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Samaritano Hidding

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Question 4: Most of the children already has more or less defined the interests for the future or still reveal drifters? Graph 4: It was observed that 67% of the children and adolescents already have defined its professional choices, while 33% still meet drifters in this subject. Question 5: When the adolescents comment on that they want to be when to grow, what they consider in the job? Graph 5: We observe that the criteria most important for the children and adolescents in the choice of the profession are careers that more are valued and that they help the people, being that 50% had chosen this reply. 25% of the adolescents had answered that an important characteristic in the profession is that this is valued personally. The remain, 25% answered that the decisive factor in the choice of profession is that this brings more financial return. FINAL CONSIDERAES We year as pupils of psychology reach our expectations waited for the period of training in the institution Samaritano Hidding place, under the supervision and the aid of the Dra teacher. Ana Paula and with the professionals of the institution.

In this period of training we conclude our research standing out that the majority of the young already has defined its professional choices, was also observed that most of the children and adolescents agrees that the study is an important and decisive factor in the choice of the profession, while others consider important to like the profession that will go to exert. This period of training in them made possible the comment of the behaviors and choices of the children and adolescents, being able to assimilate the studied theories. Concluding, the project was a very important experience for we, therefore we had the chance to better know the rules, the routines and practical of the Institution the Samaritano Hidding place. Also it was possible to consider and to develop interactive activities, dynamic in groups and works, in which we could observe as they are the criteria of the children and adolescents as for the professional choices. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1. Saints OB. Psychology applied to the orientation and professional election. 8.

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