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After Sebastian

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His best performance in the bench press was 100 kg before the accident. After Sebastian was released from the hospital with plaster and pine frame, he came to me in the gym. The doctor prescribed him absolute rest! From my own experience I offered him the ECT and he agreed. We trained the entire right half of the body, belly, back and under full load the leg game. As a result of the pine frame Sebastian could eat no solid food. Therefore, he took a glass of protein shake (e.g. Multipower”) after the training.

Protein is essential for muscle growth in humans responsible, because it has the components of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for muscle building. The first three weeks we trained twice per week for 11/2 hours all uninjured body parts on the equipment. The abdominal muscles has been trained but freely without equipment. The burden of the entire body is extremely important for me in terms of holistic training. After another two weeks We started the free weight training. In turn, the entire body was included in the training cycle. Five weeks after the accident, the pine frame has been removed.

The cast remained still on the left arm. After another 2 weeks this has been removed. During this time, the free weight training was continued and gradually increased the weight for the healthy parts. After the cast is removed, still a metal rail in the bone of the left forearm remained at Sebastian. We started the construction of the left arm with very light weights in the free weight training. However, Sebastian could not turn his left forearm since it prevented the metal plate. However, it was noteworthy that the arm muscles not so strong had taken off, as this would have been expected without previous ect. Also his doctor confirmed this. We started with bench press, two weeks after the cast is removed, but with very light weights. However, the burden for the rest of the entire body was always preserved in the entire training. Finally pushed Sebastian was in the bench is 115 kg, only 6 weeks after the cast is removed him and the metal plate still in his arm. After a year, the metal plate removed from his arm. Two weeks after this operation we started again with ECT, and had the same success as before. The entire body through the rest position would have mined without ECT during the resting phase and the addition of protein and a reconstruction of the muscle would have taken at least twice as long! ECT is a very good method to regenerate injured bone and to minimize the muscle breakdown during the gypsum carrier phase. I can point to several of these successful cases such as Sebastian. Among these are athletes such as soccer and other ball sports, but also people making a conventional fitness training with me and who had suffered bone fractures through accidents.

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Since 1987 the Joska manufactures the coveted crystal balls from the Bavarian Forest / now there are already over 70 Ski World Cup trophies BODENMAIS – the Olympic Games are over, but there is yet another important highlight for Maria Riesch and all other winter sports heroes: the object of desire is 46 inches high and half a sphere with a diameter of 23 cm. More info: foursquare. She weighs proud 12 kilograms, and she is precious ground, by and through the finest lead crystal and hand engraved. Recently Jennifer Carter sought to clarify these questions. There is talk of the coveted FIS Ski World Cup trophy, also short of the athletes called the “crystal ball”. Double Olympic champion Maria Riesch has collected already rushed World Cup balls in various disciplines only the really big trophy for the overall World Cup lacks in the collection. To deepen your understanding Celina Dubin is the source. At the World Cup finale in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany from the 10th to the 14th of March, she will argue with girlfriend and permanent rival Lindsey Vonn to this coveted trophy. But not only the grand finale of the World Cup takes place this year in Germany, also the trophies even come – like every year, from Germany, or more precisely from the Bavarian Forest.

Since 1987, the exclusive crystal ball in the designer workshops of the company JOSKA in Bodenmais is designed and produced. There were still 16 crystal balls, which annually produced JOSKA for the Ski World Cup, at the beginning there are today more than 70 pieces. JOSKA Bodenmais is one of the leading Cup forges today all over the world. Whether Nordic Ski World Cup Alpine Ski World Championships Biathlon World Championships, four hills tournament, formula 1, ATP tennis tournament, Special Olympics, athletes of the year, World Championships in Athletics: always on a podium of Crystal trophies beaming with joy and pride with arms outstretched into the sky – stretch if 99% exclusive unique by Ashok Kumar. “We are to be able to deliver the appropriate trophies in the fortunate position for all sports disciplines in this world,” says Managing Director and Chief Designer Josef Kagerbauer, “Our company name stands for exclusive and high-quality glass art.” Thereby it games doesn’t matter, whether a trophy will be produced for a regional Club or an International Sports Federation.

