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Loss of purchasing power of wages; 6 Collapse of basic companies of Guyana; 7 Closure of more than 40 percent of private manufacturing companies that existed in 1998; and 8.-loss of spaces of freedom (associated with the dismemberment of the fundamental democratic institutions). Startapp addresses the importance of the matter here. Among the most significant figures of current public management results are the following: at the beginning of this regime, there were nine hundred thousand workers in public administration, today there are 2.3 million; the national Government has intervened over 600 farms (2.5 million hectares); He has spent more than 8 billion dollars in purchases of weaponry; the strong bolivar has lost 55% of its purchasing power; inflation accumulated during the last eleven years is 733%; GDP during 2009 ended negatively by 2.9%, and in the first half of this year fell by 3.5%; the Government has a 731 media media latifundia; the number of homicides for 1998 was 4,500 and during 2009 reached 19,400 victim – figure that exceeds to countries like Iraq and Mexico-; nine million Venezuelans are in situation of poverty and of them – in the revolutionary Venezuela – 3 million bed on an empty stomach; There are 150 thousand teachers hired in the Ministry of education (non-holders of the position they occupy); went abroad 4,000 Venezuelan doctors; 80% of our oil exports go to USA; 300 species of animals are in danger of extinction; of every 100 dollars entering the country, 94 are from oil exports; in the eleven years of this regime, it has had three years with special powers to legislate; the violence left about 300 dead during the weekends in the country; the CTV reported that there are more than two hundred collective agreements expired in the public administration; the private sector exported only 3 billion dollars annually; There are a million people infected by the evil of Chagas disease; during the current government management insecurity has generated more than 150 thousand murders; According to data the real income of the D and strata reflects a fall of 14% and 13%, respectively; the regaladera of money to other countries exceeds 60 billion dollars; the President of Pdvsa earns monthly 60 thousand bolivares fuertes more representation expenses; 97% of the crimes committed in the country unpunished; reports of assassination attempt pass 50; the President watch is worth 263 thousand bolivares fuertes (Bs.F.

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