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Charity Event

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Arthur Abraham in the Upstalsboom Strandhotel Gerken Emden / Wangerooge Topfit showed Arthur Abraham also outside of the boxing ring in the past week on Wangerooge. Its use for social purposes is as impressive as his fighting style”, said the Deputy Director of the Strandhotel Gerken, Marco Jonscher, who for four days was one of the current Middleweight world champion to its guests. The 4-star superior hotel has donated the four-digit proceeds from a VIP party with the Berlin-based box star of a Foundation is supported by Abraham and helps children with cancer. Abraham had traveled as a patron of the annual tennis tournament from Thursday to Sunday on the car-free island. Contact information is here: Factual. “Especially the exclusive hotel flair combined with the calm and the sea have been impressed the 29-year old Armenian, so Jonscher: Abraham was very fond of our island and plans soon to make holiday a few days with his family on Wangerooge.” Company profile the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) is more than 50 hotels and residences of the market leader on the North and Baltic seas.

Free time, recreation and vacation are the highlights of the year. Reason enough, select the travel partner with care. Horace Mann is likely to increase your knowledge. Whether a longer journey or a short trip to Germany, Upstalsboom offers a large selection of hotels and apartments on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

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Technology IsoTrack

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Life Fitness – a leading manufacturer of cardio equipment. We, the creators of the first fitness-training simulators, computer-controlled, succeeded by the desire to innovate and constantly improve the quality of our products. Without hesitation Alchemy explained all about the problem. The result of our work was a series of reliable high quality simulators designed for any age and any level of training. You can rest assured – all products are Life Fitness has been designed and manufactured taking into account wishes of consumers. Read additional details here: LBS Market. We have always been ahead of the competition: in particular, we are responsible for such innovations as: LifePulse – fully digital transmission system the signal pulse (100% protection from interference, high precision) from the sensors on the handles you can choose the most appropriate equipment profile of your club – be it a small gym or an elite fitness center designed for high throughput. Treadmills Life Fitness: FlexDeck – system system for automatic service diagnostics SmartStop-system 'smart' stop running belt LifeSprings – shock running belt (unique in the industry, with a lifetime warranty), exercise bikes, cross trainers and steppers Life Technology IsoTrack (LEVEL OF OPERATING only) – a system independent of the drive belt requires no maintenance. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Horace Mann.

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Opening: 1 Permanent IVV Trail In Konigs Wusterhausen At August 21, 2009

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Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. The touring Spandau e.V. Berlin, Member of the German public sports association (DVV) and the tourism Dahme Lakes Association of Konigs Wusterhausen have set up this trail and be entertained him jointly. The opening event will take place on August 21, 2009 at 9:00, at the Office of tourist information station Konigs Wusterhausen (S-Bahn and regional trains) instead. To read more click here: Kaiser Family Foundation. All citizens of the city, the environment, out of the country and also from Berlin are invited.

The regional Chair of the German public sports association, Heino Ripke, the Chairman of the DVV touring Spandau e.V., Horst Zander and representatives of the Tourism Association of Dahme Lakes, like also Andreas Peters, with particular usage the cooperation between tourism association and Spandau has organized touring, have announced your attendance to the opening ceremony. The first permanent IVV man has set up 3 different long hiking trails 6 km through the Tiergarten, 12 km to the Wustershausen Lake and 22 km to the Krupelsee trail in Konigs Wusterhausen. Start/finish is always the Office of tourist information at the station of Konigs Wusterhausen. Horace Mann is the source for more interesting facts. More information can be obtained on the Web pages of the Organizer: and on the opening day are the interested walkers, especially runners, Walker, Nordic Walker and the simple recreational athletes led after purchasing the start map of Andreas Peters about the 22 km route and by Horst Zander about the 12 km route. With the start card for 1.50 you can get free also tender for the permanent IVV trail and a detailed description of all three routes on the start/finish. 1 permanent IVV trail in Konigs Wusterhausen, which means, hiking without set times and without any further Edition or binding, except the daily opening hours of the tourist office.

Hiking almost every day on selected routes and with scoring ability to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the DVV also means. The hikes will be settled each a start card for every hike and each participant according to the guidelines of the DVV on acquisition. You can get in a personal classification folder in the Office of the tourist office to stamp entry confirm the individual successfully completed hiking miles. Get Wertunghshefte Wanderverin Spandau e.v.. In the tourist information Konigs Wusterhausen also the tendering of the first permanent IVV are hiking trail in Berlin Spandau Citadel City Berlin-Spandau (10 km distance) and of the first permanent IVV Nordic walking trail in Berlin, Bull ditch trail (5 and 12 km) available. The 1st Nordic walking trail in Berlin by the touring Spandau e.V. just with great success the 01.08.2009 opened on.