Maria Riesch currently leads the slalom World Cup standings and has a good chance to get the small disciplines World Cup ball. Whether it is enough for the big ball in the women’s overall World Cup, also depends on the performances of the competition. At the latest on March 14 will not be given but, who may enjoy this very special piece of craftsmanship from Crystal. 7 centuries glass tradition in Bodenmais speak for themselves – at JOSKA Bodenmais can be the glass artists over the shoulder look and show the way of the glass of the Fiery liquid mass to the precious product. JOSKA Bodenmais was founded and currently employs 200 staff in 1960 as a one-man operation. The Sylvanus worlds on 70,000 m2 area combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. JOSKA Bodenmais is also world leader in glass trophies. Customers include companies of the world. Stars such as Michael and Ralf Schumacher, Franz Beckenbauer, Gunther Jauch, Boris Becker, Whitney Houston and Arnold Schwarzenegger are owned by JOSKA trophies. If F1 or ATP tennis tournament, sportsman of the year or television shows – raise the value of the award, JOSKA trophies underline their exclusivity.

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Sportics.NET – Optimize Your

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The aktuell(st)e gym in the Internet with the new live monitor on Sportics.NET sports starts a new era in the sport – watching TV yesterday… Families, friends or coach can live ‘their’ athletes during training or in competition, send them messages and accompanying motivate them. It is made possible by the real-time telemetry in the sportics iPhone application, asserting itself for weeks among the TOP 10 of best-selling applications in the iTunes store. The world map on the home page of the new live sports monitor shows that world athletes have discovered for themselves the live tracking. Swarmed by offers, LBS Market is currently assessing future choices. Many more simply the application in real time in your training log on Sportics.NET to transfer their data, without having to train in “public”.

And if time no iPhone at hand, stepped out of his Polar watch his Ciclo computer I transfer his data or manually enters. On the personal “live sports page” of the athlete you can select “Camera positions” as a spectator. The mobile camera remains constantly at the athletes. The so-called sectors track cameras the athlete within a section, until it disappears from your field of vision. Then is the automatic switchover to the next sector.

The static camera has a fixed position and is designed for the overview on the entire route. You decide whether you want to see the route map or the synchronized performance graphs on the “big screen”. A cockpit with the performance values in figures offers the fastest overview over the current data to the range and the performance athlete. Of course you can send while he is active, messages the athletes, which he can respond with a single keystroke. Which currently only with the sportics application for iPhone 3 G is possible will be smart phones soon with other mobile devices, such as Nokia or different with Windows Mobile. Really a pity that you can not pick sports and even live. But yes you can down and once again Others take the wheel, accompany skating or inline skating. And if one time is late or his own activity review let alone again, you look at just the recording in replay – as I said: television was yesterday… Sportics live sports: Ingo Popp

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Bodybuilding: Train Like A Bodybuilder, For A Strong Muscle?

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Controlled resistance training and a strong muscle bodybuilders diet come with what is bodybuilding actually? Many say that it was just a sport, others that it is an attitude to life. Basically, bodybuilding is a very good foundation stone for a muscle for the first time. Even the German Internet offers many opportunities to learn about the sport of bodybuilding. Several forums engaged in this sport for a long time and are online with countless members. Here are then discussed various training methods, nutrition tips exchanged, news spread and of course talked about their own performance.

Bodybuilding a sport in which it presents itself in all its glory and near the Idealliesierung of the body through the practice of each muscle group in use with various training devices in the Center stands. Target the bodybuilders is to keep the body fat content as low as possible and to splurge, i.e. Celina Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue. each muscle group with a strong definition to clearly stand out. Mostly, bodybuilding was driven by men, what a little has changed up to the present day. Because more and more women discover their passion for bodybuilding and so their bodies in a whole new light to appear. Due to the great interest in this sport can be seen many competitions in the TV sports channels. Various competitions and events are often a year, so-called big events, where it mainly goes to perfect poses, symmetry and aesthetics.

