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Buenos Aires

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… Is the rider of weighed metal that it projects of high its cyclical series of shades. … Is a sword that served in the war and that it is but a weapon that a memory. … Is the face of Christ who vi in the dust, I insult the hammers blow, in one of the ships of the Piedad (BORGES, 2001, P.

68-69). Borges really runs away from the buclico saudosismo of the romantic ones, constructing its to make poetical of doubts and subjective contradictions. It has in verses in prominence the coherence and incoherence of one I broken up, that it searchs in the city Buenos Aires the totality of the existence: ' ' Buenos Aires is to another street, the one that I never did not step on, is the private center of blocks, the last patios, is what the faades escondem' ' (BORGES, 2001, P. 68). In the poetry Buenos Aires this return to the origins is evident, vindication of a lyric one of the memory. The city and the memory are identified while labirntica consubstanciao of the existence. Already if manifest in incipient way the figure it flneur, it andarilho of the city, it man in the anonymity, very characterized in last verses it well poem: ' ' Buenos Aires is … the quarter that not is yours nor mine, what we ignore and amamos' ' (BORGES, 2001, P.

70). In May 20, 1928, beyond showing, really, the consolidation of the poetical force of Borges in the lyric mnemonics, since that the proper heading is a reminiscncia, brings the image of flneur in marcante way: ' ' It walks slowly under the tlias; it looks at railings the doors, do not stop lembr-las' ' (BORGES, 2001, P. 33). It is perceived that in this I break up the caminhante is lost in its souvenirs, anonymous in the world of the cities, way to the world them others, drama of the similar urban poetry to soneto To a Passer-by, of Baudelaire, as if it can evidence I break up in it below: The street in around was an uncommon noise.

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Dilermando Kings

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It spoke of microphone, shots, challenges, everything. It said that it was not considered defeated, because the life continues. That Alberto would continue living, but the person who it more loves would go to pay for its error. concluded with the terrible revenge. I, for me, confess that I was for a few seconds with the blocked mind and alone I again gave account of me after the three claps.

Alberto flied over the table, as if he had been stimulated for a spring. A jump of that one human being, physiological impossible to be given. The chair was behind it and it did not leave the place. It blocked with the body the trajectory of the projectile and received it in the chest, that was to lodge in the base of one of the ribs. It did not only reach the heart because in the effort, this if contracted, and the bullet passed without wounding. Immediately the military had opened fire and made right a bullet in each lung. Actress recognizes the significance of this.

Now, yes. That is everything. The remain was the running, the shouts, the transport, the surgeries and this result, thanks to God. As I said yesterday, it saved the life of the father moved solely for the love branch office. Nobody in the face of the Land would be capable to make the same. The love was only capable! Moved, the governor pressed the hands of the two men and asked: _ And now, Alberto, you has some project pra the future? _ Oh, clearly! To leave this bed and to touch my guitar, what more? _ You do not know to make another thing, not to be to play? It looks at that the life is hard! _ The life is hard pra who it is soft, it is not, Excellency? _ Yes, clearly, clearly! Ah! Forgetting it was me. I made a research and I discovered that pra is not very expensive if to record a record. It offers continues of foot, OK? _ Who I am, Excellency! That is pra who has the talent of the Dilermando Kings! _ Quer to repeat history? _ Exempts me to God! _ Then, until briefing. The road is long and I am run away. Already it thought if calls the policy pra to investigate the disappearance of the governor? _ However, is alone to call the commission agent Golden Mountain range! _ Golden Mountain range has not delegated, Golden Mountain range has delegated! It struck Sandrinha, that hears the colloquy of the door of the room. _ That it is this? Hearing colloquy of men? _ The commission agent can! _ Is the evil of the such revolution feminist! _ Is the point of view of some machistas! The men had used to advantage the interlocution of the young and had left the room leaving that they decided alone its problems. For the appearances, much early Golden Mountain range would be attending the arrest of its hero, in the gratings of the heart. In the corridor, they had crossed with morubixaba and the members of carbeto, followed of a line of indians of the Reserve that if drew out until the exit, spilling itself for the street measures, that they had IDO to visit Boitat. For the appearances, the loving subjects would have more to be extending a little END *****

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Jules Duhem

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In the absorption of the bird as the flight data, by airmail by the dream it takes as acentuao its slightness and beauty, therefore ‘ ‘ in the world of the dream it is not flied because wing is had, but gives credit to have wing because if voa’ ‘ (P. 28). For the figure of the wing the reader if unfastens of its real world, starting to contemplate the beautiful gift of the sublimidade of the upward one he raises that to see it the artistic one beyond the plain process with that previously had contact in the work of art. He hits upon to the conceptions of Noider, perceives it line of the dream under optics of the imagination of the water.

In this, it is emphasized that the singularity with that the water loads the boat, air is capable, to support the man in its onrico state. Source: Peter Thiel. For the figure of the wing the search of the imagination becomes increasing e, with this if it defines the dinamicidade dream flight. The reader must ‘ ‘ to make an effort to reencontrar its nocturnal experiences of onrico flight under the dynamic aspect puro’ ‘ (P. 29). It implies this attitude in resvalar its possibilities stops beyond the dream and, with this to jump its expectations for its proper forces and feet route to a liberating action. The source to promote the jump demonstrates the elasticity of the artist to leave its estagnado state and to reach its release, its unfastening of the trivial e, with contemplating and artistic establishing in the onirismo. In this the acquisition of the wings, is small or not, will give to the sonhador and, in prominence to the reader, the perception of that the artistic workmanship demands the wing plantation, will lead which it to the sublimidade. For the conceptions of Jules Duhem, detaching that the reader, in comparison to the Buddhists, sees that it reaches its sublimidade and, with this he is capable to levitar with the aid of the feet, which for the metapotica are ‘ ‘ imprisoned wings in the heels under the wing name onricas’ ‘ (P.

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