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Central Europe

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Contrary to what many skeptics pose, the tarot is origins at the beginning of the 9th century, when the Gypsy tribes who came from Egypt and North of the India began to practice it. Despite this, the creation of Tarot cards not could attributed to Gypsies, but the communities of Central Europe, more specifically in Romania, France and Italy. The influence of the Western culture of these peoples was that contributed so characteristic of the tarot mystic and spiritual elements. Spiritual friend of man since remote times, the tarot has positioned itself as one of the most popular divination techniques of our times. The classic deck boasts 78 figures, where 22 correspond to the major arcana and the minor arcana 56. The different styles in which are grouped the minor arcana are Oros, Copas, Espadas and Bastos. In turn, each of these clubs has 14 letters represents a particular facet of the consultant, whether spiritual or physical appearance. Basically, the reading of the letters of Tarot is done in ascending order in which they appear the 22 major arcana.

From the positions of the cards can be interpreted long subtraction that contained predictions be fulfilled. Hence, it is essential that who query each figure known to fund and what predictions set forth. The most feared is, of course, the letter of death. However, this may refer to profound changes or the end of a stage, and not necessarily to death itself. On the other hand, wheel of Fortune alludes to the vicissitudes of the destination throughout the life cycle. It also announces changes imminent, analogous to the ups and downs to which we are subjected during our existence.

I.e. in a wheel, both increases and decreases are inevitable, but not impossible to overcome. La Torre and El Loco certainly similar messages provided. The Tower expresses the need to adapt to the changes that arise and shows us those harmful elements on which we have based our experiences and we must eliminate. The fool warns about the risks make sudden changes in our lives, without too much analysis in terms of its consequences. Thus, the tarot, friend and counselor shows us the way to happiness, to put us in contact with the hidden forces of the universe and guiding us with great wisdom.

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Red Cross

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Then worked in defence of the victims of the HIV/AIDS, particularly by peasants from Henan, who were infected by selling their blood, which earned him his first arrest in this province in 2002. Along with his wife Zeng Jinyan, who found when he was a volunteer for the Red Cross, Hu uses new technologies like the internet and cell phone, to keep foreign journalists informed about other dissidents, among them his friend Gao Zhisheng. (Similarly see: Peter Thiel). China has always been one dictatorship expressed in an interview with AFP in 2007. There is now the possibility to democratize this country for the first time in 5,000 years of history. So I feel privileged to live this era and this explains what I do.

We must not forget, that Hu, along with his wife, Zeng Jinyan(24 anos), another well-known activist, has become in recent years one of the most critical voices against Beijing, and one of the most open to make statements to the foreign media. Expa may not feel the same. From August 2006 to March 2007, Hu and Zeng remained in house arrest 214 days during 2007, and in December the husband was arrested a few days after both were parents. This experience the Prisoners of the Freedom City documentary was born. Detention accused him of inciting subversion to State, using as evidence of Hu interviews to foreign media. House arrest did not prevent activist writing almost every day information to the press in which they spoke of the harassment to which they were subjected and denounced other cases of persecution to fellow activists who referred to various media, including EFE.

His wife, meanwhile, had the experience of arrest and persecution in a well-known blog, censored in China and which earned him to be named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2006 by the American magazine Time. As review it. It should not be forgotten that in 2006, for 41 days, Hu was in unknown whereabouts, arrested by the authorities in a basement. Apparently, the reason for the detention was supporting a hunger strike in protest at the police brutality in China. It is also a coalescer of dissidents: has always sought to celebrate in your House meetings with lawyers, activists and other people who, for some reason or other, are against the current Chinese Communist regime, in order to create a common front against Beijing. That discontent led him to write along with lawyer Teng Biao an article under the title of the Olympic Games and the real China, which documented numerous violations of human rights committed by the authorities in the Asian country and called on the international community to put pressure on Beijing on the occasion of the celebration of the great sporting event. Definitely just that to so selfless struggle, perseverance, will recognize his actions and has been granted a fair award.

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Nice Park

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As for handicrafts, besides the craft market there are many places that offer beautiful work done by hand, the most common deals include: huipiles, dresses adorned with colorful motifs that tend to be embroidered and still wearing a many Yucatecan women; traditional guayaberas (cotton men’s shirts) ideal for hot weather that makes the most of the year in the State; Sun beds (beds hanging silk and cotton and woven by hand) and delicate pieces in gold, silver and precious stones. The less common crafts include Maquech, a species of beetle that is only found in the region and embed that brilliant pebbles in the back and a gold chain for use as an adornment and to take as a gem, but most of the buyers have them as pets. Something that beautifully spare to Merida are its parks, especially in the Center. technology investor addresses the importance of the matter here. Many of these parks have free wireless Internet service. A block of the main Park and its beautiful Cathedral San Idelfonso of Renaissance facade started to be built in 1561, by request of King Felipe II, is located the Parque Hidalgo (Calle 60 x 59) and next to the famous Teatro Jose Peon Contreras and his coffee; a few blocks from this we find the Santa Lucia(Calle 60 x 55) park surrounded by beautiful hotels and where the Thursday night resort many couples to listen to the famous Yucatecan Serenade and Sunday morning becomes a bazaar of crafts and antiques; a little further to the South are the Park of Santiago, (Calle 59 x 72) near a well-known coffee where you can listen to music of guitars on Saturday night; they are also the mother Park (Calle 60 x 57); the Nice Park of Mejorada (Calle 59 x 50) opposite the Faculty of architecture of the Autonomous University of Yucatan and the Park of Santa Ana (Calle 60 x 47) which often presents a market of artisans of Oaxaca that offers among other things cute dresses and blouses from ideal to give a stroll by the beach blanket and cotton. .