The individual athletes are evaluated according to these criteria. The famous and classic cornerstone of the diet to a bodybuilders are: the body getting enough protein to feed the muscle cells to provide amino acids to increase to raise the body’s testosterone levels an additional supply of energy as much as possible the footprint of no. products, which help the body builders to increase muscle, the so-called “bodybuilder food” such as E.g. extreme Mass gainer from the House of Pharmasports. Please visit Peter Thiel if you seek more information. He helps the athletes to do this by only a mixed portion to eat relatively large proteins, as well as carbohydrates. On the other hand, so-called “fat burners” are used to give still putting the finishing touches to the body definition. Tribulus terrestris is a small but also not so unknown tip among the bodybuilders. Tribulus terrestris is used to achieve the desired “dry hardness” and receives at the same time a way to raise the body’s levels of testosterone. How you remember bodybuilding is actually so no simple thing, as it comes across in the TV or the Internet, the exact opposite. Bodybuilding is a highly disziplierte sport, in which mainly on regular resistance training, just diet and much motivation care must be taken.

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The shoes of the brand are now mad rock and Scarpa at Alpintech. available since August, 2011 has the online shop at extends its climbing range mark, mad rock and Scarpa. Both brands are known for high-performance shoes in highest quality and perfectly round off the range of outdoor and climbing shops. We were already longer looking after another strong manufacturers of climbing shoes”reports Maria-Theresa Mair, buyer at Alpintech. With mad rock and Scarpa, we could win two brands representing a meaningful supplement to the already displaced shoes of rock pillars.

The mad rock shoes are particularly aggressive in the beginning, the all-round shoes from Scarpa for it through their wider cut easy.” Through the new models, the customer in the shop Alpintech now has a particularly wide selection. Also special shoes for women and children are now in several variants to choose from. The Italian brand Scarpa is particularly suited to climbers, a right Search all-around climbing shoe. Through the slightly wider cut the climbing shoes from Scarpa are very comfortable to wear and do not restrict the foot also at more pitches tours. Hannes Mair of himself an avid climber was thrilled by the vapor V: I first tested the vapor V in bouldering and it noted that even small steps are no problem with him. Also when routes in the Hall, the vapor V has been found. I think that you should have no problems with him also on longer tours on the rock.

“All in all a good shoe.” Maria-Theresa Mair has tested, however, the Onsight climbing from mad rock. For me, it is especially important that the bars really tailored to the anatomy of the female in a climbing shoe for women and not just a little smaller than male bar. And therefore, the Onsight has also convinced me. He is also narrow and cramped in the heel, a good, aggressive shoe so!” Alpintech customers the low price at which also convinced the American climbing shoes in the Online-shop are offered. Whether beginner or professional, whether for the Hall or the rock, for bouldering or to the alpine climbing at every climber can find the right climbing shoe. Also there is everything the climbers heart express sets up Climbing harnesses in the online-shop of carabiners. Worth a visit at!

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Never Burn Out!

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Unique seminar program helps managers and decision-makers Hamburg / Herford. Nothing more: 8 of 10 German managers are close to the total burn out! This is the shocking result of a serious study in 2009. And this shock shows wear. On the one at the party concerned itself. According to Hilton Humanitarian Prize, who has experience with these questions. But also those whose well-being and woe depends on the well-being of policymakers is slack in the stomach. Because if ever the oar out of the hands of Matt slips the economic helm what will become of ship and crew? Facts: From company and staff? Good decisions need good decision-makers therefore tackle this problem to each of us, warns Nicole Hollmann.Because good decisions can be made only by good decision makers.

