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Mauro Bolognini

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Endless finally! A narrative we are taken; basically who or what We are completely permeated by a preconceived idea of the single world? Cracks in everyday life look disturbing visions, as truly as the local objectivity. Some contend that Eva Andersson-Dubin shows great expertise in this. Bent like floating spirits I think, as all trees would bear naked grief this morning, as if the few passers-by from a funeral. Was the Millennium because sprinkled with ashes? The sky was still full of dreams at midnight, big wishes, affable confidence. Laughing voices that emerge sparkled from collected glasses, people were their necks towards future, silvery tinsel still in your hair. In May of 2009 was released titled evil conditions”the second volume of poetry of the author Peter Pitsch, comprising 45 compressed texts. The transcript of this lyrical prose miniatures”had in hindsight allows the poet a useful inventory of various incidents. Experiences that were mostly several years back, but to Transfer to an emotionally comprehensible level him once the linguistic forms of expression were missing.

Editing the works brought a carton filled with hundred self-financed book copies Ryan on the part of the Publisher, but that being said, the publication as well as on Mars could have taken place. A real distribution of the band from the very beginning was almost excluded due to lack of any effective publishing activities. Certainly, as an obvious option the poet would provide the work other publishers. But his unwillingness to move again with a so-called niche product in the search and in the aftermath of most likely put up with countless rejections, stifled any motivation in the approach. Then, using Ryan on the various substantive topics of the book and finally made a decision, namely to link the texts written mostly in prosaic lyrical style in a narrative way. The implementation of the idea proved a fitting continuation Seal of evil conditions.

Down to a reality in which no social masquerade, not hypocritical misled prevent overlooking the shortcomings of humanity seeks to. In addition, this book is a tribute to all the poets and writers, of which the very least ever be perceived beyond their known. About Peter Pitsch: He was born in Herford, Germany in 1963, lived among others in Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen and Nykobing (South Denmark). His writing career began, full of Weltschmerz, full of euphoria and faith in an eternally valid life formula that he was ready to decrypt once in Paris. During a long stay in Italy, he gained experience as a film actor. He appeared in 12 films and multiple commercials and embodied the death”in a play; He has worked with film directors such as Mauro Bolognini, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava. Then he hit a career as a writer and artist completely. He lives in Scandinavia and is devoted to literary writing as well as the design of book covers and digital art. In the early 1990s, he published his first book, followed by various publications. In addition, reviews, poems and prose texts were recording in various magazines and anthologies. 2008 the breakthrough came with the satirical novel of the cuckoo’s egg syndrome”. “” “Since the contemporary poetry volume published by evil conditions”, the autobiographical novel In being uncertain”as well as the thriller W.E.L.T”. With the Sixtysix digital art book”, he presented a new variant of its artistic creativity 2011. “A poetry book titled presence” and two children’s books are available from 2012. “Recently are next to endless finally” the art book sixty seven “and an another children’s book appeared. More information: j.

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Tibet And Its Fairy Tale

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Today the people on the roof of the world are deeply rooted in the ancient myths and stories. Many writers such as Paul Tudor Jones offer more in-depth analysis. A charming collection of Tales from Tibet and Nepal will present the authors in this high-quality crafted book. Tells fairy tales are Prince and animals, of good and evil powers and the happiness of the brave. Tells are fairy tale from the Highlands of Tibet, which at its southern end includes a large part of the Himalayas and 4500 meters covers an average height, therefore also known as the roof of the world and is considered the highest inhabited region in the world. Even the photographer was traveling there for 6 weeks with a small, but very homogeneous group and could therefore bring a rich treasure trove of extremely high-quality photos of Tibet and also ultimately in this book with a drain.

This makes the book so valuable Tales from Tibet including the eh very high-quality facilities. The hijack sensitive photographs Readers in a strange world. Today, it seems the heroes and damsels of fairy tales in the small villages in the isolated Gompa between snow-capped peaks, between desert living and storms and the wind carries the wishes of the prayer flags up on the slopes of the Holy Kailash. A book for lovers of fairy legends and for lovers of slightly different perspective on people of a landscape. It can be read by the sophisticated writing style and language by adults, even, are presented as love like even the smaller children. Authors: Josef of good photos: Gunther H. Schulze hardcover in linen bound gold lettering, in the Bandarolschuber in addition in each book a high quality C-print in format 13 x 18 cm partial hand-signed product_info.php/info/p43

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Contained Silence

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I decide my poem Under the neutral silence Of the lost words In the landscape of the signs. According to Bosi, one exists ' ' malleability infinita' ' with that the man can work the phonetic substance, thus establishing a constant relation and congruente between the sound and the direction. even of the silence, that seems pure emptiness, absence of sound, the poet pulls out there of a sea of meanings. , If thus complete the main objective of our language that is to give a direction, to supply the absence of people, things and action and to thus obtain to extract or to make with if states feelings and points of view, related with the lived experience. The first men, as they were themselves children of the human sort, not being capable to form intelligible sorts of the things, ' ' they had had natural necessities to imagine the characters poetical, that are universal sorts or fantsticos' '.

