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Pivot Tables Excel – A Powerful Tool Financier

cat April 26th, 2015 by Virtual Keeper

Most often I use pivot tables to analyze downloaded from 1C postings. On this example I will try to explain the summary tables. The original table has something like this: By the way, 1S not able to unload the wiring in convenient for analyzing and processing the form. The standard report on transactions is useful for viewing, but not further processing. These are represented in the merged cells, all information on the wiring (type, document number, comment, an account debit and credit accounts subkonto) merged into a single string. Thus, any sort, or filter the data, nor pass them for processing in another program can not. I use to upload your own development, which creates a table, similar reports on transactions, but each piece of information about the wiring is placed in a separate cell.

Additionally, you receive additional information useful for grouping and analysis data such as name accounts debits and credits, the type and paper costs for the expensive bills, monthly postings, the amount in thousands of rubles. To build a pivot table, you need to become any cell in the data list and select Data menu – Summary. " Then you can follow the instructions in the wizard create a PivotTable, and you can just click "Finish" and collect the table manually. Tip! Remove button create a PivotTable on a standard toolbar instruments. As a result of this operation, you will get the report template on a separate sheet: A list of fields that you see in the picture contains the column headings data list, on which built a summary table.

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