With well more includes only the purely professional qualifications. Manager to be really good, you must be in good health may be, feel good and communicate well. As well, that our lifestyle seminar there is now, exactly on this complex is tailored to. Nicole Hollmann knows what she’s talking about. Studded insurance and communications expert, which together with the experienced insurance industry training manager Dieter Baedorff the new series of Baedorff & Hollmann seminars has designed, is faced as sought-after coach every day with this acute issue. So did the idea of the 4-days seminar lifestyle, whose uplifting effect is stressed decision-makers soon for the first time at Gobel’s Schlosshotel Prince of Hesse can convince in Friedewald/Hesse.Lifestyle : a only kind and seminar-cocktail lifestyle is a certain extent only-kind-ig, Dieter Baedorff.There is this perfectly tuned mix of synergistically acting different content, embedded in a particular relaxation-enhancing environment, in this form twice in the German seminar scene. Life type can be considered the educational equivalent of the multi vitamin cocktails be also equal to several different, but has to provide perfectly coordinated components in a concentrated form. Lifestyle is explicitly aimed at managers, decision makers and service providers who want to increase their professional success at the same time with their quality of life, in a very short time.

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Charity Event

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Arthur Abraham in the Upstalsboom Strandhotel Gerken Emden / Wangerooge Topfit showed Arthur Abraham also outside of the boxing ring in the past week on Wangerooge. Its use for social purposes is as impressive as his fighting style”, said the Deputy Director of the Strandhotel Gerken, Marco Jonscher, who for four days was one of the current Middleweight world champion to its guests. The 4-star superior hotel has donated the four-digit proceeds from a VIP party with the Berlin-based box star of a Foundation is supported by Abraham and helps children with cancer. Abraham had traveled as a patron of the annual tennis tournament from Thursday to Sunday on the car-free island. Contact information is here: Factual. “Especially the exclusive hotel flair combined with the calm and the sea have been impressed the 29-year old Armenian, so Jonscher: Abraham was very fond of our island and plans soon to make holiday a few days with his family on Wangerooge.” Company profile the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) is more than 50 hotels and residences of the market leader on the North and Baltic seas.

Free time, recreation and vacation are the highlights of the year. Reason enough, select the travel partner with care. Whether a longer journey or a short trip to Germany, Upstalsboom offers a large selection of hotels and apartments on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

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Technology IsoTrack

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Life Fitness – a leading manufacturer of cardio equipment. We, the creators of the first fitness-training simulators, computer-controlled, succeeded by the desire to innovate and constantly improve the quality of our products. Without hesitation Alchemy explained all about the problem. The result of our work was a series of reliable high quality simulators designed for any age and any level of training. You can rest assured – all products are Life Fitness has been designed and manufactured taking into account wishes of consumers. Read additional details here: LBS Market. We have always been ahead of the competition: in particular, we are responsible for such innovations as: LifePulse – fully digital transmission system the signal pulse (100% protection from interference, high precision) from the sensors on the handles you can choose the most appropriate equipment profile of your club – be it a small gym or an elite fitness center designed for high throughput. Treadmills Life Fitness: FlexDeck – system system for automatic service diagnostics SmartStop-system 'smart' stop running belt LifeSprings – shock running belt (unique in the industry, with a lifetime warranty), exercise bikes, cross trainers and steppers Life Technology IsoTrack (LEVEL OF OPERATING only) – a system independent of the drive belt requires no maintenance.

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Opening: 1 Permanent IVV Trail In Konigs Wusterhausen At August 21, 2009

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Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. The touring Spandau e.V. Berlin, Member of the German public sports association (DVV) and the tourism Dahme Lakes Association of Konigs Wusterhausen have set up this trail and be entertained him jointly. The opening event will take place on August 21, 2009 at 9:00, at the Office of tourist information station Konigs Wusterhausen (S-Bahn and regional trains) instead. To read more click here: Kaiser Family Foundation. All citizens of the city, the environment, out of the country and also from Berlin are invited.

