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Latin American Institute

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One of these programs is network school designed by the Latin American Institute for educational communication (ILCE). The advance of the information technologies and communication provide us an opportunity to incorporate them into the process-learning and thus influencing the development of competencies not only of learners or educators but of the entire school community. The proposal for follow-up, is a tool to improve the pedagogical and operational activities which includes reorient the coordination of distance education teaching jobs. Objective: Establish a permanent monitoring in the periodic preparation of bi-monthly plans, schedules, and final reports. Methodology: Working with 331 schools of level Basic media (primary), carried out pedagogical and operational technical interviews which are recorded in the respective formats. Applies the questionnaire to front class teachers and learners, obtaining response of weaknesses and strengths.

Based on the previous perform a first talk friendly with the teachers group and executives, to resolve the doubts and performed exercises through CD.Seductive. , navigation on the Internet and collaborative projects. Different results indicate that it should strengthen the talks with teachers so that they affect in the classrooms of media and generate evidence of learning with students. Conclusions: Can detect a significant difference in the process teaching and learning, which gives us greater strength to continue with the proposal of monitoring and evaluation to improve the quality of education. PROPOSAL FOR MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF THE CLASSROOM OF SCHOOL NETWORK MEDIA. Presentation network school project integrates the use of information technologies and communication for the benefit of the learning process, by its very nature requires a constant work of improvement and innovation that allows you to respond to the diverse needs and challenges posed by the elementary and secondary education in our State. The main actions of tracking purposes are: promote the educational use of technological resources in the classroom media, awareness of the impact and implications of the use of technology in the educational process, provide guidance and academic support to the classrooms of media makers and sustain the project Tecnico-pedagogico of the school network, at the State level in the coordination of distance education.

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