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Information Portal

cat September 10th, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

It is understood that to achieve the popularity of the Internet resource honest methods is not easy, but possible. Implying the effective, fair promotion? I'll take the example of studio of web-technologies Design Insight" with the following criteria: – Sophisticated navigation – prescribed by relevant keywords – thoughtful headlines – good layout – honest content – search engine optimization. In general, an ideal site. Moreover, the website has a good PR (PageRank) and TIC (Citation Index). Can I earn on this website using his supposedly attendance? The answer is simple – No, No! With all due respect to this Site by users, professionals and retrieval systems, it attendance will be insignificant for earnings in the Internet. But why, because everything is thought out and implemented? In this case we have (like it or not) advertising platform! Tell me, how often do you read promotional spam, or on their own watch TV commercials? Personally, I do not often! That is why for earnings in the Internet news site needs. See hilton family for more details and insights. The site, which contains unique content, fresh interesting information. The information which I would like share, which is read with enthusiasm.

When a user goes to an interesting article, read it, certainly, a positive share with friends and colleagues! Thus, the site will unwind by the readers by visitors, not your investment in search engine optimization (which is also helpful). A (non) secret of success – information. The site should provide information. Fill your site, write articles, write criticism, quotes and Analyze the press. The more useful on the site (interesting) information, the better chance of success. Sure it's current articles to see how search engines index the article! If you have a lot of unique articles, news and topics (which are only on your website) you can be sure that the searches you'll be on top. 2. From idea to realization of one month (practical example) the requirement – the project must be opportunity to include in its database Specialists (web consultants) who are in private practice on the Internet.

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Future Advantages

cat November 7th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Today, an integral part of most modern websites is an interactive Flash-animation, which was developed with the support of Macromedia (Macromedia). The presentation, advertisements and banners on web pages become a familiar thing in the investigation of the flash-technology does not cause the old hype for most Internet users. That is why, until recently, the Internet began to emerge on a platform of flash technology integers Web resources, and outputting not only their individual pages. User-friendliness of this resource is an essential task of the webmaster. And then the question arises: Does this satisfy the requirements of the flash sites? Flash-design elements, Unlike ordinary gif-animations, implies a close relationship ActioScript scripting language and multimedia technologies. Technical problems arise with the most complex elements.

The stumbling block between flash-and web technology Web browsers have become plagin modules that are used to create multimedia projects. In the absence of certain modules in a browser problem viewing the flash elements. This may be the case perezht advertising banners. But as if the site is to be made entirely on a platform of flash? A bit of flash sites. In the west, on a platform of flash sites often, so onidavno use and create these resources. For several reasons, in runet such sites do not many. 1) Flash-built websites without the use of html, so the search engines to index them poorly (or not indexing). Here no promotion will not help in search engine ranking does not get.

It is likely that in future this problem will be solved. 2) Runet officially formed just 10 years ago. Too little time for a serious entry into the World Wide Web. 3) Sites on the platform flash can not be regularly replenished. So do not count on higher attendance. 4) Implement the most convenient features for the user (eg, search) can not be quite a lot of flaws in flash-technologies, but nevertheless should not abandon it altogether. Home Page does not go unnoticed if it is made in the form of spectacular clique.

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