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Best Decision

cat May 22nd, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

EP the Uruguayan could be traded in the coming hours to Inter, although in Italy ensure that there is no agreement between the parties for wage. It has special Paris St. Germain and Zenit Saint Petersburg. Atletico is measured to Vitoria Guimaraes on Thursday in the round. Gregorio Manzano, coach of Atletico de Madrid, has explained that the Uruguayan Diego Forlan asked this morning not travel to Guimaraes, to play the return match against Vitoria in the preview of the Europa League (2-0), since there is interest from other teams in their recruitment, so he decided to stay in Madrid, and considered that the best decision which has been taken.

Yesterday (Tuesday), when he finished training, was convened, but this morning called me and asked me not to travel with the team since there is interest from other teams in their recruitment and playing us with what we played tomorrow I have decided to stay, said the technician, who added that football is as well. For him, it was logical that the footballer not travel to Portugal to compete in the Europa League in that situation. Now that premium is the tie and that the players are 100 percent with everything at stake Thursday. He is not in that sense, he has asked me and the best decision is which has been taken, assessed. Let us hope that there are no setbacks tomorrow and we do not remember him, he continued Manzano, who wished that everything turns out well for both the player and Atletico and he stressed that, with twenty players available for the clash on Thursday, should solve this round. If he is not, we can not count on him. Already did in the match of round and, therefore, it is not anything new, continued the coach, that will not make an assessment on their progress until they are officially confirmed and which highlighted Forlan form part of the recent history of Atletico, anyone can deny it, because he has made many goals and many good things.

Negotiations with Inter cooled despite the commotion and before the information that situate him at Inter Milan, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported Wednesday that negotiations between the Italian club and the representative of Forlan have cooled, after meeting both sides this afternoon in Milan and not get to overcome the existing disagreement over the salary the player could perceive in the favourite club. La Gazzetta dello Sport says Inter offers Forlan a contract of two years duration (the ones remaining in the Atletico de Madrid) at the rate of 3 million euros per season, more bonuses that could make you reach 4.5 million euros which currently WINS at the Spanish club. The Rotary Milanese ensures that this Tuesday the own Branca reached an agreement of Maxima with Atletico Madrid to allow the output of the Uruguayan in exchange for 5 million euros, and that Forlan also has pending Zenith Petersburgo and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) offerings. Source of the news: Apple: “Forlan has asked me not to travel and the best decision has been taken”

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Machu Picchu

cat January 6th, 2015 by Virtual Keeper

Before allowed to any income, people who had never been to 4,000 meters, and who also suffered stomach problems, but this is It is outpacing, groups are coming organized for all situations that arise, Astete said. Currently, the only way to enter the road is through any of travel that have exclusivity and who are responsible for hiring guides and porters who accompany the tourists and facilitate the journey. Thus, the only thing that has now that worry the traveller is loaded with some water and possess comfortable shoes, from the tents, food and other facilities the porters are responsible. One of the surprises of the path is a path full of surprises the ability of these: while tourists early starts its route, carriers will remain back lifting camp, then exceed all during the day and reach the next camp with enough time to get everything ready. And this with Sandals on feet and balls of coca leaves in the mouth, an Andean tradition invites you to join the tourists and that usually becomes a great ally to the effort of the route. In addition to the archaeological remains that are found during the route, one of the biggest surprises that the Inca Trail booking to tourists is when, at the beginning of the third day and after climbing to the Summit of a mountain, we discover the high jungle or forest eyebrow, dense vegetation that inhabits the landscape.

And it is that, as you remember Astete, another one of the great virtues of this route is flora and fauna with which Walker is found, from abundant hummingbirds and deer to the more timid spectacled, autochthonous species of the area. However, the largest contribution of reaching Machu Picchu on foot is the possibility of knowing the importance of the road of the Incas, according to Astete network one of the objectives that the Empire gave more importance. Machu Picchu was not self-sufficient, there were no crops for 500 or 600 people who inhabited it. Therefore we propose that it was a political-religious centre – administrative, a nexus between the Andes and the Amazon, argued. And that’s the feeling that leaves contemplate Machu Picchu for the first time since the Inti Punko (Puerta del Sol), while the sun rises and after walking for four days along the same path of stone that centuries ago used the pilgrims of Hiran Bingham was baptized as the lost Citadel of the Incas. Source of the news: another door of entrance to Machu Picchu: Inca Trail

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Risk Premium

cat August 17th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

the Senate must ratify, lets raise the nation’s debt ceiling before the limit on August 2 in order to avoid the suspension of payments. Gain insight and clarity with Naveen Selvadurai. The proposal includes a plan of reducing the American deficit of at least 2.1 trillion dollars in the next decade, exclusively through cuts in public spending. For rent 4 Nuria Alvarez banking expert, this fall in the index of ISM (national index that measures the activity of services in EE UU) is the key of the escalation of the risk premium, since, he explains, could indicate that the first economy in the world is about to enter again in recession, with the fall in private consumption that entails and cto contagion that it would produce in the economies of the rest of the world. Thus, performance that has to offer the Spanish 10-year bond to make investors buy it instead of the German went up to 6,440%, compared to 6,293% opening, unlike the German, which fell to 2,420% from the 2,460 prior %, according to data from the secondary market. The volatility of the risk premium has been noted since the start of the week, with the negotiated agreement in extremis between Republicans and Democrats over the U.S. debt ceiling. Thus, the Spanish stock exchange closed the session on Monday with a loss of 3.24 per cent, the worst fall in 13 months and the risk premium stood at 376,4 points, a new record since the creation of the euro. The current economic situation has disrupted holiday plans of the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, which has delayed Tuesday its output to Donana, where it intends to spend a few days on vacation, to more closely follow the latest economic indicators data from the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Peripheral countries in the rest of the countries on the periphery of the eurozone, Greece saw its risk premium rise again until 1232 basics after falling at the opening, just like Ireland, which stood by its part in 847 compared 813 points of first hour. Portugal also bodice its differential with Germany, until the 859 basis points, after opening in 846, while Italy was the risk premium on 379 points, above the 353 points in the opening. The market volatility could affect, according to analysts, the auction of bonds to three years which is planning to celebrate the Spanish treasure on August 4, with which it hopes to raise between 2,500 and 3,500 million euros. Low in the IBEX-35 main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX-35, fell 0.53% at midday (9.15 presented one even greater, 1.03% fall), and retreated to 9.269,90 units, with what their annual losses stood at 6.35%. The rest of major stock exchanges of the market did not agree, since Milan chose sales fell 0.56%, and Frankfurt also ceded, 0.52%, while London repeated price and Paris climbed 0.03%. Source of the news: new record of the risk premium on Spanish, which It has surpassed 400 points

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