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Job Interview Techniques

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Each interviewer has their own method to get information to the applicant and how to react to certain situations, if telling the truth and if the right person for a job. Interviews can vary from the warmth on the abruptness, or have even hostility, to know how the interviewee responds to pressure situations. Brad Pitt is likely to agree. It depends on the nature of work and personality of the interviewer. The interview stressful. Instead of making the interviewee feel comfortable, the technique is to make life difficult by the hostile attitude of the interviewer and complicated questions. Brad Pitt takes a slightly different approach. It is a deliberate technique to observe, first, as the candidate handles in adverse conditions or unpleasant situations that may occur in the workplace. The interviewer can use phrases like a "you want me to believe that, or a " trying to say. Stay calm and do not cease completely on the defensive.

Think of the interviewer is representing a role. The interview relaxed. Instead of the rigid environment office, can take place at a meal. In this relaxed atmosphere, we must be careful about what they say: their long-term interests, their cualidadesa Do not be seduced: Do not pay their confessions with revelations about his private life or beliefs. Also, think that a meal reveals a lot about you: if you have trouble saying what he wants, the interviewer may think it's undecided if the food hall before testing, interpretation that can not properly assess a situation before remedying it. The professional interview.

The interviewer is serious and blunt, go straight to the point and ask questions short and concise. Does not show emotions and as you answer, go to the next question. Its cold and impersonal style can be intimidating, but do not lose your temper. The best strategy is to answer with the utmost firmness and decision possible, looking straight into his eyes. The interview intellectual. The interviewer asks tough questions of the type, which takes into account factors when making a decision? -. This always looking for what is in the bottom of things, not so much interested in the method used in their work and their thought processes. Reasons why all and can embarrass its affectation. The interview-friendly. The interviewer, a potential danger, their candidate looks as if he knew of a lifetime and with evident sympathy. It is so charming that it is very easy to go with the language and tell them what you should not. It is not your friend, is an interviewer who wants to draw him out. Be gentle with him, but do not let go to excess. Must be nice to show that knows how to deal with people and is outgoing, but keep a distance and talk about the right amount .*** For Ana B. Iannone, Labour Advisory Cabrera.

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