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Virtual World

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Edson Silva Raul Seixas, the bahian rock musician and maluco more beauty of the world, said certain time: ‘ ‘ the civilization if became so complicated That it was so fragile as a computer That if a child to discover the heel of Aquiles/With one alone palito for the engine ‘ ‘ Somebody doubt or disagrees with it? Days of these I placed myself to imagine it. Already it thought to bind the computer and to receive as message that all the system of the Internet was ‘ ‘ deletado’ ‘ of the planet of irretrievable form? Gods in the free one, all the lost data, all easiness of research, everything how much it is text and image, are besteiras or serious, everything irremediably lost as well as in the film ‘ ‘ The Book of Eli’ ‘ perhaps, we turned nomadic creatures for the land, with the vision misty for the last flash, in search of rare units of books printed matters for (who knows) to reconstruct the knowledge acquired and accumulated for the humanity since the beginning of the writing. The task would not be of most easy, but the first steps necessarily would have that to be given without we were certain how much it would be needed still to walk, which would be our limits, where we would go to arrive or same if we would arrive some day sweats of faces and of bodies in would make them to remember, with immense homesickness, that one day, seated in the front of the microcomputer, was enough to clicar in a site of search (or small farm, as they want the purest nationalists) to have access the almost everything who if commented, if wrote, if it spoke, if it saw or if it heard in the whole world and with right the trips for the past, gift and future. As an afterthought, it is better never in the end of the virtual data base. This would be the version most literal of the end of the times, at least of the times of light of the knowledge.

Logical that everything that if learns must be increased of value of judgment and common-sense not to be engolido as absolute truth. The real end of the archive of virtual information would fall as the last devastadora bomb on all knowledge accumulated for the race human being. The screen with the message in any language that: ‘ ‘ the server was not encontrado’ ‘ in he would give calafrios to them, the desperation not to have the power in the tips of the fingers to find the information that we need certainly it would take all to ask: ‘ ‘ Sir, because you abandoned in them? ‘ ‘ , how much to ‘ ‘ You pardon to them because they do not know what they make ‘ ‘ I am not certain that it would be consensus to the eventual exterminadores of the virtual archive Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@

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