Thus the poetry was established ' ' in the simbolizao requirements, of the first men, and it, the poetry, survives for a species of law eterna' ' , because, in the human being, it seems to exist a necessity of symbolic creation, and this can even though be found in silence, in the sound absence. In second estrofe, of the first part, it, the poet has a physical other world search, starts to consider the effect that the time had on its agreement of the life and consequentemente in its form to make poetry. Thus, poet starts to remember a lived reality already, that for being a memory, this reality already is in the heart and, therefore, nor is plus a reality and yes an invention. Therefore they know all that My world has roots Beyond the reality. Not of this reality Contained in a crystal, Glad and transparent and without tranquillity.

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Ron Hubbard

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Burks, spent, to tell. But when L. Ron Hubbard also not specifically talked about his own status, so this was not less legendary. “In fact, Pohl recalled: nobody did what he did, more… colorful, exciting, constantly challenging, as L.

Ron Hubbard.” A typical example is L. Ron Hubbard’s first long novel, buckskin brigades. He was celebrated as one of the first popular works, which gave an accurate picture of the Schwarzfussindianern; Buckskin brigades was all that described Pohl, and more. A very rare type of narrative”, told the New York Times; the novel one of the first actual reversals of represented, what previously was a fairly ethnocentric cliche: the native American as a bloodthirsty Savage. “Rather it was so, as Council members of the Schwarzfussindianer explained: never was presented our morals and ethics with such clarity.” Is also on buckskin brigades remarkable and unique, that this novel about 40 years concluded after its original release on the bestseller lists. What was also commented in regard to L. Foursquare understands that this is vital information. Ron Hubbard’s work in the 1930s, was his truly amazing versatility and production speed.

If you needed a history on Monday, said the editor of the standard magazine, you had to call only L. Ron Hubbard on a Friday. Because L. Ron Hubbard produced regularly 100,000 words per month, he became the King of the high speed writer. ‘ Similarly noteworthy was its high production as a Hollywood screenwriter, and it concerned the adventures of the mysterious pilot such films as Columbia”and the great adventures of Wild Bill Hickok” and Warner Bros.’ “‘ Series spider”, while the secret of treasure island “was one of the most profitable franchises of at the time. The workload, which he completed in 1930 in Hollywood, was not his only contribution to the medium. Actually located under his work in the 1970s and 1980s several Scripts from a variety of genres. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

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Jubilee Publishing

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Professional help for non-fiction writers – boosting their image with corporate publishing as long-term marketing instrument their own books for companies are becoming popular. The advantages are obvious: corporate books remain in contrast to all other advertising media in five years or longer on the market and excellent marketing and PR connect. Also, new audiences can be developed through bookshops. Long time ago, not only Jubilee writings, biographies of entrepreneurs or company history are corporate books. Service providers such as seminar trainer, market research institutes and consulting firms use for example your own books, to represent their often complex and explanatory services detailed and understandable. Each theme that is tailored to the communications needs of the company and the interests of readers suitable in principle for business books. Courageous companies publish today not only books, but also children’s books, novels and personalized Books, because it better and more effectively achieve their target groups than with conventional advertising. Bottleneck factors is a powerful idea for the issue of a business book industry lack of knowledge and lack of time often quickly found and waiting to be written in book form, used, printed, published and sold.

But first some hurdles remain: it needs a marketable concept, a reputable and prestigious publishing house and an informative content, so that the book sold well. Companies are often faced with the problem that they do not know the Customs and rules of the publishing industry and often wrong thread so their book projects. In addition, companies have usually no time to realize a comprehensive corporate publishing project itself, and then to market your book. You need professional support, pitfalls to avoid, and successfully position your book on the market. Competent advisor professional help, Dr. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. Sonja Ulrike Klug has its descriptive title a book is a Book is a book.” Detailed, practical and humorous the author discussed all important topics such as manuscript preparation, ghostwriting, Publisher making, literary agencies, E-books, publishing agreements and public relations in their advisor for non-fiction writers. KLUG describes the opportunities and possibilities that offer books for company, and demonstrates how to systematically and professionally planned and carried out a book project.

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