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New Age

cat August 19th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

The problem appears when the ego exceeds these functions and sets to interpret it for us other areas of our life. Areas that would have to be specific of the soul and the spirit. We leave the ego to interpret our reality, what it makes established in the errnea belief of whom we are bodies (because this is the only reality that it knows) and we leave also it to overlap it intuitivos ways used by the spirit to process informaes' '. In few words, the mission or the challenge of the New Age is to balance these functions perfectly. The summaries of the opera of some schools of thought, to the moment, agree that the axle change will not occur in the polar regions and yes in the conscience human being. Attitudes spirituals inspired by the light in a mass scale – this can be the basic line of the summary. Climatic changes, cataclysms, increment of the ferocity of some brothers, everything this and more a little is in the target of the possibilities for the period, but it does not have to see with the end and yes I recommence with it.

We continue with Joshua: ' ' At the accurate moment between the inspiration and the expiration of God, it will have a change without precedents in the history of the planet. The amount of energy will be bigger of what the normally set free amount in many years. Each one will live these moments of absence of time in different way. For ones, they will seem some minutes, for others, hours, for others still, an existence. All we will feel a wave of being able. The interpretation that to give to everything this will depend on our state of conscincia' '. Although the academic formation, Joshua is a mstico. But it is not an isolated voice.

It allotment of the belief of that in this instant it has an army of workers of the Light, preparing the land for a blessed time, that for signal already started. It all uses the seal New Group of Servers of the World for that one or that one that believes, conscientiously, ' ' not to be superior to a flower, a cat, a dog, a crystal or a rock. Each one is a specific incarnation of God, having a specific intention, a mission and an attribute of the infinite nature of God expressar' '. ' ' When vocs they have extraordinary feelings of love, them go direct of its heart for the heart of the others. We can until saying different languages, but they are the feelings that make the work. the people catch its feelings through its eyes. Now, the world all is needing the rain of the love. It is through this rain that the atmosphere can become cool. This is the Age of the Changes, where what it is bitter taste if transforms into candy. They try to say to things candies for the people who are close to vocs and see as this will change the feelings of them. ' ' Dadi Janki

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Marking Boundaries

cat July 16th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

For ten thousand years of development of human culture has evolved from the stone ax to space exploration. She never remained fixed: emerged, evolved and spread from one region to another, handed down from past generations, present and future, all the while adding new material and spiritual products. And in this process is one of the first places occupied by the dynamics of borders, exchanging and differentiated experience of generations, cross-fertilization of experience and skills of individual interacting cultures. Since the culture in a possible situation of exchange always have as a contact its borders, the border itself territory are the most active place of transformation and change in cultural artifacts, meanings, technologies, and this transformative activity gradually fades into the deeper layers of culture that remain virtually unchanged. Numerous and varied types of cultural change have been identified in the cultural anthropology of the concept of "Cultural Dynamics", which means all kinds of changes occurring in Culture and the man under the influence of external and internal causes. Today, with the help of this concept in a number of humanities describes various modifications of culture, their causes, sources and results. Changes are an essential feature of culture and include both internal transformation of cultural phenomena (their changes over time) and external changes (interaction among themselves, moving in space, etc.). Thanks to this forward movement is culture, its transition from one state to another. Exterior changes are manifested both through expansion of existing ones, and through the emergence of qualitatively new cultural forms.

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