The regional Chair of the German public sports association, Heino Ripke, the Chairman of the DVV touring Spandau e.V., Horst Zander and representatives of the Tourism Association of Dahme Lakes, like also Andreas Peters, with particular usage the cooperation between tourism association and Spandau has organized touring, have announced your attendance to the opening ceremony. The first permanent IVV man has set up 3 different long hiking trails 6 km through the Tiergarten, 12 km to the Wustershausen Lake and 22 km to the Krupelsee trail in Konigs Wusterhausen. Start/finish is always the Office of tourist information at the station of Konigs Wusterhausen. More information can be obtained on the Web pages of the Organizer: and on the opening day are the interested walkers, especially runners, Walker, Nordic Walker and the simple recreational athletes led after purchasing the start map of Andreas Peters about the 22 km route and by Horst Zander about the 12 km route. With the start card for 1.50 you can get free also tender for the permanent IVV trail and a detailed description of all three routes on the start/finish. 1 permanent IVV trail in Konigs Wusterhausen, which means, hiking without set times and without any further Edition or binding, except the daily opening hours of the tourist office.

Hiking almost every day on selected routes and with scoring ability to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the DVV also means. The hikes will be settled each a start card for every hike and each participant according to the guidelines of the DVV on acquisition. You can get in a personal classification folder in the Office of the tourist office to stamp entry confirm the individual successfully completed hiking miles. Get Wertunghshefte Wanderverin Spandau e.v.. In the tourist information Konigs Wusterhausen also the tendering of the first permanent IVV are hiking trail in Berlin Spandau Citadel City Berlin-Spandau (10 km distance) and of the first permanent IVV Nordic walking trail in Berlin, Bull ditch trail (5 and 12 km) available. The 1st Nordic walking trail in Berlin by the touring Spandau e.V. just with great success the 01.08.2009 opened on.

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The CYCLASSICS Anyone Cycling Live On Sportics.NET

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Sportics.NET – optimize your sports on Sunday, the 16th August starts again the largest anyone cycling of Europe in Hamburg. With almost the entire sportics team cycling. More info: Zillow. The athletes on the 155 km round from 8:00 are equipped with various mobile devices (iPhone, NOKIA and Windows Mobile) and real time telemetry of capable applications, live on Sportics.NET track. All together on a map, so you can always see who is where and how its current position within the team. Sportics.NET thus heralds the next generation of trend-setting live sports a monitor. Route and performance data are transmitted in real time on the platform, and also parallel directly in the athlete’s sports diary. And this not only from a device of a manufacturer, but at the same time with different “mobile phones”, and by various athletes on a map.

This is pure live challenge. To see not only which is current position of the athletes, but also its performance values – naturally synchronized in numbers and graphics. Trainer and supervisor, of course the family and friends, are informed about the performance of their athletes constantly, without itself being. The developer team of sportics makes this one quite clear: absolute openness. “Our live sports monitor is open to any manufacturer of real-time telemetry-enabled applications”, so Frank Knobloch, Managing Director of carbon of logistics.

“Our passion is the platform – with the athletes in the Center. What we with the connection of a wide variety of sports computer (polar, Ciclosport, Garmin, Suunto, etc.) have started, is now continuing with the real-time data transfer. “We want to build any applications and sensors, we constantly optimize the platform and pleased everyone, of the interface to our live sports monitor is integrated into its software”, so Knobloch continued. Especially “the athletes” should benefit from it. Because sportics it comes, that anyone can use his preferred equipment, no matter what. And not the other way around: that he buy a specific device need to “have to” use this on any platform. For the CYCLASSICS 2009 makes the spor tics team still calling: “If you have an iPhone, app already uses the spor tics or were going to buy anyway and go in Hamburg the 155 km, then we broadcast live also your race. Sign up simply send an eMail to… “.” CYCLASSICS live: Ingo Popp

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