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Electric Trimmers

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Brushcutters powerful electric trimmers. They are equipped with the cutting head and line, besides a knife or a saw blade for mowing more coarse grass (weeds, shrubs, ). Duration of brushcutters in fact, is not limited in time – unlike those elektrotrimmerov. In most cases, brushcutters get for mowing large areas with uneven surface – where there may be problems with the wheel mower. in many cases, small bushes, weeds and reeds – not a problem for brushcutters. The quality of mowing depends on . The motors are equipped with primer sets motokosy start easy starting system, that provides a quick start the engine, more then a long downtime, and also anti-vibration system. New motokosy AL-KO, used both for mowing lawns, hay and cleaning the young shoots of shrubs.

Specialized soft backpack strap and absorbing vibration rod brushcutters can handle large areas, without getting tired. Two-handed grip provides precise guidance and, as a consequence, an excellent result. New brushcutters has a powerful two-stroke engine and equipped with an electronic ignition system. Already in the basic motokosy AL-KO have a semi-automatic cutting head with two fishing lines with a diameter of 41 cm and 2-sided metal blade diameter of 25 cm change cutting system is easy and requires no additional tools. This allows us to optimally adapt brushcutters to the working conditions at the site. Options spit further expands Reinforced gearbox and direct steel drive shaft.

With its high capacity, low weight and ease of use, these brushcutters help you save time and effort to give at the same time a professional summary of the work. Lightweight and easy to handle models are equipped with an efficient system to reduce vibration, which consists of self-lubricating bushings and a separator between the handle and the engine. Forged crankshaft and connecting rod ensure durable reliable performance and durability of the tool. Decompression device "Primer" and the system of "Lift Starter" conduct a safe launch and do not require much effort. Model Sparta 25 D has a detachable shaft that makes it easy to transport instrument. Professional piston provides immutable over time, the qualitative characteristics. Oversized flywheel is used for more efficient cooling of the engine, including at high temperatures. Aluminum transmission successfully withstand high loads with heavy use. Aluminum Transmission inner tube and steel rod of 7 cm thick provide maximum power transfer from motor for cutting tools and low vibration. Foam filter provides excellent protection for the engine more at work on pretty dusty areas. Brushcutters oleo-mac sparta 38, sparta 37, sparta, 42 are designed to meet the most difficult and prolonged operations in harsh operating conditions, for example, when a large dusty or high ambient temperatures. Use technological solutions provide the strength necessary to always maintain constant quality. Professional plunger, consisting of 2 segments, which offer not vary with time and quality specifications. Aluminum casing, duct, resistant to shock and Effects of long loads. flywheel is designed for continuous provision of adequate cooling, including high ambient temperatures. The air filter of increased size: great engine protection, especially when working in a dry climate and in conditions of high dust levels. The engine is optimized for high autonomy work. Transmission tube 28 mm in diameter in the model of sparta 38, provides increased level of strength and is an ideal result to the case of intensive and prolonged use.

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