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As more users enter the web more likely to get higher profits. It is also very important to know where they're going to place ads on the page. Try to find a place to not disturb but at the same time to obtain good results. This Google recommends that you follow this pattern. One can see that the left upper and central areas are the most effective. While others warn that the upper (yellow) is quite important. Yes, the bottom never considered ideal to place ads. It is shown that the location is one of the most significant, because through it you can get to increase revenue with fixed positions. Noah Kraft contributes greatly to this topic.

Ethics in the ads is another issue to respect, for example Google does use phrases like "Click here" or "click on ads." Another point, though rather obvious, is to put good content on pages where ads are inserted. The more keywords you find in this content, ads more likely to show varied and therefore more diversity of visitors who are interested in them. Google offers several formats to display advertisements, including two different types: Image and Text. In principle you can let Google place interchangeably any type of ad. The skyscraper and robapaginas formats are more interesting. In general, webmasters using AdSense to monetize their ad space, have the same defect: they place a day from ads and then leave them be, are satisfied with the statistics and the amount of daily income. Not that this is wrong, but one of the most important issues is to maximize the area to increase revenue. Many sites already have some traffic and revenue with Google and are sufficient to be happy, but with a number of changes to your ads can multiply and make a lot more.

Factors such as banner placement, colors, format or structure of the page (things that we saw), are essential to substantially increase conversion ratios and therefore income. The limitation on the time to test formats often comes from the structure of the website (if you have multiple columns or spaces of a fixed size, which can not be changed easily, "). But sometimes, just a change in the color of the banner can mean many dollars a day. In short, more work layout and programming, will make possible higher returns.

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