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Air Ions

cat November 6th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Almost all of the "+" ions are derived from natural radioactivity. About 40% of the natural ions come from radioactive minerals in the ground. Each time a radioactive atom decays, releasing alpha particles in air, formed from 50000 to 500 000 pairs of ions. The other 40% comes from radon (Rn) of air (which produces about 250,000 ion pairs for each atom of radon), and 20% comes from cosmic rays (high energy photons from distant supernovae stars). Inside ions room "live" on average, about 30 seconds. before you get to the surface or go into the ground. Outdoors ions "live" is usually a few minutes. Negative ions come from radioactivity and from the evaporation of water.

Just lightning thunderstorms and forest fires also produce ions, but since these ions are not produced during good weather, it's usually only the radioactivity of the water evaporates and the ions produced in the open air. Normal concentration in clear weather negative ions is from 200 to 800 cm3, and positive from 250 to 1500 positive ions per cm3. Concentration indoors is usually less. Within a few hours before the storm concentration "+" ion increases immense, and sometimes exceeds 5000 ionov/sm3. During a thunderstorm, the number of "-" ions increases up to several thousand per cm3, and the number of "+" ion often falls to 500. The ions are usually produced by high-energy processes, such as open flame or very hot object (not hot to ignite). Hot objects usually emit equal numbers "+" and "-" ions.

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