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NLP and the Domino Effect

cat October 8th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

With some NLP techniques we can travel in a certain way, through time return to experiment internally something that has happened to us of children (for example) and has led us to some trauma and modify it from our mind on the current situation. Because the neuro-linguistic programming, provides the person certain resources, a guide to learn how to use our brains and work the internal States. You can use resources of NLP as your own instruction manual, to learn how to use the software for your brain.(which incidentally, generally not be teaches us!) If something has happened in the past, this event, depending on the degree of gravity, altered, surely, conditioned many decisions made from that moment until today. He produced the Domino effect first tab, falls on the second, and the third and pushes all towards the end. What happens to us today is the result of the past and we can describe it from an image, a metaphor the nexus between the past and today you can see it as a very thin thread almost invisible a species of spider, which comes from children if something happened there, that movement continues to generate vibrations, shock wave, is perhaps imperceptible or we cannot see it consciously today but there is and influence current decisions i.e., that thin thread moves still day means that movement or primary agitation is influencing your present and also because something has played in the presentthat you referred to that last time! If you liken it to effect dominated, as I said before, maybe to something unresolved in the past, it spreads, magnified, and translates into something limiting in the present with the PNL, we can identify and transform these past experiences that were perhaps traumatic, and use them in a way such that they become experiences, and that work with NLP transcends time and space and can be made from our mind! Why do it? Because to achieve behaviors, actions, ways to decide and act different feeling better and generating better results successful results for our lives,…today! (You can read something more about this here: > successful results with NLP <) For example: suppose that some time, at age 6, a child felt ridiculed before a group of people who did pranks because he could not speak properly and before which failed to respond or react.

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