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The CYCLASSICS Anyone Cycling Live On Sportics.NET

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Sportics.NET – optimize your sports on Sunday, the 16th August starts again the largest anyone cycling of Europe in Hamburg. With almost the entire sportics team cycling. More info: Zillow. The athletes on the 155 km round from 8:00 are equipped with various mobile devices (iPhone, NOKIA and Windows Mobile) and real time telemetry of capable applications, live on Sportics.NET track. All together on a map, so you can always see who is where and how its current position within the team. Sportics.NET thus heralds the next generation of trend-setting live sports a monitor. Route and performance data are transmitted in real time on the platform, and also parallel directly in the athlete’s sports diary. And this not only from a device of a manufacturer, but at the same time with different “mobile phones”, and by various athletes on a map.

This is pure live challenge. To see not only which is current position of the athletes, but also its performance values – naturally synchronized in numbers and graphics. Trainer and supervisor, of course the family and friends, are informed about the performance of their athletes constantly, without itself being. The developer team of sportics makes this one quite clear: absolute openness. “Our live sports monitor is open to any manufacturer of real-time telemetry-enabled applications”, so Frank Knobloch, Managing Director of carbon of logistics.

“Our passion is the platform – with the athletes in the Center. What we with the connection of a wide variety of sports computer (polar, Ciclosport, Garmin, Suunto, etc.) have started, is now continuing with the real-time data transfer. “We want to build any applications and sensors, we constantly optimize the platform and pleased everyone, of the interface to our live sports monitor is integrated into its software”, so Knobloch continued. Especially “the athletes” should benefit from it. Because sportics it comes, that anyone can use his preferred equipment, no matter what. And not the other way around: that he buy a specific device need to “have to” use this on any platform. For the CYCLASSICS 2009 makes the spor tics team still calling: “If you have an iPhone, app already uses the spor tics or were going to buy anyway and go in Hamburg the 155 km, then we broadcast live also your race. Sign up simply send an eMail to… “.” CYCLASSICS live: Ingo Popp

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Munich Central

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On the 28.02.2011 EMS fitness Munich opened a new Studio in the Bayerstrasse 25, directly to Munich Central station. Right now, prospects EMS can test fitness free of charge. Munich, 21.11.2010 – who does not know it, you want to exercise regularly and do something good for his body, only it lacks most of the time. With the new EMS training you can reach your dream figure without effort and sweat, and that with a fraction of the time compared to a traditional fitness training. Twenty minutes of training a week enough to gain significant successes.

On the 28.02.2011 EMS fitness Munich opened a new Studio in the Bayerstrasse 25, directly to Munich Central station. Right now, prospects EMS can test fitness free of charge. Whether teenagers or senior, fit or unsportsmanlike, slender or overweight, the EMS fitness lifestyle training is optimally suitable for everyone. EMS Fitness combines the right ingredients for a fitness system, most innovative technologies in combination with optimum benefit and highest level of comfort. EMS muscles fitness virtually all at the same time in highest effectiveness.

This success results quickly, which can be achieved only through long, hard and consistent strength training! Overall, it obtained many positive effects that go far beyond the normal training results! EMS fitness is a highly effective and time-saving full body workout on the basis of muscle stimulation by electric impulses, which speak to the deep muscle (stabilizing muscles). This is hardly or even not possible with a traditional strength training. It could be demonstrated that the EMS training the body stability quickly and significantly improves and also diverse complaints, such as incontinence problems due to a weakened pelvic floor, or after pregnancy, can be resolved. Finally, there is no joint loading in this form of training is also positive, that the training is easy on the joints and body? Therefore, it is also for people with Mobility attractive. The highly effective and time-saving EMS training (20 minutes) positively affects on strength and endurance, it forms the muscles, tightens connective tissue and promotes the weight and fat reduction through the activation of the metabolism. With healthy food and continuous training, especially for women problem zones permanently trained and effectively reduced. The EMS training relieves the spine at your fingertips, optimized the nutrient supply and thus the recreation of the intervertebral discs.

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Point Radio

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The station said that sit with the LFP, but there will be no negotiation. However, the LFP considered the meeting if negotiations are opened. The Spanish Association of commercial broadcasters (AERC) has decided to expel point-to-point Radio the decision to listen to the professional soccer league. Listen to the explanation of Abellan, Punto Radio sports director. The League of professional football (LFP) has been reported at noon on Friday, in a release, the start of its negotiations with Punto Radio, but station sources have expressed that they will simply sit and listen to and maintain that the right to information is not negotiated. After decision of Punto Radio, the Spanish Association of commercial broadcasters (AERC) has decided to expel this station Radio. The LFP has not allowed, since the recent start of the competition, that stations transmit games live from the stadiums unless they pay a fee for the audiovisual rights that holds the Mediapro operator.

