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Psychic Vampires Energy

cat December 19th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

I am often asked how I stay happy and motivated all the time. The answer has two parts to it, positive and self-talk. Many years ago I had a colleague who was always complaining about everything and everyone in your life. Every day, when he reached the office, beginning “not going to believe this … can you imagine that he did … This will not work, I’m so tired …” and so on. This would be every day, and would lead to everyone in the office of nuts! It was what I like to refer to a “psychic vampire,” someone who tries to weasel out of his great thoughts and energy.

Their negative energy put down if you allowed him to penetrate. The negative thoughts that occurred to him constantly really affected some of the employees. She was so negative of the light will light when you left a room! Do you know someone well in your life? Do you know someone who is constantly trying to suck the life force from you or those around you? Surround yourself with positive I left my absolute law that do not allow negative people anywhere near me. My energy is too precious, so protect me. I just surround myself with people who are positively charged both mentally and physically.

The exchange between us is vibrant and energizing, not depleting the ozone. We are all made of energy, and release and take in energy with every breath and thought. We must be very careful with whom you interact with and who we allow in our area of energy. So word of warning: – – – – Do not allow anyone the opportunity to steal your life force! POSITIVE SELF TALK The important distinction is being aware of my own speech. “The talk in my own mind is even more important than what others say. Keep your thoughts positive. If you are trapped in negative self-talk stop time and change the internal vibration. You should be aware of the time you are saying or thinking good things about yourself.

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