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Industrial Revolution

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With passing of the years, and the concretion of the appearance of the writing, it is that the first registered documents appear, motivating the necessity of a place that could store these written documents. It was to leave, of this necessity that creates the libraries, since the greater of that period was the Library of Alexandria. Other great factors that had materialize in fact the scientific communication had been, in first place, the increasing number of universities created in the Europe, due to Industrial Revolution and in second, when from the Scientific, occured Revolution in Century XVII (IT HISSES, 2000, P. 19), it provided the increase of varied publications, allowing the creation of periodic the scientific ones (GRACIOUS, 2006, P. 41). 3,1 CONTEMPORANEIDADE the scientific communication had great advances in the production of new scientific knowledge had, mainly, to the appearance of the Internet, which became possible to all reach diverse public in the planet and, still, to provide a fast dissemination of the information, as form to always keep the individual communicating the new scientific discoveries. With this approach, We read (2003, P.

15) it discourses that the sprouting of the Internet and its fast expansion had promoted deep alterations in the way to organize the society, a time that diminishes the barriers of geographic and secular distance. The possibility to find and to contact individuals saw computer networks of world-wide reach leads to the establishment of a cibercultura, the sociocultural model that emerges of the simbitica relation between the society, the culture and the technologies of produced base microelectronics in the decade of 70. With the advent of the technology and great advances occurred in the field of science, the scientific communication walked the wide steps the new progressos, therefore the Internet provided a fast dissemination of the information of scientific scope, contributing for the biggest reach of public not only in the half academic, but it are of it, becoming, the main vehicle of the scientific communication, modernly.

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