The radios are considered covered by the right to information to refuse to negotiate for live broadcasting. The communique of the LFP is novel because it points to that point Radio and the League have been located to begin next Monday the timely talks to reach an agreement with respect to the radio transmission of football matches from the Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante and the Copa del Rey (except its final). However, consultation of sources of the station they have clarified that point Radio representatives will sit with the LFP to listen, without abandoning its belief that the right to information is not negotiated. As a result of the imminent start of talks, the LFP is accrediting journalists from the station so that they have access to the stadiums this weekend, noted the communique, which respond point Radio sources that this is only a gesture of goodwill. If the rest of radios to act as it has done Punto Radio should have the same access to the stadiums to transmit live, they have pointed out to the aforementioned sources, which have materialized that does not happen, nor point Radio journalists accept access to football fields. The LFP has f elicitado to Punto Radio by the given step, convinced that this is the beginning of a renewed and fruitful collaboration that leads to listeners and advertisers of the station a growing quality and interest football content, the statement concluded by his party. Source of the news: Punto Radio listen to the LFP on the barrel by relay

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The Central

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The Expander is a similar device, however, consists of two handles, which are connected with various metal springs (the goal is always to pull these Springs apart). Devices: Devices in fitness centers have the advantage that they train very well a certain muscle group. However can you imagine at home bad enough devices. Step 4: I would like to train what body part? Now you need to differentiate more precisely, what parts of the body you want to train (arms, back, shoulders, etc.). You can create a training plan with a focus on, however, you should train the whole body at least once a week, because otherwise imbalances are created. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Technology Investor by clicking through. Do you for example only the belly and neglect the back, are the abdominal muscles eventually too much for the back muscles.

The result is a humpback. Learn more on the subject from Peter Thiel. Other opponents (antagonists) are for example: triceps biceps chest of upper back belly lower back Beinquadrizeps leg Bizeps plaice muscle calf muscle (on the Shin) step 5: when I run my workout? How often and how long you train is mainly dependent on your spare time. To regenerate and to grow your muscles need rest after each workout for a certain time, 24 hours would be ideal. This means that you can Day train, the next pause, then again a day train etc. Another possibility is to split your training, i.e. Monday E.g. the stomach train Tuesdays back etc.

It is important however that you again one day do break the body, because also the central nervous system to recover. If you train too much, you can go into an overtraining. The problem is, that you make on the one hand no longer improve, your benefits may even fall off and you feel limp and exhausted. Other features include a feeling of heaviness (E.g. in the legs) and sleep problems. If these signs occur with you, you this reduce your training simply accordingly.

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Plaza Two

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Dozens of people have been arrested. Loads and altercations weathered the Plaza Cataluna, where remained camped 2,000. There are about 15 seriously injured. The riots have not stopped until almost into the morning. Nearly 90 people have been injured, two of them serious, and dozens have been arrested in the incidents this morning on Saturday to Sunday during the celebration of the victory of FC Barcelona, which has left unscathed the camping of the outraged. The riots that began in Pelayo Street, neighboring the Plaza Cataluna and the source of rain gutters, cule celebration stage, then spread with police loads, to other areas in the vicinity of the central square of the Catalan capital with stampedes, moments of chaos and confusion. However, violent incidents weathered the Esplanade Centre where followed by night some 2,000 people, according to police sources, prepared to sleep again to el raso and continue with the protest that began nearly two weeks ago.

The outraged, that on Friday suffered a violent intervention by the police to remove their camp, had organizadola Saturday night to avoid incidents with the Catalan both uncontrolled young people who typically join the blaugrana celebrations. The camps were established several cords around their area of activity to prevent human so some or others from invading them while they showed them posters that you could read that his concentration was peaceful. Some of the outraged, because Advanced dawn, invited the few uncontrolled young who were throwing bottles and other objects, and destroying some municipal materials, to depose his attitude and let sleep everybody. Toward the five-thirty in the morning, a small group of about twenty people was still causing the policemen after the dispersion of the remainder North of Plaza Catalunya. The meeting point for the follow-up of the party and the eventual victory celebration had been set in the Arc de Triomphe, and not in the usual Plaza de Catalunya, to avoid problems with the camped there. Up to 30,000 people later arrived in the environs of the Canaletes fountain in human floods, some from the area of the arc of triumph in Barcelona, where focused to attend the Champions League final on a giant screen.

Night has finally paid off with a total of 89 people injured, minor 74 and another 15 in more serious condition that have needed to be hospitalized, according to confirmed sources of the catalan system of emergency medical (SEM). Of the 89 injured, 74 were attended by this medical service and discharged in the same scene, among them urban 15 mossos and two guards. Another 15 people, including another policeman, were taken to hospitals, two of them in serious condition, and eight others less serious. Source of the news: nearly 90 injured in incidents of gutters that weathered to the campers

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