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Facebook Data

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Social networks, with Facebook at the head, have revolutionized the way of understanding and using the Internet, thus generating new unknowns some of them with a difficult solution (in particular those related to the privacy and protection of data). Through this article raised some of these unknowns that we will try to respond, while the Spanish data protection agency provides us with its own recommendations: meant in fact no. 1: company a wall (X) creates a user of Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook users express their tastes, put your comments, photos, videos and can receive news about X as alerts or messages within the network itself. Turns X into the file manager? A company becomes responsible for a file when it decides the purpose, content and use of a file that contains personal data. Although X can decide on the purpose and use that will make the data of users of Facebook, the truth is that you don’t have decision-making capacity on the contents of the file, since that is subject to the limitations imposed by Facebook in its own network. Nor does it seem clear that wall of X can be considered an organized set of personal data that allows access to data according to certain criteria (which is the definition of file that provides the rules) therefore, and notwithstanding that AEPD opine differently in the near future, X will not be liable for data contained in Facebook while not removing the social network the personal data of users of the same.

In fact meant no. 2: Facebook Connect the plot thickens. In this case, Facebook and X want that data from their respective files are displayed in their own services online; i.e. If the user has a profile on Facebook, your name and photo appear on some own x (games, applications) online service and X user activity is published automatically (and provided that the user allows it) on his Facebook wall.

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RSS Know

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That’s all! Without names or surnames, or application of where you live or your address of residence or telephone numbers. Scratch all that. Then publish your event. There are two basic ways to publicize your event in ticketea. One of them is by creating a web page with all the basic information on it that can include photos to give you more enhancement to content.

The other is making a video where you explain what you’re giving to promote. Either one way or another, or by using both, you have total freedom, I repeat, total freedom, that you organize your web page or your video in a personalized way. We’ll we not enter us nothing in terms of the production of these tools; all you provide is the web space to publish your event. To promote your event. Sure that you know what social networks, are treated and if you don’t know it doesn’t matter. It is always time to learn.

Social networks, both for those who know topic for those who do not, are excellent means to reach the largest number of Internet users. Many events have had a tremendous success thanks to its disclosure in many of these social networks. Some with which has direct contact ticketea are: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, news of Google, etc. These are all valuable tools that you can make your event one of the most published in the vast world of the Internet. Sell your tickets. Unless in the case of something free, you can sell the tickets to your event in many ways, including payment with credit cards if the possibility can be. Ticketea per each sold ticket logres, will be charged 8% of it; If this is the first idea of this paragraph says, you don’t need to give us anything. Very simple.

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Markarte Invited

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Table on training for employment, current economic analysis and prospects of the sector Markarte was invited by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, as a collaborator of Madrid technology company to the table of training for employment in the ICT sector e-commerce, held July 13 at the Hall of acts of the Government of Economics AreEmployment and citizenship, located on the street Gran Via, Madrid 24. The purpose of this table is the serve as guidance for the preparation of possible lines of formation of the Agency for the employment of the city of Madrid. Attended as speakers and participants the main sectoral associations most representative of administration, social partners, associations and companies of the sector. Among them AMETIC (Multisectorial Association of electronics companies, technologies of information and communication, the telecolumunicaciones and digital content, Adigital (Spanish Association for the Digital economy), ANEI (National Association of Internet companies. The Manager of the Agency for the employment of Madrid, Javier Serrano de Toledo who took good note of the debate raised in the current circumstances of employment in this sector was also present. Some of the most relevant shares raced in charge of: J.L.

Zimer (Adigital) which pointed to the need to promote entrepreneurship for self-employment, provoke and encourage facilities to occur from both public institutions and private companies for generates professional and encourage them. By Fernando San Martin Enterprise Barrabes, explained the need for the Spanish company know through training for what use the technology and how to make performance. Esther Lopez, as a participant from Madrid technology, transmitted to all attendees that has been created the bag of self-employment in Madrid technology to facilitate access to this much-needed labor situation at the moment. Commented emphatically crushing the gap currently for young, suffering employment in these times of a work stoppage very pressing. He also insisted on the need to assess the professionalism of Internet, to increase its recognition to encourage the customer to hire professionals for these services.

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