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Microsoft Virtual

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From it, IBM developed some commercial systems supporting virtualizao, between which celebrity OS/370. The dominant trend in the systems at that time was to supply to each user an environment complete mono-user, with its proper operational system and applications, completely independent and disentailed of excessively using environments of LAUREANO, 2008. One of the concepts of virtualizao of desktops that frequent they are used in the companies is that one that if installs applicatory one of virtualizao in desktop of the user. Some examples of applicatory are: VMware Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC and Parallels Workstation. This concept comumente is used when a necessary user to use two or more operational systems, normally for test of some application that is developing. Another concept that has been very useful for companies who has points of remote attendance, without link with the date to center main of the company, and that for being isolated, they are it are of the control and the politics of security of the company. For these situations the VMware offers VMware ACE, that allows the creation of virtual machines with security politics, which can be delivers these remote users to use. The security politics will be kept same without connection with the net.

As example of politics, we can cite: which I pass through of entrance and exit is allowed in that virtual machine, that devices could be used, etc. Also is possible to determine a time of life for the virtual machine, to criptografar it and to protect it against copy, preventing that the virtual machine is clonada. It also has that old one and known type, that for having appeared at another time, did not take the virtualizao in its name, but that it can be considered as such. I am saying of the terminal services, as Microsoft terminal services and the celebrity Citrix Presentation Server (old Metaframe virtual Maquina a virtual machine (Virtual Machine VM) can be defined as an efficient and isolated duplicate of a real machine Diagram of a virtual machine LAUREANO, 2008.

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