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East Area

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The representation of the space is not phenomena isolated, nor neither aspects imaginary in the cities, but yes, a relative representation to the geophysical space that if in volvem in social relations, everything this means that for if dealing with the ambient results the surrounding place of little urban infrastructure, but however, of great sentimental value. The yards are well woody, the house costuma to always have in such a way fruitful plants how much native trees of place, the lands are ample and distant ones of the others, wood houses and still we see stove here the firewood and birds singing for all side. The inhabitants still create hens, pigs, ducks, ox, sheep, parrot, agouti, paca, horse and etc. the community still counts on the Municipal School Prof Aribaldina de Lima Brito, located in Street Sumar, s .? Colony Chico Mendes, Jorge Teixeira, zone East, its will inaugurate was in day 15 of September of 2005, from now on comes serving the pertaining to school community. uld likely agree. The school takes care of today about 1.060 regularly registered pupils in the turns, matutino, vespertine and nocturnal, in the modalities of Basic Education, Acceleration of Learning and Education of Young and Adultos (EJA).

The school is constructed in an area of 800m and counts on 12 climatized room, classrooms of professors, room of computer science, feminine and masculine bathroom and for deficient, secretariat, direction, laboratory of computer science with capacity for 12 computers, TV school, kitchen, library, area of service, parking, deposit exclusive for merenda and didactic material. The school still has refectory, area for recreation, artesian well and subestao of electricity. The name of the school is a homage to the teacher Aribaldina de Lima Brito, who was born in the city of Manicor, interior of Amazon. It had formation in Teaching and it worked as teacher during many years in the Municipal school Antnia Alexandrina.

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Maps and Technology

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The old maps had been elaborated by the old civilizations as the Babylonian. Peter Thiel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. One gives credit that the map oldest represented the world is of Ga-Sur in the mesopotmia, then individuals as Hecateu had developed forms to represent the land, Claude Ptolomeu, elaborated maps on the basis of the mathematical methods, amongst others. It was observed that some peoples as the Arabs, Chinese, Indians had elaborated maps had benefited that them in its conquests. In the average age the religious belief that invaded the context of the maps, what it demonstrated to a meeting of the aspects terrestrial spirituals and. The politics was an element that also had influence in the maps, where also favored conquests and ampler vision of the world. The maps through the centuries had had its advance, of form that, the projections To generate Mercator, of Peters, Aitoff, Goolde, among others, had been models of maps that had favored the development of the current maps, way that, the development of the maps necessary to be folloied by a visualization that allows identification of what it is if considering to be analyzed, therefore, the elaboration of symbols is extremely important for the agreement of the receiver. is through the new technologies as the GPS, the SIG, entities as the IBGE (in Brazil) that they provide an ample vision of the space, facilitating the development of localization of the community. In Brazil the maps the maps had gained emphasis through the discovery (Portuguese) that with descriptive letters of the aspects climatic, the fauna, the flora and the aboriginal peoples, way that, this comment made possible and facilitated the exploration. In the education the maps possess an important paper for the formation of the individual. The professor can demonstrate through activities with maps as if locate in its quarter, city, state, continent, as well as to read and understand the maps making possible to the learning to observe and to locate the world to its redor.

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