decades, these companies are engaged in producing and selling high-quality ball valves for heating systems, steam, gas, alkaline and acidic media, non-return valves and valves. More info: Hillary Clinton. In spite of foreign origin, some ball valves for water and gas are fully adapted for use in Russia. More The production of many of ball valves for water adjusted so that these products during the operation can be repaired independently and easily.

But, fortunately, already passing the time when the stigma of "import" mean unquestionable superiority of product in any area of life. To be fair to say that Russia's production plants have proved no worse than their foreign counterparts. It should also be noted that there have been cases of foreign acquisitions of low-quality products. Business analysts believe that trend will continue crowding out foreign goods from the market by local companies. For now Russian production of implements of modern technology, the reliability of ball valves produced is not inferior to imported, resulting in value for money from our taps is much higher. Why overpay a lot of money for shipping and wait for your order at times a few months if you can buy similar goods nearby.

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The Work

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Often, manufacturers of impregnating fire retardant compositions are added to these various pigments for easy monitor the uniformity of application. In addition, on-site to assess the quality of fire protection impregnation compounds can be used by rapid assessment methods. The quality of fire-retardant treatment of wood, Secure impregnating compositions at the sites evaluated for flammability chips. For security reasons, not allowed to do such testing on site sampling: attic, building site, etc. Gwyneth Paltrow does not necessarily agree. The quality of fire-retardant treatment of textile materials protected by impregnating compositions at the sites evaluated by express method, whose essence is to assess the fire protection (on the basis of ignition) samples of materials from exposure to the burner flame. When testing for the documentation checks for the necessary documentation to carry out fire-retardant treatment and fire protection coating (Impregnating composition).

The fact of the fire protection work is confirmed by an act of acceptance, which should contain information on the job site, a fire protection facilities, their condition, caused by fire protection and priming compositions, their brands, consumption, technology, preparation and application, the organization, performer, and the signatures of persons who produced the work, and supervisors. On the fire protection coating (impregnation composition) in addition to fire safety certificate and documents about the quality (passport, certificate, etc.) should be technical documentation, which lists the operating conditions and technical facilities ognezaschischennyh requirements for fire protection coating or impregnating composition (coating thickness, color, appearance, density, life, etc.). When carrying out work receiving fire protection committee must verify that the characteristics applied fire-retardant material design requirements of fire protection, the license to the organization that produced fire-retardant treatment, as well as other documentation of the quality of fire protection work.

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Machine Frames

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When the bench method can use the steel or reinforced concrete forms the matrix, which is usually cheaper. Advantage of the concrete matrix is the ease with which its surface can be given a curved shape. Wood and wood-forms are used less frequently, with small production volumes. The disadvantage of the wooden forms is their low strength and large deformability, especially under the influence of steaming, resulting in items manufactured in the same form can differ from each other. Reinforcing products should be designed so that they can be manufactured in the form of plane frames and grids, welded to the multipoint automatic machines. Since multi-point welding machines weld mesh width of 3 m, it is advisable to several identical frames merge into one wide net, and then cut them.

Nets and cages should be designed so that the step and the diameter of the rods are constant multiples of the module and 100 mm with a variable step is necessary readjustment of the machine. If necessary, change the pitch or diameter of the rods in those areas that require additional reinforcement, it is recommended near the main attach additional frames or grids. Should use the ghosts-metal welded wire mesh. Shaping of curved elements to provide the necessary protective layer during the installation frames and use plastic nets or other fasteners. Sometimes it catches hold in the form of rebar hooks, pre- welded to the frame. Curved molding products can be done the same or similar mechanisms as molding plane products: can be applied screeds, sliding vibroshtampy, vibroprofilery, large vibroshtampy, vibrating tables.

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The Glass

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Of no small importance in the window system has fittings. Hardware – this is not only window handles and hinges, but also many other pleasant things that can make our life more convenient and comfortable. For example, additional protection against hacking, mikroprovetrivatel allowing leave a small crack to fresh air lifter, the fuse erroneous opening and much more. The company uses its windows fittings German company Siegenia, product quality is very good score for both domestic and foreign experts. In 2003 Siegenia offering newfangled color line of accessories – 'titanium-silver', which is more generous than those already familiar golden.

In addition to the standard equipment now includes such components as "basic security" – the special pins that prevent the doors from the outside by the raised arm and the lifter – promotes ideal location in relation to the sash box windows. And, of course, choosing windows play an enormous role themselves windows, the optimum thickness – 38 mm. Double-glazed windows have a high thermal and sound insulating properties. Due to tightness in the gap between the glass does not fall moisture and dust, not deteriorating light areas. Double glazing consists of two or more panes and spacer with desiccant. For the production of glass, you can use almost all types of glass. The choice of glasses depends of the requirements for a particular wooden box.

It is also important to correctly identify the location and orientation of the glass with special properties in the pane. For example, in the case of energy-efficient glass surface coated, usually located inside the glass. Sunglasses are recommended to set the glass as the outer glass. The existence of people remember slopes (Or know) only during the repair or replacement of windows. Slope – a plane between the wall and immediately a window. Ironically, around the slopes of serious passions simmer. Paradoxically, the shortcomings of old windows is a guarantee long service plastering slopes. In the gap little by little ash pit, and the slopes were gentle intermediate temperature zone. In modern wooden windows sealed almost perfect, and when you open the doors for ventilate the cold air outside 'falls' to warm to room temperature, slope, and it cracks. Must be strict compliance with the technology and the use of fairly expensive finishing materials to protect the slope from the cracks.

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