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Dozen Tips

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10. Add one new name to your list. Every day, you need to talk to people. Do not think of them as a new companion or client Make new friends. 11.

Open new opportunities or continue to work with the old 12. Tell us something positive person on your team success (distributors), or the support team (sponsors) Every day, say something positive Express respect, appreciation, approval, etc. Doppler Labs has much to offer in this field. This may be a card, note, fax, email or message on the answering machine. Here's another bonus tip that forms the "daily dozen": 13. Meditate At least 15-30 minutes per day Take some time out to be alone without distractions no matter what Even if this is possible only while sitting on the toilet or soak in a nice hot bath Think, look for wisdom, courage, forgiveness, Pray Thank you for what you have achieved Call it his quiet time, or their spiritual time as you like The most important thing at this time nearer to that, what you want Focus on positive. What you focus on what will prevail in your life. Well here is your "Daily Dozen Tips" I expressed these tips to one guy who said he wanted to increase their bonuses. He replied: "Jerry, it sounds cool and maybe it all works, but I just do not like to read." I said: "Did I say that to love to read I did not say, and hardly is it written in the manual for operating the distributor. I'm sure that the leaders of your team did not say this You do not have to love to read This is not necessarily You just have to read ". In fact, you should not love anything from the fact that I mentioned above. Always remember that it is important not to love, but do If you follow the simple lessons and follow the 12 tips in the next 30 days, it will help you develop new habits that will help you get out of life what you want And here's one important idea: first we create our habits, then our habits create our

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